Nola Jones Editor

Work Experience:

After graduating with a software engineering major, Nola Jones found a nice job in a technology company and started to develop, test, and design software, which eventually turned out not her ideal job. Then, technology writing drew Nola's attention and gave her a second opportunity to rewrite her career. After working as a part-time writer and sending posts of great quality to AnyRec Studio, Nola, at last, works as a full-time editor in AnyRec and continues pouring her best ideas into the writing.


Her past working experience as a software engineer has helped Nola a lot in her current career as an editor, which is strongly manifested in her great intuition of complex programs. These experiences now develop into sophisticated skills in writing in-depth tutorials and professional articles with insights.


Only two things in the world can drag Nola Jones from her work, one is the book, and the other is the movie. She is a huge fan of Star Wars and Allen Ginsberg and loves traveling to different places just for a taste of exotic cultures and literature.

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