OGG VS. FLAC Differences and Comparison: Which One is Better for You

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When you want to create music with the free-to-use format, most people recommend you save audio files in OGG Vorbis or FLAC formats instead of the commonly-used MP3. They are both open-source formats developed by Xiph.Org Foundation. So, is there any difference between OGG Vorbis and FLAC? Which should you choose to save music or create CDs? This article will give detailed introductions to these two unfamiliar audio formats. Please keep reading and learn more about OGG Vorbis and FLAC differences.

OGG VS. FLAC: Introductions to OGG Vorbis and FLAC Differences

As mentioned before, OGG Vorbis and FLAC formats are both created by Xiph.Org Foundation. And you can freely use these two open-source formats without any software patent protection. Thus, the main differences between OGG Vorbis and FLAC formats are the quality, compatibility, and usage.

OGG Vorbis: Vorbis is actually one of the audio formats stored in OGG container format. This compressed format is regarded as an alternative to the MP3 format because of its small size and high quality. Although it has a higher compression rate than MP3, it’s still not popular among music lovers. That’s because only a few music players and devices support the OGG Vorbis format.

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec): As the name says, FLAC is a lossless audio format that can store your music with high quality. It’s still a compressed format that only takes up 50% storage space of the original RAW file. Thus, even though it’s not supported by most Android phones, FLAC is still the most commonly used lossless audio format.

You can check more differences between OGG Vorbis and FLAC in the following table:

Audio FormatAudio FormatFLAC
File Extension.ogg.flac
SupportMicrosoft Windows Media PlayerMicrosoft Windows Media Player
ProgramsApple QuickTime Player Real PlayerVLC Media Player Real Player Audacity
Features & Parameters32 kbps - 500 kbps 8 kHz - 192 kHz Constant bit rate Channel: 1, 2, 4, 5.1 Saved in OGG, MKA, WebM320 kbps - 1141 kbps 1 Hz - 655 kHz Easy to decode Channel: from 1 to 8 No data loss
QualityMid-quality like MP3. But support adjusting the bitrate to improve the audio quality.Lossless quality
UsageRingtones for Android Store multiple music on devicesCD copied with lossless music

OGG Vorbis VS. FLAC: Which one is better for you?

If you are a music lover who pursues high-quality music, the FLAC format is better for you to download. It will occupy much of your storage space. So, if you want to save multiple audio files and don’t care about the quality, OGG Vorbis will be your choice.

How to Convert between OGG Vorbis and FLAC Formats

After knowing the differences between OGG Vorbis and FLAC, you can now choose the suitable formats for different usages. If you download the wrong formats, AnyRec Video Converter will help you. Whether you want to make CDs from OGG music or save hundreds of FLAC files on your phone, this program can easily convert between OGG Vorbis and FLAC formats. You can also adjust the sample rate, bitrate, and channel settings to keep the original quality.

AnyRec Video Converter Package
AnyRec Video Converter

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Free Download

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Step 1.Download and launch AnyRec Video Converter on your Windows/Mac. Click the "Add Files" button or click the "Add Files" button with plus icon on the main screen to add a batch of OGG Vorbis/FLAC audio files to start converting.

Import Video

Step 2.Click the "Convert All to" button at the right-top corner and click the "Audio" button. Then, you can scroll down and choose the desired OGG Vorbis or FLAC formats according to your need. Here you can choose the "High-Quality" output.

Set Audio Format

Step 3.If you want to change the audio parameters, click the "Custom Profile" button. In the popping-up window, you can adjust the sample rate and bitrate to keep the high quality. You can follow the above table to change the settings to the perfect ones.

Edit Audio Profile

Step 4.After all settings are done, click the "Create New" button to save the changes and go back to the main interface. At last, click the "Convert All" button to export audio files to OGG Vorbis or FLAC formats.

Convert Video

FAQs about OGG Vorbis and FLAC Differences


After reading this post, you have learned more about the differences between OGG Vorbis and FLAC audio formats. To get the suitable formats in different situations according to your need, you can use AnyRec Video Converter to help you convert audio files to OGG Vorbis and FLAC. If you have more questions, please contact us now.

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Free Download

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