Does WhatsApp Notify Users When You Screenshot Message [2023 Update]

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WhatsApp is a well-known platform for sending messages, videos, and calls but with a twist like Telegram and Signal. Does WhatsApp notify screenshots of the conversation? Because many users find this app safe to share confidential things because it has a high-security algorithm with full end-to-end encryption. While it values privacy, many people want the answers to does WhatsApp notify screenshots. This post will give you the exact answer and other information about WhatsApp screenshots.

Part 1: Does WhatsApp Notify Others If You Screenshot

This part will show whether WhatsApp will notify the other party when you take a screenshot inside a conversation. Let’s see what will be the possible outcome for the screenshot activity.

1. Will WhatsApp Notify Normal Messages Screenshot

Normal messages inside the WhatsApp platform can be captured using your device’s built-in screenshot feature. The app only protects messages and other content from people outside the chat.

2. Will WhatsApp Notify View Once Messages Screenshot

WhatsApp added the View Once feature, which only allows you to open the message once. In this case, you can also take a screenshot of the private, and the app will not notify the other person.

Part 2: How to Screenshot WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

After learning that you can have WhatsApp screenshots without the app notifying the other party, it is time to learn how to take screenshots on Android and iOS. With a built-in screenshot feature on a mobile device, you can effortlessly capture photos or chats on the messaging app.

On Android

Step 1.Open WhatsApp on your phone and navigate to the chat you want to capture. Press the Power and Down Volume buttons simultaneously to take a screenshot. A thumbnail will appear, which you can tap to open the photo.

Android Screenshot

Step 2.If you wish to capture a whole conversation, press the buttons again. A widget menu will appear at the bottom part of your screen. Tap Double Arrow, and it will continue taking screenshots until the end part of the chat.

On iOS

Step 1.If you own the old version of the iPhone, you can capture WhatsApp conversation by pressing the Side and Up Volume buttons at the same time. Quickly release them to take a screenshot.

iPhone Screenshot

Step 2.For newer iOS versions without the Home button, add the Screenshot feature to the AssistiveTouch menu. Go to Settings, find Accessibility, and tap Touch under the Physical and Motor menu. Ensure that you activate the function to enable customization.

Step 3.Tap an icon from the menu and select the Screenshot option to replace the current one. You can access the feature from the floating widget or by creating a new gesture on the setting. Proceed to take WhatsApp screenshots on your smartphone

iPhone Assistive Touch

Part 3: The Fast Way to Screenshot WhatsApp View Once Messages

For high-quality screenshots on WhatsApp, AnyRec Screen Recorder is the best solution. It provides a SnapShots feature that captures onscreen activities in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more. It allows taking pictures full screen, opening tabs, and any portion of the screen with a cross-grid cursor for precise measurement. Furthermore, AnyRec Screen Recorder has the perfect built-in drawing effects of applying text, numbers, shapes, and lines to your photos before exporting them. The software is cross-platform so you can download it on newer versions of Windows and Mac.

Screen Recorder Box
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Take a screenshot of WhatsApp in high quality with various image formats.

Edit WhatsApp screenshots with different tools, such as drawing, arrows, etc.

Provide different ways to connect phones and screenshot phones secretly.

Record video, gameplay, meeting, music, and other activities on the phone.

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Free Download

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Step 1.Click the Free Download button to download and launch it to start taking screenshots on WhatsApp. Click the Phone Recorder button to connect the phone to your computer.

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AnyRec Phone Recorder

Step 2.Choose your device’s OS and the connecting procedure you prefer. You can connect by detecting the computer’s name from the app or sending a one-time generated PIN code.

AnyRec Setup Detect

Step 3.When you see the phone’s screen on the computer, prepare the message you want to capture from WhatsApp. Click the SnapShot button from the bottom part to take a screenshot.

AnyRec Snapshot Recording History
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Part 4: FAQs about WhatsApp Screenshots


Does WhatsApp notify screenshots? The article provided the answer to this question, and yes, you can take high-resolution screenshots on your phone without notifying the other person. WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption to protect you from third parties, but people can still take a screenshot of any content within the app. No matter on a computer or mobile, you can also take screenshots on WhatsApp with AnyRec Screen Recorder. The SnapShot function has the best setting to capture onscreen activities in high quality. And you can even record WhatsApp calls on iPhone or Android with the help of AnyRec. Try the free trial version to see more amazing features in AnyRec!

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