How to Do Amazon Review Videos: Detailed Steps With Requirements

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Amazon videos are used to showcase your products; this way, you can get more potential buyers and help you earn money. It is the same way with writing reviews for Amazon products or creating an Amazon review video where you're simply sharing your unbiased opinions, and you can get paid for it. So, if you’ve been thinking about how to do Amazon review videos, you’re on the right page! Keep scrolling to learn how alongside Amazon listing video requirements for reviews.

Ultimate Guide on How to Do Amazon Review Videos as Professionals

Before going into the detailed guide on how to do Amazon review videos, there is a list of things you should note before uploading, and all will be discussed in this part. As soon as you follow all the video requirements for Amazon, you won’t have any problem with the uploading process.

That’s it for uploading your Amazon review videos, when you comply with all those, you’re helping the Amazon community to have a more trustworthy and safe environment. Now, it’s time for the Amazon listing video requirements. Are all formats supported in doing Amazon review videos? See the complete table below.

Parameters Video Requirements
Aspect Ratio The suggested Amazon Prime video aspect ratio is 16:9, or the usual YouTube orientation, giving you the best results.
Format MP4, FLV, MOV, AAC, FLV, AVI, and 3GP are supported.
Resolution The ideal resolution is 1920 x 1080, but it can be 1280 x 720.
Video Type Can be a Product Highlight, Customer Experience, Explainer, or Comparison video.
File Size It should be 500MB or smaller.

Following those requirements, you can now answer your how to do Amazon review videos question. To start, read the complete guide in your Amazon review videos, for free and paid products.

Step 1.Choose a Category

To be an Amazon reviewer, it’s nice to pick one category to focus on; it may be based on our interests. For this reason, you will get to know more about that chosen category rather than reviewing all categories. It will be easier for you to become or be labeled as a professional as you write quality reviews.

Step 2.Make Reviews on Different Types

Start reviewing your current or previously purchased products after choosing a category, which is necessary to learn how to do Amazon review videos. Although your purchases aren’t included in the same category, you can still write quality reviews. It is the best way to start being an Amazon reviewer, but as time passes, it’s best to focus on one category. This applies to both the free and paid products.

Make Reviews

Free Products: The free products are applied in the Amazon Vine program, where reviewers will be invited based on your rankings. You are expected to share your unbiased opinions without expecting to be paid, but the products you will receive are all free.

Paid Products: Meanwhile, you must join the Amazon Associates Program for the paid products and get paid. There are mainly bloggers or review sites that promote products on Amazon. Once you start writing reviews on purchases, you can receive compensation.

Step 3.Promote Amazon Review Videos

Creating an Amazon review video is a great way to attract other customers’ attention and help increase sales. Through your reviews, you can motivate potential buyers to purchase the product and leave a good review as well.

How to Do Amazon Review Videos [Best Preparation and Tips for You]

You won't start doing an Amazon review video without proper preparation. So, here are the four best tips selected to effectively create an Amazon review video.

1. Purchase things you need to buy through Amazon. In order to answer how to do Amazon review videos, you must make a purchase first. If Amazon is considering your profile to be one of their reviewers, they will look for what items you’ve purchased to know which categories of products will be sent to you for review.

Purchase Things Amazon

2. Always review the items you’ve purchased. When you buy something from Amazon, make sure to write a review after receiving the item or when you have tested it yourself. To be one of the Amazon reviewers, you should write reviews on your purchased products as frequently as you can.

3. Add more details when you write reviews. You will most likely be among the Amazon reviewers if your review is complete and thorough. To do this, include more information about the product; essential details such as how it works and the advantages you’ve got using the product.

4. Consider the average consumer. Putting yourself in other customers' shoes is vital when writing a review. When writing, think of something an average consumer will ask, so you can help them examine the product more carefully.

Now you’re ready to do Amazon review videos. In doing that, Get to know about the AnyRec Video Converter, a program that can assist in creating the best Amazon review videos. Besides being a powerful converter, it supports editing videos with its MV Maker feature. From there, you will see various editing functionalities, such as adding effects, filters, and themes. Plus, it supports roatting, cropping, and adjusting video settings, like the Resolution, Quality, and Format. What’s more? You can as well add subtitles, which is convenient for all customers viewing your Amazon review videos.

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FAQs about Making Amazon Review Videos


That’s how to do Amazon review videos! Hopefully, with the tips and other information above, you’re now confident in leaving a review video on the product you purchased on Amazon. To help you be more confident, when creating your video, go for the AnyRec Video Converter. It is a program with all the qualities and functionalities of being a powerful editor, guaranteeing the best quality Amazon review videos. Free Download it now!

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