Must-Listen 25 Best Joe Rogan Podcasts for Every Fan

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With his vast variety of guest, conversational, and entertaining podcast styles, the Joe Rogan Experience has become a massive podcast worldwide. Regardless of whether you’re old or new to his show, you’re here for a trip to the best Joe Rogan podcasts. His guests come from various backgrounds, like entrepreneurs, comedy, politics, etc., therefore, you will surely enjoy the 25 best JRE episodes in the following parts. Check them out now!

Top 25+ Best Joe Rogan Podcasts

If you’re searching for Joe Rogan’s best podcasts, here are over 25 content you should listen to! The following will give you the podcast duration, how many views they have as of the moment, and their content.

1. Robert Downey Jr. (#1411)

Views: 16M

Duration: 2 hours

Content: This best Joe Rogan experience with Robert Downey Jr. discusses various topics, such as his career, his struggles with addiction, and his thoughts on the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Robert Downey Jr

2. Elon Musk (#1169)

Views: 68M

Duration: 2 hours and 37 mins

Content: This episode of the best JRE episode with Elon Musk covers SpaceX, Tesla, and his plans for colonizing Mars. The whole conversation gives listeners a glimpse into the mind of one of the most ambitious entrepreneurs today.

Elon Musk

3. Mike Tyson (#1532)

Views: 16M

Duration: 2 hours and 4 mins

Content: This best Joe Rogan podcast features Mike Tyson's second guest appearance. They discuss Tyson’s return to training and his thoughts on possibly competing again. They also cover topics like motivation, doubt, and the pressure of fame.

Mike Tyson

4. Wiz Khalifa (#1306)

Views: 15M

Duration: 2 hours and 3 mins

Content: Wiz Khalifa discusses his new documentary, “Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam,” in this best Joe Rogan podcast. He also discusses his work ethic, martial arts training, and smoking weed.

Wiz Khalifa

5. Miley Cyrus (#1531)

Views: 13M

Duration: 2 hours and 6 mins

Content: The whole content of this Joe Rogan top podcast tackles Cyrus’ voice, her experience working for Disney as Hannah Montana, psychedelic drugs, and her music career.

Miley Cyrus

6. Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde (#1258)

Views: 10M

Duration: 3 hours and 25 mins

Content: This episode of the best Joe Rogan episode features the CEO of Twitter from 2019 and Twitter’s Head of Legal, Policy, and Trust & Safety, where the discussion tackles the complexities of content moderation on massive platforms like Twitter.

Jack Dorsey And Vijaya Gadde

7. Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell (#1315)

Views: 60M

Duration: 2 hours and 14 mins

Content: The conversation in this episode of the best Joe Rogan experience podcasts revolves around UFOs and Lazar’s controversial claims about working on reverse-engineered extraterrestrial spacecraft at S-4.

Bob Lazar And Jeremy Corbell

8. Edward Snowden (#1368)

Views: 38M

Duration: 2 hours and 48 mins

Content: Meanwhile, this best Joe Rogan podcast conversation with Snowden delves into his motivations for leaking classified information, the details of the mass surveillance programs he exposed, and the impact of the leaks.

Edward Snowden

9. Graham Hancock (#1284)

Views: 27M

Duration: 2 hours and 45 mins

Content: This is one of Joe Rogan's best podcast episodes, featuring Graham Hancock, a controversial author who talks about his theories of lost civilizations, possibly large-scale global events, and more.

Graham Hancock

10. Tony Hawk (#1477)

Views: 6.5M

Duration: 1 hour and 42 mins

Content: This episode of the best Joe Rogan podcasts shows Hawk’s life and early love for skateboarding. It also explores the side of skateboarding in the 1980s, with Hawk detailing his experience as part of the legendary Bones Brigade team.

Tony Hawk

11. David Blaine (#1527)

Views: 16M

Duration: 2 hours and 21 mins

Content: The following best JRE episode features David Blaine. He and Rogan discuss Blaine’s interest in magic, his journey to becoming a professional magician, the relationship between magic and science, mental training, and more.

David Blaine

12. Bernie Sanders (#1330)

Views: 15M

Duration: 1 hour and 7 mins

Content: Throughout this episode of the best Joe Rogan podcast, Bernie talks about his plans as a President, including dealing with climate change, raising the minimum wage, making marijuana legal, and more.

Bernie Sanders

13. Forrest Galante (#1403)

Views: 13M

Duration: 2 hours and 46 mins

Content: Joe Rogan’s best podcast episode with Forrest Galante discusses various topics related to animals and nature since Galante is a wildlife adventurer and conservationist.

Forrest Galante

14. Bret Weinstein (#1494)

Views: 12M

Duration: 3 hours and 6 mins

Content: In this best JRE episode, Bret discusses issues in American politics, such as crime, economic despair, and social justice movements. He also talks about the possibility that COVID-19 originated from a lab leak.

Bret Weinstein

15. Kevin Hart (#1480)

Views: 12M

Duration: 2 hours

Content: The comedian and actor Kevin Hart and Rogan cover many topics in this episode of the best Joe Rogan experience. These include Hart’s work ethic and drive to succeed, early career experiences, life after injury, etc.

Kevin Hart

16. Israel Adesanya (#82)

Views: 11M

Duration: 2 hours

Content: Also known as “The Last Stylebender,” this is one of the best Joe Rogan podcasts. The conversation revolves around Adesanya’s mindset as an MMA champion. He discusses the importance of looking ahead to the next challenge and learning from setbacks.

Israel Adesanya

17. Dave Smith (#2153)

Views: 1.5M

Duration: 3 hours and 2 mins

Content: The next on the list of the best Joe Rogan experience podcasts is with Dave Smith. The content is about how he builds his comedic background, discussing his views on social issues and politics, and so forth.

Dave Smith

18. Michael Osterholm (#1439)

Views: 15M

Duration: 1 hour and 34 mins

Content: In this one of the best JRE episodes, Dr. Osterholm explains his perspective on the seriousness of the coronavirus. He also explores how COVID-19 differs from SARS, another coronavirus, and other issues surrounding the virus.

Michael Osterholm

19. Ben Shapiro (#1512)

Views: 17M

Duration: 1 hour and 43 mins

Content: This is another of Joe Rogan's best podcasts, but this time, it's with Ben Shapiro. Both of them discuss their expert options about climate change, vaccines, and women.

Ben Shapiro

20. Joey Diaz (#1409)

Views: 17M

Duration: 3 hours and 5 mins

Content: A breakdown of the conversion between Joey “CoCo” Diaz and Joe Rogan in this best Joe Rogan podcast episode begins with lighter topics, like selling cars, and thoughts on various current events. Then, it dives into unfiltered and colorful stories of Diaz’s life.

Joey Diaz

21. Riley Gaines (#2115)

Views: 2.8M

Duration: 2 hours and 29 mins

Content: A former collegiate swimmer who advocates for fairness in women’s sports, Riley Gaines, talks about her experience competing against transgender athlete Lia Thomas in this best Joe Rogan podcast episode. She also shares her personal story on her athletic career.

Riley Gaines

22. Ed Calderon (#1408)

Views: 9.8M

Duration: 1 hour and 55 mins

Content: Ed Calderon sits down with Joe Rogan's podcast to highlight the corruption and violence in Mexico. In this best JRE podcast, Calderon shares the challenges creators face on Instagram, how the reporting system can restrict speech in freedom, and more.

Ed Calderon

23. Bill Maher (#1413)

Views: 9.1M

Duration: 1 hour and 57 mins

Content: Appeared on another of Joe Rogan’s best podcasts is Bill Maher, who shared the changing landscape of television, how comedians face more criticisms, helicopter parenting, and the importance of allowing kids to take risks.

Bill Maher

24. Brian Greene (#1428)

Views: 10M

Duration: 2 hours and 26 mins

Content: The discussion in this best Joe Rogan experience revolved around Green’s new book, exploring the universe's origin, consciousness's emergence, and everything's fate. Overall, their conversation explored mind-bending concepts about the universe.

Brian Greene

25. Tristan Harris (#1558)

Views: 9.8M

Duration: 2 hours and 21 mins

Content: Finishing this best Joe Rogan podcast list with Tristan Harris guesting, they discuss how social media competes for users’ attention. Harris also adds how algorithms can be manipulated to promote types of content.

Tristan Harris

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