Tumblr Alternative: 10 Places for Adult and NSFW Content

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Tumblr Alternative

When you need to express our feelings, ideas, or experiences, there is no better option than create your own blog on Tumblr. However, is there any Tumblr alternatives for you to share you lifes? Although Tumblr is a blogging platform that has received popularity over the years, it made some changes, such as banning NSFW content, which led to many users jumping to other blogging sites. For this reason, this article will share the best 10 Tumblr alternatives in 2023, including blogging sites and social media platforms. Dive through right now!

Top 10 Best Tumblr Alternatives for Sharing Your Life and Ideas FAQs about the Best Tumblr Alternative

Top 10 Best Tumblr Alternatives for Sharing Your Life and Ideas

Today, the Internet offers platforms and sites similar to Tumblr; some have encountered them. Now you can delete your Tumblr account and go for these best apps and sites like Tumblr worth sharing your life and ideas.

6 Best Tumblr Alternatives for Bloggers

1. WordPress [Window, Mac, iOS, Android]

WordPress, next to Tumblr, is named the second most popular blogging platform and creating websites. Its main layout is easy to navigate, letting beginners get familiar with it quickly, which is one of the reasons why it is best as a Tumblr alternative. Furthermore, it works better for professional use in creating websites and more. In addition to that, a wide range of themes are available for making creative websites and blogs.

WordPress Tumblr Alternative

2. Blogger [Web-based]

Created by Google, Blogger is among the best Tumblr alternatives you should try. It has a very user-friendly interface, making it great for sharing ideas with all users. The target audience is ranging from 18 to 40 years old. Moreover, this site provides quick feedback that you will receive as fast as your blog is uploaded. Aside from that, you could get paid when Google AdSense posts targeted ads on your blog.

Blogger Tumblr Alternative

3. Medium [Web-based]

This Tumblr alternative, Medium, got popular quickly compared to others since the previous Twitter’s founded it and rose to popularity before its fourth year. It is among the sites that support user-friendly layouts and holds quality content regardless of the users’ interest. Using it, you can express your thoughts freely without much restrictions. Besides this, many topics to read from professionals are covered by Medium.

Medium Tumblr Alternative

4. Newgrounds [Web-based]

Newgrounds, introduced in 1999, is the oldest among the list of Tumblr alternatives. It has a very old-school interface appearance, and its target audience is those who love video games and media. In addition, if you’re searching for a like-Tumblr site because the NSFW gets banned, Newgrounds is your best selection as it supports all content.

Newgrounds Tumblr Alternative

5. Ghost [Windows]

Another famous blogging site, Ghost, is effective in building a business, not just a platform you can use to publish online. On top of that, it allows their publishers to connect with audiences via email letters. Plus, you have control over everything, including the posted content, interface design, and experience. After you publish your content, this Tumblr alternative ensures it will be posted everywhere.

Ghost Tumblr Alternative

6. Reddit [iOS, Android, Web-based]

The last on the list of sites like Tumblr in this content is Reddit, one of the famous ones that comes with a lot of audience. Although it is not precisely for blogging, it has all the qualities that Tumblr has, such as it lets post unique content, a wide range of target age groups of audience, plus it is a multi-use platform. You can even post videos on Reddit with over a million subreddits of various topics.

Reddit Tumblr Alternative

4 Best Social Media Platform Alternatives to Tumblr

1. Facebook [Android, iOS, Web]

Similar to Tumblr, this social media platform lets you share your views with your friends. Instead of writing a status, Facebook has a feature called Notes for uploading your thoughts better. You also have the freedom to upload images alongside your status. Plus, your friends can give their feedback on your post by commenting.

Facebook Tumblr Alternative

2. Instagram [Android, iOS, Web]

Instagram is similar to Facebook but can still be one of your best Tumblr choices. This Tumblr alternative application lets you upload and share images and videos with your followers. It also comes with Messaging feature where you can interact with your friends and families as well as Commenting.

Instagram Tumblr Alternative

3. Twitter [Android, iOS, Web]

Twitter is not considered a Tumblr alternative, but it works like a blogging platform where you can share your thoughts with your followers. The app also effectively shares news and gives views, and your audience can comment on your tweet. Furthermore, you can easily see what’s happening worldwide and other current events in your place in the Trending feature.

Twitter Tumblr Alternative

4. Pinterest [Android, iOS, Web]

This Tumblr alternative is known for its best gives various images for particular topics you’ve searched on. It was introduced last 2010, and until now, it still grows in popularity. One of the best apps is Tumblr, where you can share your image or video clip, which other users can pin, and vice versa. You can also add other uploads to your Boards.

Pinterest Tumblr Alternative

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FAQs about the Best Tumblr Alternative


When you have decided to blog, Tumblr is indeed your best choice. However, if you're among those who want to leave it due to restrictions like the banning of NSFW content, you can rely on the top 10 websites and platforms that have been said that works as Tumblr alternatives, like WordPress, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. As for capturing your favorite, feel free to use AnyRec Screen Recorder to complete the job!

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