100+ Top Picks for Podcast Names to Attract More Audiences

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Naming your podcast can be one of the most exciting parts yet challenging at the same time! Your podcast name should be on your brand, and it’s something that your potential listeners will know what your show is all about. While there’s no formula for having the best name, you could seek an idea for the best names. Thus, this post will let you explore over a hundred podcast name ideas alongside valuable information you must know.

Best 100+ Podcast Name Ideas in Different Styles

Before you get overwhelmed by hundreds of names for podcast ideas, follow these tips to broaden your ideas and help you finalize a name yourself. Here’s how to come up with a podcast name:

1. Share a glimpse of what your podcast is about.

A clear title is like a shop window for podcasts, telling your potential listeners if the content aligns with their interests. Podcast titles also set the tone for the listening experience, and they can spark curiosity about what will happen in your podcast without revealing everything. It could be a funny podcast name, a good or unique one, or others.

2. Able to attract your ideal listener.

Your podcast name is the first point of contact with potential listeners. Catchy, informative titles make your podcast stand out and compel someone to pick it up or subscribe to your channel! Plus, attracting listeners for building your audience and establishing your podcast.

3. Tell what listeners can get from you.

Focusing on the benefits for listeners when choosing a podcast name is essential to attract the right audience. A benefit-oriented title can be action-oriented, motivating listeners to subscribe and tune in to your podcast.

Now, here are some podcast name ideas categorized by style to spark your creativity:

Informative podcast names

1.Beyond the Soundbite

2. The Why Factor

3. Brainwaves

4. NewsWorthy

5. In the Thick of It

6. Untold Story

7. Myths & Legends

8. Learn Like a Pro

9. Unlock Your Potential

10. Elevator Pitch

11. Unearthing History

Popular podcast names

1. How I Built This

2. Hear to Lead

3. Smart People

4. No Such Thing as a Fish

5. The Minimalists

6. Netflix & Chill…But Analyze?

7. Sleep-Deprived & Awesome

8. Wine Not Wednesdays?

9. Brainstorm & Brunch

10. Mic Drop Mondays

Unique podcast names

1. Mythical Creatures, Modern Problems

2. The Bookworm Brigade

3. The Night Owl Society

4. The Unseen Threads

5. Starlight & Steek

6. Whispers from the Attic

7. Code Red Comedy

8. Dragons & Dungeons & Deadlines

9. Naptime Ninjas

10. The Mindful Minute

Funny podcast names

1. People Watching: The Podcast

2. The Internet Never Forgets

3. Hot Mess Express

4. Can’t Adult Today

5. Jokes & Folks

6. Silly Science Sundays

7. The Puncast

8. The Office: A Deep Dive

9. Fit & Lit

10. Putting the "Un" in Fun

Family podcast names

1. The Family Circus

2. Growing Up Together

3. The Legacy Lounge

4. The Grand Adventure: Parenting Edition

5. The Household Hustle

6. Our Family Folktales

7. The Lunchbox Chronicles

8. Sibling Rivalry Royale

9. Can’t Adult Today, But We’re Trying

10. The Offspring Outnumber Us

News/Politics podcast names

1. Across the Aisle

2. Global Gazette

3. Spin Cycle

4. The Power Play

5. The Daily Brief

6. Capitol Current

7. The Headline Hunters

8. Can’t We All Just Get Along?

9. The Hot Mic

10. Pundit’s Playgrounds

11. The Horse Race

Clever podcast names

1. Brew Ha Ha

2. Mind Over Matter

3. Chats and Cats

4. Whispers in the Bark

5. Coffee & Convos

6. Beyond the Horizon

7. The History Buff Show

8. The Entrepreneur's Toolkit

9. Decaffeinated Couch

Hot podcast names

1. The Sass Squad

2. Crypto Crackdown

3. Unfiltered Fridays

4. Hack the System

5. Dominate Your Day

6. The Future Forecast

7. The Napkin Genius

8. Uncensored & Unfiltered

9. Level Up Life

Cute podcast names

1. Paws & Prose

2. The Kindness Club

3. Sunshine & Sparkles

4. Tunes for Thinking

5. Tea & Trivia

6. The Owl & The Pen

7. Bake & Benter

8. Vocal Vendors

9. Chatty Chatterings

10. The Comfort Corner

11. Bookworms & Blooms

12. The Happy Hour Hive

Sweet & Light podcast names

1. The Cozy Corner

2. Cupcakes & Conversations

3. Sunshine State of Mind

4. Craft & Launch

5. The Story Sparklers

6. The Honey Bee Hive

7. Cups & Pups

8. Bakes & Breaks

9. Whimsy & Wisdom

10. Cozy Nights & Warm Blankets

Recommended AI Tools to Create Podcast Names

While there aren’t necessary dedicated AI tools solely for generating podcast names, here are the top three recommended options that can provide creative suggestions and spark your brainstorming process:

1.Portent’s Content Idea Generator. This AI tool by Portent is not specifically for podcasts, but it can be an excellent brainstorming aid. By inputting keywords related to your podcast topic or content with headlines, the tool can tweak it into great podcast names.

Portent Podcast Name

2.Jasper. Using this AI writing assistance, you can generate creative podcast names by simply describing your podcast concept and using its Brainstorm feature. After a while, you will see a list of several catchy name options.

Jasper Podcast Name

3.Riverside.fm Podcast Name Generator. As for this free tool by Riverside. You can describe your podcast in a short sentence; then, the tool will create relevant names based on your input, so describe your podcast content well.

Riverside Podcast Name

Ultimate Guide to Start a Podcast after Choosing A Name

After you come up with a good podcast name and have prepared everything you need to create a podcast, it’s time to record now! The best recording solution that is perfect for your budget and needs is with AnyRec Screen Recorder. While screen recording is not ideal, AnyRec has a more suitable tool, an audio recorder, that allows you to capture microphone sound, system sound, or even record your own video podcast. You can also customize audio settings based on how you want your podcast to sound like. After that, you can save your recorded podcast in numerous formats like MP3, M4A, FLAC, AAC, and more, for different platforms.

AnyRec Screen Recorder Package
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Have multiple recording modes, such as capturing the system, mic sound, or both.

Get a chance to edit your audio further in the preview window with the trimmer.

Minimize the background noise for a more precise listening experience.

Record audio in many formats and customize bitrates for high quality.

Free Download

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Free Download

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Step 1.After opening AnyRec Screen Recorder, go for the "Audio Recorder" option from "Screen Recorder" drop-down list to begin. You can start with your podcast name.


For solo recordings, enable "Microphone". For interviews using online platforms, turn on "System Sound". Otherwise, you can switch both options as per your requirements.

Anyrec Audio Recorder

Step 2.Click the "Settings" button to select a format and adjust the bitrate for quality. You can also explore the "Noise Reduction" option from the "Sound Settings" to reduce background noises.

Anyrec Customize Audio Settings

Step 3.Once settled, click the "REC" button to initiate the podcast or audiobook recording session. Use the floating toolbar to pause, resume, and adjust audio volume.

Anyrec Start Recording Podcast

Step 4.After ending the session, you can trim the audio with its built-in trimmer in the preview window. Then, click the "Save" button to store the podcast audio file in your chosen format.

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Free Download

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That’s how many good podcast name ideas you’ve got! Hopefully, those on the list will help you generate your name for your podcast with the assistance of the tips mentioned, too! After all that, take note of the recording software named AnyRec Screen Recorder to help you achieve the quality podcast you deserve. The Audio Recorder will capture your voice clearly, and if there are any extra parts, you can easily trim them out! Start recording today with this program!

Free Download

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Free Download

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