Top 20 Minecraft YouTubers to Follow and Watch (All Ages)

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Tons of YouTubers are producing excellent gaming content for Minecraft and others. More than 50,000 channels were created last year, meaning you can find many Minecraft YouTubers today that can serve as an inspiration. If you are somehow unfamiliar with creating worlds in Minecraft or want to have unique tricks and skills as much as possible, then you can rely on this post. This entire content will introduce you to the top 20 famous Minecraft YouTubers that will leave you amazed in their game sessions. Enjoy scrolling!

Top 30 Minecraft YouTubers (Ranked by Subscribers)

As you read about the top 20 listed Minecraft YouTubers, it will be impossible for you not to go back to their channel after watching their videos in the said gameplay. Without further ado, let’s start!

1. Dream

Dream Minecraft YouTuber

Considered the quickest-growing channel, the Minecraft YouTuber Dream mainly focuses on creating Minecraft content with his iconic chase series, showing being run after by hunters.

Subscribers: 43.51 million

Views: 3.66 billion

Recommended Video: Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters

2. Jelly

Jelly Minecraft YouTuber

Subscribers: 23.5 million

Views: 14 billion

Recommended Video: What Happens When You Travel 1,000,000 Blocks In Minecraft?

Making it one of the youngest Minecraft Youtubers, Jelly has these energetic videos, showing content regularly for Minecraft, which younger players will enjoy.

3. SSundee

Ssundee Minecraft YouTuber

Known for diving thoroughly into Minecraft mod packs is SSundee, presenting every new and updated mod pack released.

Subscribers: 22.6 million

Views: 13 billion

Recommended Video: CRAFTING *ANY BLOCK* into ARMOR

4. Aphmau

Aphamau Minecraft YouTuber

Aphmau is a famous Minecraft YouTuber for her role-playing videos in Minecraft, which show her characters with her friends in different situations and worlds.

Subscribers: 17.8 million

Views: 5 billion

Recommended Video: Saying YES for 24 HOURS in Minecraft

5. PrestonPlayz

PrestoonPlayz Minecraft YouTuber

Besides Minecraft, it is one of the best Minecraft YouTubers that also produce great content for Among Us and Roblox.

Subscribers: 14.7 million

Views: 5.8 billion

Recommended Video: 5 Ways to Prank PrestonPlayz Minecraft House

6. Tommyinnit

Tommyinnit Minecraft YouTuber

Another Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer at the same time, TommyInnit, produces videos of him playing Minecraft while collaborating with others.

Subscribers: 14.4 million

Views: 2.1 billion

Recommended Video: Minecraft's Pokemon Mod is pure chaos.

7. WiederDude

Wiederdude Minecraft YouTuber

Shining through his tutorials about Minecraft, WiederDude centers on different skill levels doing the same challenges in Minecraft.

Subscribers: 13.1 million

Views: 2.8 billion

Recommended Video: NOOB vx PRO vx HACKER vs. GOD

8. CaptainSparklez

Captainsparklez Minecraft YouTuber

It made it on the Minecraft YouTubers list since CaptainSparklez displays popular content about Minecraft, including reaction videos and covers of songs.

Subscribers: 11.4 million

Views: 4 billion

Recommended Video: Minecraft Beyond Ep. 4 - Drilling the Core

9. Sky Does Everything

Sky Does Everything Minecraft YouTuber

This Minecraft YouTuber shares videos about crafted stories of Minecraft and makes parody videos, and is famous for its mini-game series called Cops N Robbers.

Subscribers: 11 million

Views: 3.8 billion

Recommended Video: Minecraft Mini-Game: COPS N ROBBERS!

10. StampyLonghead

Stampylonghead Minecraft YouTuber

It is famous for its character of Stampy Cat and features lots of Minecraft and other video game commentaries.

Subscribers: 10.7 million

Views: 8 billion

Recommended Video: Minecraft Xbox - Sinking Feeling

11. Grian

Grian Minecraft YouTuber

Among the popular Minecraft YouTubers, Grian primarily centers his audience on how to build a house in Minecraft by creating videos about house tutorials.

Subscribers: 8.25 million

Views: 2.2 billion

Recommended Video: Hermitcarft 9: Episode 43 - Decorating the Perimeter

12. UnspeakablePlays

Unspeakableplays Minecraft YouTuber

Another one on the list of famous Minecraft YouTubers is Unspeakable, which produces pranks, fun challenges, and experiments about Minecraft.

Subscribers: 7.6 million

Views: 2.5 billion

Recommended Video: Breaking 50 Minecraft Laws in 50 Hours

13. LDShadowlady

iShadowlady Minecraft YouTuber

This Minecraft YouTube channel mainly posts about mining crystals and Minecraft’s building structures; it presents a variety of Minecraft mods, like the harvest craft, familiars, and more.

Subscribers: 7 million

Views: 3.3 billion

Recommended Video: Crystal Mines l Ep. 2 l Minecraft Empires

14. TheAtlanticCraft

The Atlanticcraft Minecraft YouTuber

Showing you epic Minecraft modded survivals is what TheAtlanticCraft is good at, as well as adventures and challenges in the gameplay.

Subscribers: 5.89 million

Views: 2.8 billion

Recommended Video: MOB BATTLE MAP WARS! (Creeper vs. Skeleton vs Zombies)

15. JeromeASF

Jerome ASF Minecraft YouTuber

This Minecraft YouTuber uploads videos about weapons and other activities you can explore in Minecraft. You can learn about the best bow enchantment in Minecraft from this channel.

Subscribers: 5.47 million

Views: 2.3 billion

Recommended Video: Making $1,832,195 In Minecraft Millionaire Challenge

16. MooseCraft

Moosecraft Minecraft YouTuber

An American gaming YouTuber that mainly posts Minecraft videos, showing the world and introducing new companions. He also has content for Roblox and real life.

Subscribers: 5.19 million

Views: 218 million

Recommended Video: I Survived 100 Days as a FOX in HARDCORE Minecraft

17. MagmaMusen

Magmamusen Minecraft YouTuber

One of the unique Minecraft YouTubers that produces family-friendly fact videos and tutorials playing the video game Minecraft.

Subscribers: 5 million

Views: 1.2 billion

Recommended Video: Minecraft: 10 Furniture Designs for New Players

18. iBallisticSquid

iBallisticsquid Minecraft YouTuber

iBallisticSquid’s channel, among your go-to Minecraft YouTubers list, mainly presents gaming content, especially Minecraft, and shows videos about building cheap houses.

Subscribers: 4.21 million

Views: 2.8 billion

Recommended Video: Under The Sea - 10,000 Subscribers Special

19. SMallishbeans

Smallishbeans Minecraft YouTuber

Subscribers: 3.59 million

Views: 1 billion

Recommended Video: I Played Minecraft for 100 Days

The following is Smallishbeans, who is one of the famous Minecraft YouTubers that is known for its Minecraft and Call of Duty series.

20. EthosLab

Ethoslab Minecraft YouTuber

EthosLab posts videos playing Minecraft, presenting his activities and adventures in the said gameplay, and its known series is Let’s Play.

Subscribers: 2.44 million

Views: 882 million

Recommended Video: Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 1: It Begins!

Bonus Tips on How to Become A Good Minecraft YouTuber

Succeeding the top 20 list of Minecraft YouTubers, it’s to learn how to become one of them. If you love playing Minecraft and other games, you can create your YouTube channel and start streaming and sharing your experience with others! To become an effective Minecraft YouTuber, consider these strategies:

1. Make sure to have strong content in your Minecraft channel.

2. Pay attention to other channels so you avoid making similar content.

3. Create a wise balance between uploading Minecraft tutorials and playing videos.

4. Be unique with your Minecraft thumbnails for YouTube.

5. Have the best tool to record Minecraft gameplay so that you can have a high-quality upload.

Regarding the last strategy, it’s best to use a program like AnyRec Screen Recorder, which you can use to record any screen activities, like tutorials, online classes, meetings, and gameplay. During recording your Minecraft game, you can turn on your camera and then record your reaction since the tool supports recording them simultaneously. To get to know more about it, see the below features.

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FAQs about the Best Minecraft YouTuber


With anticipation, you found the 20 listed Minecraft YouTubers helpful, so you can start playing Minecraft to enjoy other skills without trouble. Furthermore, with the strategies offered, you can be one of those famous Minecraft YouTubers and enjoy recording your first video with AnyRec Screen Recorder! This post has yet to introduce much about this program, so visiting its official website is best.

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