Top 25 Attractive-Looking Graduation Cake Ideas in 2024

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Throwing a Graduation party means celebrating your achievements throughout your school years, and planning it excites you. From decorations to invited people, and of course, food to prepare, including your graduation cake, will make your part worth remembering. To make it more special, you can even bake your own cake for your party or design it yourself. For this reason, this post has compiled the list of high school graduation cake ideas for 2024. From simple graduation cakes to impressive ones, enjoy reading!

Top 25 Meaningful and Creative Graduation Cake Ideas for You

To help you choose what design you will make for your graduation cake or design to send to the store you’ve picked, here are the 25 favorite graduation cake ideas for guys and girls today! Make your graduation party memorable through your impressive cake.

1. The Black and Gold Design Graduation Cake

These two combination looks so elegant for your graduation party. One of the graduation cake ideas that will look perfect is the diploma, black cap, and white decorations, such as flowers. The black and gold combination will never go wrong when it comes to cake designs.

The Black and Gold Design Graduation Cake Ideas

2. Elegant Navy Blue Designed Cake

If your cake is decorated like this, it will look very royal! It is an excellent addition to your Graduation party and impresses your audience once it is at the table. Among the graduation cake ideas, this one can be combined in three colors: white, gold, black, and other light colors.

Navy Blue Graduation Cake Ideas

3. Ph.D. Graduation Themed Cake

This sheet cake idea for graduation is made especially for PhD graduates. The cake can come with a little character holding a diploma, which is you. You can also put a book-shaped design and the name of the graduate on the cake.

PHD Graduation Cake Ideas

4. Pink Designed Graduation Cake

A perfectly girly graduation cake idea comes in pink colors. You don’t have to overly design it to make your cake attractive since the color attracts guests. Just a simple element suitable for graduation ceremony, your cake will stand out.

Pink Design Graduation Cake Ideas

5. A Rectangular With Gold Designs Cake

Among the creative graduation cake ideas is having a unique shape that anyone has ever seen. It can be rectangular if round cakes are too familiar for you. With this approach, you can confidently put text to your cake and add fresh flowers instead of artificial ones.

Ractangle Graduation Cake Ideas

6. Funny Designed With Emoji Cake

When it comes to your party, you can decide about the graduation cake ideas, whether to make it look elegant or funny so everyone will enjoy it. In today’s age, you can use such emojis or things related to social media to design your cake; you can make it more appealing!

Funny Graduation Cake Ideas

7. Marine Corps Design Cake

If you're considering throwing a party for a marine, ensure the cake is made according to its course. Just like for PhD graduates, make the cakes memorable for them instead of designing common ones for graduation cake ideas.

Marine Ops Graduation Cake Ideas

8. The Blue and Yellow Design Cake

Another good combination for graduation cake ideas is the blue and yellow themed cake. If you do not want your cake to be one of the common ones, you can use these colors. A striped color with the necessary elements will let you have an attractive cake.

The Blue and Yellow Graduation Cake Ideas

9. A Simple Black and Gold Cake

Even if some consider a one-layer cake boring, this black and gold simple grad cake differs. The thing is that simple cakes look even better than those overly designed ones. Besides black and gold, you can do it in other perfect combined colors.

Simple Black and Gold Graduation Cake Ideas

10. Personalize Graduation Cake

For those searching for graduation cake ideas but wanting it personal, you can add your photo or the graduate’s picture. Consider putting elements or designs you love or you enjoy. You can also add cupcakes around this graduation cake to complete the party!

Personalize Graduation Cake Ideas

11. Three-Layer Purple Cake

One more graduation cake idea, if you don’t like standard colors, is a purple-designed one. You can make it a two or three-layer cake and add a graduation cap above. Also, you can consider matching the design to your school logo or course.

Three Layer Purple Graduation Cake Ideas

12. White Two-Layer Design Cake

As mentioned, a simple grad cake looks much better, and the color white can be your go-to color when it comes to undecorated ones. It can be for boys and girls since it doesn’t need that much style. You can add a graduate figure depicting you or diplomas around the cake.

White Two Layer Graduation Cake Ideas

13. Black and Red Combination Cake

The cake was inspired by a website, but you can also change it to fit into your school colors. It is also a simple grad cake with a fondant block resembling a graduation cap. Plus, adding a congratulatory text or letter around it will look better.

Black and Red Graduation Cake Ideas

14. University-Inspired Graduation Cake

If you run out of graduation cake ideas, why not put your school logo or course logo if you have one to design your cake? Consider using your school colors and putting minor Graduation elements, including your name, which might come in gold letters.

University Inspired Graduation Cake Ideas

15. First Letter Designed Cake

This graduation cake idea can be done for birthdays, but this is perfect for a graduate like you! You can use your first initial and then design it with your school colors. Adding more sweets, like chocolates, fruits, and others, will make it a well-designed Graduation cake.

First Letter Graduation Cake Ideas

16. White and Gold Design Cake

This is mainly made for girls, and among the many graduation cake ideas, this color combination is superb! The details of the flower-colored gold make the cake so extra. It is a simple yet gorgeous-looking cake.

White and Gold Graduation Cake Ideas

17. Black and Pink Floral Design Cake

Now, the black and pink partnership is one of the best graduation cake ideas. Sweet pastel-colored flowers and a graduation cap at the top make it more perfect. Also, you can add a congratulatory text around the cake or cap.

Black and Pink Graduation Cake Ideas

18. A Lawyer-Themed Graduation Cake

As raised, you can have many graduation cake ideas depending on the courses or degrees. If you will be having a law graduate, you can design a cake with a hammer, law balance scale, hat, and diploma at the top.

a Lawyer Themed Graduation Cake Ideas

19. Kindergarten Graduation Cake

Enough with college or high school graduation cake ideas; it’s time for a cool kindergarten cake. Since it is for a kid, you can make it extra special by putting their favorite colors, things, pencils, alphabets, graduation cap, and diploma. This is a hot preschool graduation cake idea you can follow.

Kinder Garden Graduation Cake Ideas

20. Fruity Version Graduation Cake

If you aren’t a fan of chocolates, you can make a fruity version for your simple grad cake that features the graduation cap, diploma, and lots of fruits at the top. You can make it one or more layers, according to your desire. Putting your name in gold letters will also add to its appeal.

Fruity Version Graduation Cake Ideas

21. Small Graduation Cap Cake

This perfectly made simple grad cake is advisable if you plan a simple celebration with your family and close friends. Try to make it with a diploma and a graduation cap. You can also feature some things that are related to your course.

Small Graduation Cake Ideas

22. Blue Velvet Graduation Cake

Let’s add a slight twist to your graduation cake ideas: instead of the red velvet, have the blue velvet cake. It tastes like a red velvet cake with chocolate in the tangy cream frosting. Don’t forget to add Graduation elements to it.

Blue Velvet Graduation Cake Ideas

23. Rainbow Graduation Cake

If you’re looking for colorful graduation cake ideas, try this impressive rainbow cake. It is suitable for your kindergarten graduation party as each layer comes with different colors that entertain all guests.

Rainbow Graduation Cake Ideas

24. Colorful Pencil Design Cake

Sometimes, graduation cake looks so plain, so try this colorful pencil-designed cake! This is suitable for graduation cake ideas of someone who loves to draw and art. It also applies to group parties, as you can add each name to the colorful pencils.

Colorful Pencil Graduation Cake Ideas

25. Graduation Cap Cake

This simple grad cake is simply a cake shaped like a cap. You can then add a diploma scroll and a congratulatory note next to it. Whether you will be graduating in kindergarten, high school, or college, this graduation cake is perfect.

Graduation Cap Graduation Cake Ideas

How to Make a Video of Your Graduation Cake and Party

Succeeding the top 25 graduation cake ideas is to pick the perfect one for your party! Are you done choosing? Of course, you wouldn’t miss sharing your Graduation cake and other precious moments at your party with the world. Make your videos and pictures look appealing before sharing them on your social media with AnyRec Video Converter. With its MV Maker, you can add your videos of your graduation cake and make it a slideshow. You can add the clip and then apply effects, themes, templates, and more quickly.

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Export MV

FAQs about Amazing Graduation Cake Ideas


That’s the end of this discussion regarding the top 25 Graduation cake ideas! If you like it related to your degree, ensure that nothing essential details are missing from your Graduation cake. Suppose you don’t know what to add; you simply decorate it with your favorite colors, then add your name, a graduation cap, and a diploma. For editing your videos about your Graduation cake, use the AnyRec Video Converter to make it more appealing-looking and with the most likable quality. Have fun designing your cake!

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