If You are an Anime Fan: Here are Top 10 Sites like AnimeSuge

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Many anime fans like to watch animations on AnimeSuge. But there are always good and bad sides to a website, if you want to seek other websites for watching anime, you can read this article to see some alternatives if you need them.

Brief Introduction of AnimeSuge

AnimeSuge is a website where you can watch free streaming anime in both subbed and dubbed versions in English. You can watch anime online for free with ease in AnimeSuge. And there is easy accession and no registration required. The content is updated daily with beautiful layouts, fast streaming servers, and great features that help you easily track and watch your favorite anime.

Top 10 Sites like AnimeSuge

1. Anime Simple

Anime Simple is a brand-new website with an ever-growing library of information. This AnimeSuge alternative site has already amassed a sizable library of over a thousand shows. They have a selection of older anime, such as the original Naruto. Additionally, this site offers some of the most recent anime from Japan's presently airing seasons.

AnimeSimple Site Like AnimeSuge
Have enough old and new animations.
The strong search engine on the website for searching for your animation.
Old website design UI.
The high volume of advertisements.

2. MyAnimeList

This streaming service has established a strong following among anime lovers due to its diverse collection of content and reputation as a one-stop shop for anime reviews, news, forum discussions, and promotional films. The description, background, other titles, production details, characters, voice actors, opening and closing tunes, reviews, and statistics are all accessible to users.

Animelist Site Like AnimeSuge
Deep coverage of each anime series or film.
All detail of animations will be displayed for fans to reference.
Advertisements will be displayed while watching if you don’t subscribe to it.

3. KickAssAnime

KickAssAnime is exactly what its name implies: a fantastic website for watching your favorite shows. Not only is the site simple to navigate, but it also features an attractive design.

KissAssAnime Site Like AnimeSuge
Brief descriptions to help you more easily discover new shows.
Utilize a countdown timer to inform users of impending episodes.
This site is primarily for subtitles and does not contain any dubbed content.

4. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet has been online since the early years of the second millennium. This AnimeSuge alternative site includes some of the best anime available, with over 40,000 episodes. They even offer a section where you can read manga series. The site’s user interface will take some time to adjust to, but the search function is flawless.

Anime Planet Site Like AnimeSuge
Have abundant episodes of every animation.
Can read manga series in this website.
Many episodes are uploaded by users which could not be HD.
Some episodes could not be played since flash is shut down.

5. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is an excellent AnimeSuge alternative website to watch online resource for anyone who isn’t interested in paying to watch anime. Additionally, this site places a high premium on community building. This allows you to connect with many other anime fans and discuss your favorite series. Each movie on the site includes an active comment section where you can share your comments.

GoGoAnime Site Like AnimeSuge
Have animations that even could play on paying platforms.
Offer both subtitled and dubbed series.
Every click will display an advertisement.

6. AnimeDao

AnimeDao is an excellent source for subbed video anime streaming websites. Even with new anime, the subs on this site are generally accurate. Additionally, the search options on this site are excellent, ensuring that you can easily find your shows. Additionally, the site loads faster than some other options.

AnimeDao Site Like AnimeSuge
This anime site will provide you with a synopsis of each series.
This site will provide subtitles even new anime
Straightforward UI design that may be unappealing to some users.

7. AnimeFreak

With thousands of episodes of your favorite anime series in a variety of genres (fantasy, music, mystery, parody, adventure, and even supernatural, to mention a few). On this site, you’ll find the latest OVA series, feature films, and other anime favorites.

AnimeFreak Site Like AnimeSuge
It contains thousands of manga that are updated immediately upon chapter release in Japan.
You can not only watch series but also OVA.
There are many pop-up windows advertisements on this website.


This Houston-based streaming service provides customers with access to the best anime titles and a back catalogue of series dating all the way back to the mid-20th century. What distinguishes it from other websites is its assortment of obscure titles and OVAs that might thrill true anime enthusiasts.

HIDIVE Site Like AnimeSuge
The most recent Japanese simulcasts are transmitted in 1080p or HD resolution.
You can enable uncensored mode and alter the color of the subtitles.
This site doesn’t have too much animation to watch compared with other sites.

9. Funimation

This AnimeSuge alternative anime streaming website is one of the most dependable sources of anime available today. Funimation features new episodes of some of today’s most popular anime shows.

Funimation Site Like AnimeSuge
There are many categories of animation on this site.
Have 4K resolution.
You need to access to VPN in some areas.

10. Animestreams

Animestreams is another free anime streaming site. The best part about Animestreams is that, although being completely free to use, you will rarely encounter those obnoxious ad pop-ups. The website features a sizable library of anime series or movies that are neatly organized by category. Additionally, the site is updated on a regular basis to ensure that its users always have the most up-to-date information.

Animestreams Site Like AnimeSuge
Users can submit requests for certain anime shows, series, or movies.
Not many Ads like other sites.
There are not too many animations to watch compared with other sites.

Bonus Tips

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FAQs about AnimeSuge


There are many sites like AnimeSuge for you to watch animation you can’t find on the AnimeSuge. Or you can also find a better alternative to AnimeSuge. And if you find out you can’t watch animation offline, you can use AnyRec Screen Recorder to record the animation you like.

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