4 Best Methods to Increase the MP3 Volume and Make Audio Louder

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When you download an audio file from any media source like iTunes and YouTube, you can’t be sure that it will be loud enough to your device. So, how to increase your MP3 volume? What is the best MP3 booster to achieve this? Keep reading now! And there are a lot of methods to increase the MP3 volume on Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone. You can find the most suitable way in the following post.

Part 1: The Easiest Method to Increase the MP3 Volume

Increasing the volume of your MP3 files should not be difficult to do. With AnyRec Video Converter, you can do so much as increase MP3 volume with ease. It is an all-in-one program that offers tools to help you convert, modify, and make your MP3 files louder.

AnyRec Video Converter Package
The Best Video Editor to Increase the MP3 Volume: AnyRec Video Converter

Increase the MP3 volume up to the maximum of 200%.

Support importing and export all popular audio formats.

Provide editing tools to cut, delay, and change audio channels.

50x faster speed increase the volume of batch of MP3 files.

Free Download

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Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download Detailed steps to increase MP3 volume with AnyRec Video Converter:

Step 1.Download this program on Windows/Mac and launch it. Click the Plus icon in the middle of the pane. If you have more than one MP3 file you want to increase the volume, click the Add Files button on the left part of the pane.

Add New Files

Step 2.Once you have chosen the desired MP3 file, click the Star Wand icon and choose the Audio menu in the popping-up window. Drag the Volume slider to increase the MP3 file volume to the desired one according to the preview. At this stage, you can also delay the audio file on your preference. Click the OK button to go back to the main page.

Increase MP3 Volume And Adjust Delay

Step 3.After that, you can also cut, trim, and do more editing by clicking the Scissors button. Click the Save To button to choose the desired folder path to save the MP3 file. Once satisfied with everything, click the Convert All button on the right lower part to start increasing the MP3 volume.

Save Audio File

With AnyRec Video Converter, you can achieve the max volume of your favorite audio file without losing its quality. Moreover, you can use this software to convert MPEG to MP3, and even video to MP3 audio.

Part 2: How to Increase MP3 Audio Volume Online

Other than downloading a program, you can also increase the MP3 volume online. Here are two online tools to increase the MP3 volume with detailed steps. Although they are easy to use, but they also have limitation to the file size and volume dB.

1. Audio Volume Booster

Audio Volume Booster is an online tool that helps you increase the MP3 volume to your preferred loudness. However, Audio Volume Booster doesn’t come with volume options and only immediately processes the MP3 file, so the outcome may not come as you expected.

How to increase MP3 volume through Audio Volume Booster:

Step 1.Go to the website of Audio Volume Booster. Click the Choose File button to select the desired file.

Step 2.Once done, you can see the file’s name beside the button. Click the Loudness option to choose Mild, Moderate, High, and Extreme to increase the volume.

Step 3.Click the Boost Volume button to start the process. Then to save the newly increased MP3 volume, click the Download. button.

Audio Volume Booster Increase MP3 Volume

2. Volume Changer

It’s easy to decrease and increase the volume of your MP3 file through this online MP3 louder. It allows you to upload large audio files and supports various audio formats such as WAV, FLAC, M4A, etc. But as much as it’s too good to be true, Volume Changer slows down when the internet connection is unstable.

How to increase the MP3 volume using Volume Changer:

Step 1.Search for the Volume Changer on your browser. Click the Open File button to choose the desired MP3 file. If your file is on Google Drive, Dropbox, or just to enter its URL, click the Downward arrow beside the open file button.

Volume Changer Open File

Step 2.Once you have chosen the desired MP3 file, you can see the audio wave of your file. Under it, drag the Volume slider to increase the MP3 volume to the desired value. You can also edit the audio by trimming, changing speed, and equalizing your MP3 file on the top part of the audio preview.

Volume Changer Increase MP3 Volume

Part 3: 2 Methods to Increase MP3 Volume on Android/iOS

There are also many MP3 volume boosters available on your Android/iPhone smartphones. In this way, you can edit your MP3 files and increase MP3 volume at any time easily. Read below to know the best app for increasing MP3 volume.

1. Equalizer for iOS devices

With this app downloaded on your iOS devices, you can increase the MP3 volume without hassle. Moreover, you can have edited and enhance the audio file with its bass equalizer and other audio editing tools.

Step 1.After downloading the app on your device, open it and click the Downloads button on the lower part of the phone screen. Click the Sources menu to import the MP3 file you want to increase the volume.

Step 2.Once you have chosen the MP3 file, go back to the former page and click the file. You can see the volume Visualizer, Bass Booster, and Equalizer on the lower part of the screen. Click the Equalizer to increase the MP3 volume.

Step 3.Once you are satisfied with the changes, click the Save button on the right top and enjoy your MP3 file with increased volume.

Equalizer Increase MP3 Volume iPhone

2. Volume Booster GOODEV for Android

If you don’t want the long process of increasing MP3 volume and downloading it, Volume Booster GOODEV is for you. This app is the best of all among the free volume booster you can find on Google Play. You can use this volume booster to your Music Library or while watching a low-volume video. But since it doesn’t save the volume changes, you will eventually set up the volume booster again.

How to use Volume Booster GOODEV:

Step 1.Download it from Google Play on your Android device. A mini menu will show below your screen. Go to your Music Library to play an MP3 file.

Step 2.Once you have chosen the MP3 file on the Music Library, click the Play button and go to the drop-down menu on the top part of your screen. Click the Volume Booster menu to allow the mini menu to appear again.

Step 3.Right-slide the volume booster to increase the MP3 volume. If you want to edit the settings, click the Gear button, and you’ll find the Boost on boot, Show volume control, etc. Once you are done using it, just click the Stop Service button to close the app.

Increase MP3 Volume Android

Part 4: FAQs about How to Increase MP3 Volume


This post shows you the 5 ways to increase the MP3 volume on Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone. You can rely on online tools and professional desktop software whenever you download some MP3 music with low volume. Online MP3 volume louders are simple for everyone, but most of them provide no specific volume value, and the file sizes are limited. Thus, you’d better choose AnyRec Video Converter to increase your MP3 volume without hassle. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us now.

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Free Download

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