Send GIFs on Facebook Messenger [Your Step-by-step Guide]

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How to send GIFs on Facebook Messenger is a question that many people have doubts about. In today's digital conversations, adding a touch of humor or expression can make all the difference. Thus, GIFs have become a popular way to convey emotions, reactions, and even messages in a fun and engaging manner. If you're wondering how to share these animated gems on Facebook Messenger, you're in the right place. This post will guide you through the simple steps to send GIFs on Messenger, whether you're using your mobile device or desktop. Get ready to add a splash of animation to your chats and bring your messages to life!

Why Send GIFs on Facebook Messenger

In daily life, GIFs have become a staple of online communication, offering a dynamic and visually engaging way to express emotions and convey messages.

On Facebook Messenger, sending GIFs can enhance your conversations by adding humor, personality, and creativity. Whether you want to react to a friend's message, lighten the mood, or simply add some flair to your chat, GIFs provide a versatile tool for communication.

Additionally, GIFs can help you express complex emotions or ideas that may be difficult to convey with words alone. Overall, sending GIFs on Facebook Messenger can make your interactions more lively, relatable, and enjoyable.

Facebook Messenger

For Mobile Phone: How to Send GIFs on Messenger

Those who want to send GIFs on Facebook Messenger with their mobile phones can send GIFs directly from the chat interface to other friends if they are using the Facebook Messenger app. This method of operation is very simple and requires almost no threshold for operation. At the same time, Facebook Messenger has kindly prepared a lot of popular GIFs for you to send directly. If you have a rather big GIF, you can use a GIF trimmer or cutter for help. Read on now to learn how to send GIFs on Facebook Messenger with your mobile phone:

Step 1.Launch the "Facebook Messenger" app on your mobile phone and choose the contact to send a GIF using Facebook Messenger.

Step 2.On the chat interface, tap the "Sticker" button next to the chat box to pop up the window.

Step 3.On the pop-up window, tap the "GIF" button to choose the GIF you prefer and send it to your friends.

How to Send GIFs Messenger Phone

For Desktop app: How to Send GIFs on Messenger

If you are chatting with your friends from your computer, how do you send GIFs on Facebook Messenger? In fact, the method is very similar to the mobile app, as Facebook Messenger has added support for direct GIFs option in the chat box. So, with enhanced GIF options, you can effortlessly accomplish this task even if you are a novice who is very unfamiliar with the operating interface. Now read on to learn how to send GIFs on Facebook Messenger app.

Step 1.Navigate to the Facebook Messenger official website and log in with your account.

Facebook Messenger Website

Step 2.Click to choose the chat box with whom you want to send GIFs on Facebook Messenger.

Choose Chat Box Messenger

Step 3.Click the "Choose a GIF" button and choose the desired GIF. Then, click to send it to your friend.

How to Send GIFs Messenger Desktop

Bonus: How to Make GIFs for Sending on Messenger

Knowing how to send GIFs on Facebook Messenger, sometimes you may find that the recommended GIFs are not very interesting or do not convey your meaning well. That's when you want to have your own GIFs that fit perfectly. Although it sounds like a rather complex job, making your own GIFs with relatively professional software is not very difficult. And AnyRec Video Converter is just what you need.

With this software, you can easily make GIFs according to your own preferences to meet your requirements; at the same time, the operation is very simple; you only need a few simple steps to make high-quality GIFs that belong to you. Learn how to make and send your own GIFs on Facebook Messenger:

AnyRec Video Converter Package
AnyRec Video Converter

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The finished GIFs can be sent directly from Messenger.

It only requires simple steps without any specialized skills.

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Step 1.Launch AnyRec Video Converter. Click the "Toolbox" tab and then "GIF Maker" button.

GIF Maker Anyrec

Step 2.Click to choose the desired method to make your own GIFs from videos or photos. And you can add multiple footages for creation.

Choose GIF Resource Anyrec

Step 3.Click the "Change Duration" button and enter the lasting time. Then, click the "Apply All" and "Export" button to save your GIF.

Make Your Own GIF Anyrec
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In conclusion, sending GIFs on Facebook Messenger adds fun and expression to your conversations. Whether on mobile or desktop, Messenger provides easy ways to share GIFs with friends and family. While occasional technical limitations may arise, the overall experience of sending and receiving GIFs enhances communication on the platform. Additionally, using AnyRec Video Converter adds a personalized touch to your messages. If you want to send your personalized GIFs on Facebook Messenger, download it now!

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Free Download

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