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How to Record Zoom Meetings as a Participant or Host without Permission

Nola Jones Posted by Nola Jones Oct 31, 2022

There would be chances that you couldn’t attend a virtual zoom meeting live. Also, you might feel necessary to keep a record for long Zoom meetings, in case you need to return to certain segments later as references. Whether you are on a mobile device or a desktop app, you would request permission from the host to record a Zoom meeting. However, what if you want to record the meeting without permission?

To fix your issue, we have tested and verified the popular options available. Read the article to find out the free and best app to record a zoom meeting.

Part 1. How to Record Zoom Meetings on iPhone/Android

Depends on the type of your Zoom account, if you have a paid Zoom subscription (Pro/Business/Enterprise), you would be granted access to record a Zoom meeting. Keep in note that by default, Zoom recording files would be saved to the cloud folder in your Zoom account. The storage size of the account varies according to your subscription plan. If you are a participant, you can use a third-party Zoom meeting recorder app as well.

Step 1 Open the Zoom app on your iPhone or Android device. On the right bottom corner, there is a button named More, displayed with an icon of three dots. Choose the option.

Step 2 On the settings menu, if you are using an iPhone choose the Record to the Cloud option. Choose the Record option if you are on Android respectively.

Step 3 Your Zoom meeting is being recorded now. To confirm, find the Recording… indicator in the upper left corner. If you feel necessary to either pause or stop the recording, tap on the icon.

Step 4 Visit your Zoom portal. Navigate to the My Recordings section to locate your recordings. If you are using the desktop Zoom app, click on the Meetings tab on the main screen of the program, and choose the Recorded option on the upper left side of the screen.

Record Zoom iPhone Android

Part 2. Best Software to Record Zoom Meetings (for PC/Mac)

Another popular option to keep a private Zoom meeting recording is using a separate screen recorder software. Dedicated apps provide you with more reliability and privacy. You do not need to alert the host to start a meeting recording at any given time. AnyRec Screen Recorder stands out as the best product which would give you the best experience to record a Zoom meeting without any sharp learning curve. Besides, it also features powerful functionalities such as:

Download Box
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Freely record screen with the customized region or full screen.

No time limit or watermarks on Zoom recording.

Add texts, lines, and other annotation during recording.

Save or share your Zoom recording video with multiple choices.

Use hotkeys to control all recording tasks.

Free Download

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Free Download

100% Secure

How to record a Zoom meeting without permission

Step 1Download AnyRec Screen Recorder and open the program. Click on the Video Recorder button on the left side of the panel to proceed.

Start the Video Recorder

Step 2Choose the Custom option on the left side of the screen. Scale the area matching your Zoom window. Enable the System Sound option and click on the REC button to start recording.

Change The Recording Settings

Step 3You have started recording the Zoom meeting. There is a small toolbox located beneath the recording area. Click on the Stop icon to finalize the recording anytime you wish.

Step 4Click on the Save button to confirm. Now you have successfully recorded a Zoom meeting without permission from the host.

Clip Abd Save The Recordings
Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Part 3. How to Record Zoom Meetings for Free

Surprise! You could record a Zoom Meeting with the default app for free. It comes natively with the Desktop version of the Zoom app. You do not need a paid subscription account to record a zoom meeting. However, you do need permission from the Zoom host to utilize this feature.

Step 1Open the Zoom app on your desktop. Make sure you are on the Home tab.

Step 2Click on the Record button on the panel. The panel is located on the lower side of the screen. A Recording… icon on the upper-left corner would be shown to you, indicating to everyone in the session that a recording request has been submitted and approved.

Record A Zoom Meeting

Step 3Click on the Stop button anytime to terminate the recording. Visit the Meetings > Recorded tab to locate the video file you’ve just recorded.

Part 4. FAQs about Zoom Recording


As we have demonstrated in the article, there are multiple ways to record a Zoom meeting without permission from the host. Whether using dedicated, powerful, and robust recording software or using the free tools we elaborated on in the article, you would have the confidence to perform a successful Zoom session recording as you wish.

Free Download

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Free Download

100% Secure

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