Top 15 Mini Spy Cameras You Can Hide on Plain Sight

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Mini spy cameras are so small that you can barely notice or see them in a small room. While mini spy cameras do the same thing as home security cameras, the advantage is they are mostly hidden in naked eyes. If you want to use a spy camera on the clock, lightbulb, or other small things secretly, learn the best 15 Mini Spy Cameras in the following.

The Best 15 Mini Spy Cameras for Different Usages

1. Fredi Mini Hidden Camera

It won as the best mini spy camera you can find in the market. Because of its size small as a cheese cracker, you can hide this device in any discrete place. The storage capacity is up to128GB via an optional microSD card.

Record constant loop.
Weigh only 81.6g.
Only 3-4 hours of battery life.
Fredi Mini Hidden Camera Spy Camera

2. Arlo Essential Spotlight

You can place this home-security mini spy camera pretty much anywhere with its screw-in mount. According to the manufacturers, the battery life lasts up to six months. Arlo is a fantastic mini spy camera that is well-featured with motion detection.

Storage is cloud-based via Arlo SmatHub.
Record Full HD.
Non-removable battery.
Arlo Essential Spotlight Spy Camera

3. NinjaPro 2-in-1 Spy Camera Wall Clock

Another clever mini spy camera you can use. This device tells time but has an embedded mini spy camera with a view angle of 110 degrees and allows you to store footage via an optional SD card.

No one can tell if there is a camera on a normal-looking clock.

Activate through an app.
Resolution at 1920 × 1080px in 30FPS.
No night vision.
Ninjapro Mini Spy Camera

4. Blink Indoor

Although you can say that this device looks more like a regular home security camera, it has a mini spy camera that captures footage in good quality. It is wire-free, so you just need to download the app on your phone to activate Blink Indoor.

Cloud-based Storage.
Visible to incomers.
Blink Indoor Mini Spy Camera

5. Mini Bluetooth Spy Camera

This spy camera is also a speaker you can use to play music when connecting it to your smartphone. The camera also has night vision to operate even at nightfall. It is best to cover the lens with a mirror, so nobody will assume it's a mini spy camera.

1080p HD 150-degree wide-angle lens.
Double-purpose device.
Built-in battery.
Mini Bluetooth Spy Camera

6. Micro Spy Camera with Motion Detect

If you want something super small for a spy camera, this mini spy camera is the best choice. As it is tiny, its size is only half an ounce! It has motion detection mode so you can preserve battery life.

1080 HD lens.
Wireless micro camera.
Battery life lasts only 90 minutes.
Micro Spy Camera

7. Elite ETSPY 8GB Mini Hidden Spy Camera

A mini spy camera that looks like an innocent smiley badge. The camera lens is on one of the eyes, so it is hard to detect its true purpose. This spy camera is designed for kids so you can keep track of your kid.

Easy to set up and use.
100 minutes battery life.
No live-viewing mode.
Elite ETSPY Mini Spy Camera

8. Veroyi Mini IP Camera WiFi Home Security Surveillance

A perfect round-designed mini spy camera for invisible surveillance to your home. This mini spy camera is built with multi-user remote viewing, so you can also share with your partner the live footage.

Built-in speaker and microphone.
Automatically send alarm notifications.
The price is high.
Veroyi Mini Spy Camera

9. Bear Grylls Waterproof Action Camera Glasses

If you want to bring a mini spy camera wherever you go, this device is the answer. Even under the hot sun, you can capture the road you're walking, and it is even lightweight, so it is not exhausting to wear.

Hands-free recording.
Eyeline point-of-view recording.
Pricey than 'o brands' alternatives.
Bear Grylls Waterproof Mini Spy Camera

10. Sonew Wi-Fi Light Bulb Camera

Recording footage from bird's eye style, you can use this mini spy camera for your home. The recording will give you a 360-degree view with 1920 × 1080px. You also can store insert an SD card to store footage.

25 frames per second.
Motion detector.
Build-in plastic.
Sonew Wifi Ligh Bulb Mini Spy Camera

11. LED Clock Spy Camera

If you want a hidden spy camera somewhere not obvious, this device is for you. LED Clock Spy Camera can record in 1920 × 1080px with 30FPS. Its multi-purpose shows you the time, sets the alarm clock, and of course, captures footage.

Lithium-ion battery included.
Motion detection with loop.
Only 2.4G wifi
Led Clock Mini Spy Camera

12. Prosia Hidden Camera with Audio Live Feed

Prosia is one of the mini spy cameras that doesn’t need to connect with a wire. You can place it in your office, bathroom, bedroom, and more. Just connect it to your Wi-Fi; you can watch your home in safety with audio.

Record in full HD.
Short battery life.
Proasia Hidden Camera with Audio

13. Swann Security Camera

Swann company made a mini spy camera that is weather-proof and records night vision. It detects warm moving objects and automatically records them. You can connect this device to Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.

Ultra-wide 180-degree recording.
Comes in 2 packs in one purchase.
Relatively pricey.
Swann Security Mini Spy Camera

14. LKSUMPT Hidden Spy Cameras

Another incredible tiny spy camera you can find in the market. It is also the cheapest one but packs with fantastic features. It is only 0.98x0.98x0.98 inches but impressively records in night vision.

Six non-luminous LEDs.
140-degree wide-angle lens.
90 minutes battery life.
LKSUMPT Mini Spy Camera

15. Kami Indoor Camera

Kami Indoor camera is a best value mini spy camera as it has a motorized base for movement tracking. It provides 360-degree coverage as it rotates when it detects movement. It is also powered by a micro USB port to track movements.

Competitively priced option.
Customization via the app.
Not well hidden.
Kami Indoor Mini Spy Camera

Bonus Tips: How to Record and Save What Mini Spy Camera Take

Of course, you can't just store the footage on an SD card forever. There might be an opportunity that you need to show your family or friends over the internet important footage. To help you, AnyRec Screen Recorder is an excellent way to record and save your recordings from mini spy camera on your computer. This way, you can record the video file with higher quality.

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FAQs about the Best Mini Spy Cameras


A mini spy camera gives protection and might save you in a bad situation. Either way, you can use it for fun, and maybe you can create some compilation of your baby or animals creating humorous events. You can also record and save these memories using AnyRec Screen Recorder to capture your laptop or computer. Welcome to contact us and tell us your advice.

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