Top 10 Makeup Gurus on YouTube You Can Follow [2023 Lineup]

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Makeup YouTubers provide people with beauty skills, tips, tricks, etc., on the YouTube platform. In the past years up until now, many makeup gurus have emerged and become popular worldwide. In this post, you’ll witness 10 of the best and most famous Makeup YouTubers you can follow to learn new beauty ideas. So, without any further delay, start discovering them now!

Popular Types of Makeup YouTubers

Before exploring the 10 top beauty YouTubers, you can first explore the most popular types of makeup-related posts. Aside from the tutorial type of posts, many makeup gurus share other types of beauty-related content as part of their journey, being YouTubers. These include the following list below:

Product Review - Contents that focus on personal reviews of purchased beauty products by a beauty or cosmetics brand. Makeup YouTubers introduced newly purchased products. Afterward, they will be going to try it, and they will going to present their personal opinions or honest review of the product.

Makeup Houls - It is similar to reviews, but makeup YouTubers do makeup shopping sprees where they purchase many products and try them all out! Aside from the fact that hauls indeed entertain audiences, this content also provides them with new product suggestions.

Today’s Look - Another type of beauty-related content that they publicized on their channel is “Today’s Looks,” in which they will feature their everyday makeup styles. They usually inspire it by what occasion they will attend or where they will go.

Makeup Challenge - Aside from those above, makeup YouTubers share different makeup challenges on their channels. They challenge themselves by copying the makeup styles of celebrities and cartoon characters and doing makeup within a time limit.

Beauty Information and Suggestions - There are a lot of people wanted to learn new beauty tips, skills, and tricks, especially those that are beginners. So, makeup YouTubers share their knowledge with their audiences to help them to grow and be the best makeup artist.

10 Makeup YouTubers You Can Learn Skills from Them

Now that you witnessed some of the popular content shared by various beauty gurus, it is time to discover YouTube’s 10 of the best Makeup artist! Without any further delay, starts exploring them!

1. James Charles (23.8M Subscribers)

The first makeup YouTuber that gathers 23.8 million subscribers on YouTube is James Charles. With that large number of subscribers, no doubt James is one of the top beauty YouTubers of this generation. James Charles is a well-known content creator and makeup YouTuber worldwide. He left a tremendous mark on everyone’s mind, one of which was when he was appointed as the first-ever male spokesmodel for CoverGirl in 2016. After that, he collaborated with celebrities and continuously built many subscribers worldwide.

James Charles

2. Jeffreestar (15.9M Subscribers)

The next personality that is part of today’s best YouTubers for makeup is Jeffreestar. Jeffree Star’s sheer talent in doing makeup started when he was 13 years old. As the days pass, his talent makes him launch his cosmetic line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Afterward, he then introduced his cosmetic line to the YouTube community and created beauty-related content.

Jeffree Star

3. NikkieTutorials (14.1M Subscribers)

With more than 14 million subscribers on YouTube, without a doubt, Nikkie De Jagger is one of those makeup YouTubers adored by many people. Nikkie starts her online makeup tutorials in the year 2018. While sticking to her passion for providing her audiences with beauty-related information, she gathered many subscribers, which currently reached 14.1 million. With her outstanding talent in doing makeup, she brought herself to collaborate with celebrities like Lady Gaga and famous cosmetics lines.

Nikkie Tutorials

4. SaraBeautyCorner (10.5M Subscribers)

Sara Marie Lawler is the woman behind a YouTube channel named SaraBeautyCorner, with 10.5 million subscribers and one of the most famous makeup YouTubers. Sara really loves to unleash her inner creativity, which makes her abandon finance and seek to move to YouTube. On this platform, she started publicizing content where she uses various things to create an excellent makeup style. With this type of content, along with her silly personality, she reached the top of being the best makeup guru!

Sara Beauty Corner

5. Bethany Mota (9.52M Subscribers)

The next person that is also one of the best beauty gurus is Bethany Mota. Currently, Bethany shares content that deals with traveling, dabbling with comedy skits, her season journeys, etc., but she’s still publicizing content related to beauty and makeup. She’s one of those YouTubers who popularized makeup-related content long ago and became famous for its wide range of beauty topics.

Bethany Mota

6. Carli Bybel (6.1M Subscribers)

If you are looking for a YouTuber that focuses on doing makeup reviews, tutorials, and fashion tips, then you should follow Carli Bybel. Carli started publicizing her excellent makeup-related content in 2011 and afterward began to review various celebrities’ most famous cosmetic lines. Carli has 6.1 million subscribers and is one of the most famous beauty YouTubers today.

Carli Bybel

7. Dope2111 (5.71M Subscribers)

One of this generation’s most creative and talented makeup YouTubers is Pratigya Tamang Phan (the person behind dope2111). Aside from various beauty tips she shared on her channel, she also features her creativity by making many makeup transformations. She transforms herself into various celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, etc., by just using makeup. Due to her mind-blowing transformation, she gathered 5.71M subscribers on YouTube.


8. Christen Dominique (4.49M Subscribers)

Another one of the best YouTubers for makeup that reached 4.49 million people is Christen. She started her makeup content with her friends and family, and eventually, various cosmetic lines saw how talented she was in doing makeup. These cosmetic lines include L’Oreal, Sephora, and Urban Decay. After earning money, she builds her cosmetic line, Dominique Cosmetics, and many people love her products.

Christen Dominique

9. Manny Mua (4.86M Subscribers)

Owning a spot of being one of the famous makeup YouTubers is Manny Mua. Manny Gutierrez is a beauty guru who produces various content, such as tutorials and reviews. Doing YouTube beauty-related content paves the way for him to be noticed by popular cosmetic brands. Like James Charles, Manny became Maybelline Cosmetics’ first-ever male brand ambassador.

Manny Mua

10. Wayne Goss (3.99M Subscribers)

Last but not least, of these 10 best YouTubers for makeup is Wayne Goss. Like Jeffree, Wayne also loves to share honest reviews of beauty products. He also shares various practical step-by-step guides and beauty recommendations to achieve a perfect look and beauty tools. Wayne represents a beauty guru who is honest and points out what bad beauty brands are.

Wayne Goss

Tips to Become a Makeup YouTuber

Now those are the best makeup YouTubers you can follow to learn new skills and acquire valuable tips, tricks, and ideas. After reading, you are probably inspired by how big the community they have built on the platform and wanted to share your makeup skills. Well, that’s actually easy to do, but there are some tips you must know to make yourself fully equipped in the world of being a makeup YouTuber.

1. Learn and Practice Your Craft

Before teaching others, you need to ensure that you are already an expert in this matter. You must know how to use different products and execute makeup techniques to deliver efficient and reliable content.

2. Plan What Content You’ll be going to Shoot

Another valuable tip you should also absorb is to plan what kinds of beauty-related content you’ll share. A funny video idea can improve your YouTube channel effectively. Sticking with your plan until you reach some audiences would be better. You must also plan when to shoot and how often you’ll upload them.

3. Shoot your Content Properly

Of course, you can start shooting your content by just using your smartphone, but you have to ensure that it’ll capture the details of your face, including the makeup applied to it. So, if you can purchase DSLR or action camera, it would be a better substitute for the smartphone. You should also use ring light to illuminate your face clearly and show your makeup’s actual shades of colors.

4. Edit them Excellently

Another thing, when you are about to edit the content that has been captured, make them fun to watch! People will definitely love to stay watching your video throughout. There are a lot of user-friendly video editing tools out there, and this post features one! Later on, you’ll go to witness its capabilities.

5. Build Engagement with Your Audiences

It brings joy to the audiences once their favorite makeup YouTuber makes interactions with them. So don’t forget to send replies to those audiences that leave comments on your content. You can also create engaging content as well!

How to Edit Makeup Video to Upload on YouTube Chanel

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FAQs about Makeup YouTubers


That’s it! Those are the 10 best makeup YouTubers, popular types of content, and tips to become a makeup YouTuber! With those groups of valuable tips and popular types of content, you can build your name on YouTube and be known worldwide, just like how those 10 beauty YouTubers build their names. If you think you are already fully equipped and ready to shoot your first makeup tutorial, let the AnyRec Video Converter tool be your best video editor ally. This tool is fully equipped with advanced yet easy-to-use video editing features that you can use to achieve your desired makeup-related content!

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