40+ Unique Podcast Questions to Wow Your Guests [All Types]

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A well-crafted podcast question can spark exciting conversations that keep listeners hooked, prompting the guest to share unique insights, stories, and more. Hence, looking for the best podcast interview questions is necessary that can leave a lasting impression on listeners. So, this post breaks down 40+ best questions to connect with the guests on a deeper level. Also, it comes with tips for you on how to ask good questions in your podcast interview. Read on now!

Tips to Ask Good Podcast Questions

Before you go down into the list of questions to ask on a podcast, you must know some relevant tips on how to generate practical questions yourself. While there are no such rules before making good podcast questions, you want to comfort your guests and enjoy their guesting throughout.

Research your guest. Tailor your questions to their expertise, recent projects, or interesting aspects.

Prepare a mix of types of questions. Combine open-ended questions that encourage elaboration with specific questions targeting key points.

Consider your audience. Think about what your listener wants to hear and know so you can craft questions that address their interests.

Be curious and enthusiastic. Your genuine interest in the topic will let your guest translate into a more engaging interview.

Ask clear and concise questions. Avoid ambiguity and make sure your guest understands precisely what you’re asking.

Actively listen. Pay close attention to the guest's answers and use follow-up podcast questions to explore new avenues prompted by their responses.

Be flexible. Prepare to adapt your questions based on the flow of your conversation and the guests' responses.

Leave room for silence. Don’t feel pressure to fill every pause because, most of the time, silence gives the guest time to formulate a thoughtful response.

Offer closure and reflection. As you prepare to end the podcast, ask satisfying questions that allow for reflection or open doors to future discussions.

10 Good Personal Podcast Questions

By incorporating the tips above, you could generate good podcast questions yourself. But if you’re still having trouble creating one, the ten questions below might help.

1. What is your biggest fear, and how do you manage it?

2. What has been the most pivotal moment in your life so far?

3. What is a common misconception about you or your work?

4. What does your ideal day look like?

5. What is your favorite way to unwind and de-stress?

6. What fictional character do you most identify with and why?

7. What is your proudest accomplishment?

8. Looking back, what advice would you give your younger self?

9. What keeps you up at night?

10. What is the soundtrack to your life?

Get Professional Podcast Questions

If your guest is in a professional field, it’s nice if you avoid asking juicy podcast questions and focus on the industry they are working with. For this, your listeners will get inspiration if they somehow take the same professional role as your guest. Here are some podcast questions you can ask to make a good video podcast:

1. What does a typical day look like for you in your current role?

2. What are some of the most significant changes you’ve witnessed in your field throughout your career?

3. What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

4. What does the future hold for your industry?

5. What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting in your field?

6. What do you think are the essential skills someone needs to succeed?

Funny Podcast Questions to Adjust the Atmosphere

Besides being professional, letting your guests share funny blunders to connect with their human side is good. Below are some examples of funny podcast questions you can ask or that will help you get some idea.

1. What’s your go-to karaoke song?

2. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever autocorrected on your phone?

3. What fictional character would be your worst roommate, and why?

4. What would be some of the most hilarious outtakes if your life had a blooper reel?

5. Have you ever Googled yourself?

6. What’s the most useless talent you possess?

7. What’s the most embarrassing song on your workout playlist?

10 Deep Dive Questions to Know

Meanwhile, you might want to try asking your guests deep podcast questions to spark their curiosity and maintain that more profound connection with your listeners. If you need help finding one, read the ten questions listed below.

1. What is your core value system, and how does it guide your decisions?

2. What is your biggest dream?

3. What lingering questions do you have about yourself?

4. Can you forgive a friend who has deeply hurt you?

5. What is your definition of love? How does it manifest in your life?

6. Imagine you’re on your deathbed. What would you want your loved ones to remember most about you?

7. What does forgiveness mean to you?

8. What does it mean to you to live a life purpose?

9. What is your relationship with failure?

10. What does true happiness mean to you?

Good Podcast Questions about Expert Insights

Good podcast questions about experts' insights can elicit valuable knowledge and perspectives from your guests, and your listeners will be kept engaged and stimulated to think. With these kinds of questions, it would be a win-win situation for everyone.

1. Can you describe a recent breakthrough in your field that you find fascinating?

2. Looking ahead, what are the most exciting developments in your field?

3. Can you share a specific scene where you used your expertise to solve a complex problem?

4. Imagine a crystal ball; what one piece of advice related to your field could you give?

5. What are the critical skills that are essential for success in your field?

6. What are some of the huge challenges currently facing your industry?

7. What are some of the biggest misconceptions that the general public holds?

What Podcast Questions You Can’t Ask

While you have all the ideas about some good podcast questions to ask, there are still several categories of questions you wouldn’t or couldn’t ask in a podcast interview. Here are some of them:

◆ Too personal questions. Please avoid overly personal questions, especially at the beginning. Going straight into sensitive topics can make your guests uncomfortable.

◆ Repetitive questions. If you ask questions the guest has answered a million times before, it shows a lack of preparation.

◆ Biased questions. Asking questions that suggest predetermined answers is a bad idea and may show that you are interrogating the guest.

◆ Unprofessional or unclear questions. Your guest should not have to struggle to understand what you’re asking, so ensure straightforward questions to ask. Also, avoid jokes or language that might offend your guests and listeners.

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