5 Ways to Record Screen on iPad Air/Pro/Mini [Quick & Easy]

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With the release of iOS 11, recording on-screen activities on iPad Air/Pro/Mini becomes possible. Thanks to the version’s built-in screen recorder feature. Recording a screen on an iPad is easy, but things will be pretty confusing if you are a new user of Apple’s iPad. Thus, this post features a simple yet efficient guide that will show you the default way how to screen record iPad Air/Pro/Mini, even on Mac. Plus, there are three other alternative options! Get to know each of them now.

Detailed Steps to Screen Record on iPad Air/Pro/Mini

As mentioned earlier, the iPad running iOS 11 is infused with a feature that enables you to record a screen on the iPad. However, before using that feature, you must first add it to your iPad’s Control Center to access it easily. That means your iPad’s screen recorder feature is not added to its Control Center by default. Now, to guide you on how you will add a screen recorder on the Control Center and how to screen record on iPadOS 18/17/16/15 and earlier, here are the steps for you:

Step 1.To add the screen recording to the Control Center, run the "Settings" app and tap the "Control Center" button. Then, tap the "Add" button of the "Screen Recording" option.

Add Screen Recorder

Step 2.Next, access the Control Center by swiping down the screen at the top-right corner. Then, look for the "Screen Recorder/Record" button to record on iPad.

Look For Screen Recorder

Step 3.After that, tap and hold the "Record" button. If you like to capture your voice during the recording session, tap the "Microphone" button. Once it turns red, it indicates that it is active.

Turn On Microphone

Step 4.Once you are done with the setup above, tap the "Start Recording" button. When you are done, tap the "Red" button at the top right corner of the screen. Then, tap "Stop"

Initiate Screen Recording

The recorded on-screen subject is automatically saved on the Photos app under the "Videos" section. And that’s it! Those are the simple steps on how to record a screen on an iPad with sound. Remember, this method will only work if you use an iPad running iOS 11 and later.

Record iPad Screen with QuickTime on Your Mac

If your iPad is running an older iOS version, which makes you unable to record the screen on the iPad directly, you can use QuickTime on Mac as an alternative. QuickTime offers an option to record any on-screen activities on your iPad. However, the recordings you’ve made with QuickTime are automatically saved in MOV, which is not widely supported by other devices. This drawback can be an issue if you wish to share or play your iPad recordings on different devices.

Step 1.Link your iPad to your Mac using a USB cable. Then, tap the "Trust" button on your iPad screen and enter your passcode if needed.

Step 2.After that, run or access the "QuickTime" from your Mac’s Application folder or Dock. Then, click the "File" button on "Menu" and select the "New Movie Recording" option.

Step 3.Next, click the "dropdown" button right after the "Red" button and select the "iPad" option under the "Screen" category.

Select Ipad On Speaker Screen

Step 4.Once your iPad’s screen appears on your Mac, click the "Record" button to trigger the iPad screen recording operation. Once you've finished, click the "Record" button to stop it.

Initiate Recording

3 Best Tools to Record iPad with the Desired Screen

If none of the above options to record screen on iPad Pro/Air/Mini works on your end (you don’t have a Mac or your iPad doesn’t run iOS 11 and newer), you can consider using these three best alternative tools! Unlike the default screen recorder and QuickTime, these tools below offer various features. You can choose which portion of your iPad screen you wish to capture, the resolution, and more control over audio recording options. So, without any further ado, discover more about them now!

1. AnyRec Screen Recorder

The first option that can show you simple yet efficient steps to screen capture on iPad Air/Pro/Mini is AnyRec Screen Recorder. This software supports a phone recorder feature that lets you capture various on-screen activities on your iPad via screen mirroring. Now, compared to iPad’s default screen recorder and Mac’s QuickTime, this tool enables you to enhance the quality of your recordings. You can set the resolution to 1080p, 2K, and 4K. Moreover, it also allows you to choose an audio source (iPad or PC audio) and adjust their volume loudness. With these features alone, you can already say that this tool is one of the best alternatives to record screens on iPad!

AnyRec Screen Recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Support recording iPad screens regardless of the model and iOS versions.

Record the screen on an iPad with no maximum time limit or watermark.

Record your iPad’s on-screen activities with 4K resolution, 60 fps, and no lag.

Allow you to take a screenshot while recording your iPad’s screen.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1. Install AnyRec Screen Recorder on your Windows or Mac computer. Then, run the tool, click the "Phone Recorder" button, and select the "iOS Recorder" option.

Run Phone Recorder Ios Recorder

Step 2.Next, head to your iPad, access the "Control Center", and tap the "Screen Mirroring" button. Then, select the "AnyRec Screen Recorder (name of your computer)" option.

Select Anyrec Screen

Step 3.After that, set the Resolution to the "4K" option and Output to the "500*1080" option to record on iPad with high quality. Then, choose the audio source from "Recording Content".

Select Resolution Recording Content

Step 4.Once you finish the setups above, click the "Record" button to begin recording screen on iPad. Finally, click the "Stop" button and save the recordings with the "Done/Save" button.

Click Record Navigate Subject
Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

2. Record it!

If you are considering an app to record screen on an iPad, one of the best applications you can try is Record It! This app allows you to record screen recordings with your microphone for audio commentary and a face cam recording. It is also infused with basic editing features such as adding special effects and filters and modifying the recording’s playback speed. However, this app’s free version has a 3-minute recording limit. Now, if you think your recordings will not exceed 3 minutes, here are the steps on how to record the screen on iPad Pro/Air/Mini using Record it! app:

Step 1.Install the "Record it!" app on your iPad. After that, run the app and click the "Record" button under the "Tap to start recording screen" text.

Tap Record Button

Step 2.Next, to record voicemail with your voice, tap the "Microphone" button to turn it on. Then, click the "Start Broadcast" button to start recording iPad.

Turn On Microphone Start Broadcast


Once the 3-second countdown starts, you can immediately navigate to the on-screen activity you wish to record.

Step 3.Once you are done recording, relaunch the app and tap the "Stop Recording" button. Then, you can edit the recording in the preview section and save it to your "Camera Roll".

Edit Share Recording

3. Go Record

Another app you can utilize to record screen on iPad is Go Record. This app also allows you to record webcam, audio, and even capture gameplay on iPad. It also offers editing features that let you fine-tune your on-screen recordings. The downside of this app is that its free version has a lot of ads! Well, that will not be an issue to screen record on iPad if you have a lot of patience.

Step 1.Install the Go Record app on your iPad. Then, run the app and tap the "Start Recording" button at the upper right corner of the app.

Tap Start Recording Button

Step 2.Next, if you want to capture your voice during the recording operation, tap the "Microphone" to turn it on. Then, tap "Start Broadcast" to initiate the iPad screen recording process.

Tap Start Broadcast Button

Step 3.After that, navigate to the on-screen subject you wish to record while the 3-second countdown is running. Once done, click the "Stop Recording" button.

Stop Access Save



After exploring this post’s five ways how to screen record on iPad Air/Pro/Mini, you are now fully equipped to capture any on-screen activities on your iPad! As you can see, it is easy to capture on-screen subjects using the iPad’s default screen recorder feature. If the default screen recorder offers too limited controls or your iPad’s version doesn’t support it, you can use AnyRec Screen Recorder as an alternative. With this tool’s easy-to-use phone recorder feature and high-quality recordings, you can acquire the best experience when recording iPad screen! Download it now!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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