Best 10 Audio Recorder Apps for Android/iPhone [Pros&Cons]

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Learn about the best 10 audio recorder apps on Android/iPhone:

  • Voice Memos – Easiest way to record/edit audio on iPhone/iPad.
  • Easy Voice Recorder – Capture high-quality audio with noise cancellation.
  • Rec Voice Recorder – Free app to record all audio in the background.
  • Otter Voice Notes– Help you record and take notes from the audio.
  • Evernote – Record long audio recordings and save as notes.
  • ASR Voice Recorder – Audio recorder for Android with basic function.
  • Voice Recorder Pro – Capture clear audio from several feet away.
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Audio Recorder App

Once you have an important call on your Android/iPhone, it’s easy to capture it with audio recorder apps now. No matter you are a musician who wishes to record a song, a journalist who wants to record an interview, or a student who wants to take note of your lesson, learn the best 10 audio recorder apps on Android and iPhone to capture the system sound and microphone according to your need. Before choosing the best one for you, you can check the testing standard of the following 10 audio recorder apps:

Tested Audio Recorder AppsTest 20+ apps and picked up the best 10.
Tested Recording FunctionsScreen Recording, Audio Recording, Snapshot.
Evaluation DimensionUser-friendly interface; Editing functions; Recording settings; Exporting options; Price.
Tested DevicesMost Android devices, including Samsung, Google Pixel, Sony, OnePlus, and more. All iPhone models like iPhone 15/14/13/12/11.iPad Mini, Air, and Pro with iOS 17/16/15 and more.

Top 10 Best Audio Recorder Apps on Android/iPhone

After dedicatedly selection, here are 10 best audio recorders on Android/iPhone for you to choose from. Get to know more about their features, pros, and cons in the following part.

1. Voice Memos (iPhone)

Did you know that your iPhone has a default audio recorder app? Voice Memos has a highly user-friendly design and offers all the capabilities for free to all iOS users. It's pretty simple, yet it allows you to cut recordings, change sections, and enhance them while preserving the original.

Voice Memos Audio Recorder App


Enable you to transmit files by AirDrop, text message, or email.

Cut out the extra clips that you don't want to save.

Provide an organized library to save and find all the recordings.


Always have bugs and glitches when playing the recordings.

No transcribe features to transfer audio to text.

Unable to record the system sound on iPhone/iPad.

2. Easy Voice Recorder (Android)

Easy Voice Recorder accomplishes just what its name implies. This audio recorder app enables you to record events on your phone easily. You open the app, press the mic button, record, and share as necessary before closing the app. Additionally, it includes a few additional capabilities, such as the option to modify the file type to which you record.

Easy Voice Recorder App


Able to decrease background noise automatically.

Provide various audio compressions to adjust the quality.

Record and save PCM/MP3/AAC files to the device or cloud.


Unable to record phone calls.

Need to purchase the in-app functions to edit more.

3. Rev Voice Recorder (Android/iPhone)

Rev Voice Recorder is available for free for Android and iPhone devices. This audio recorder app exists to entice you to use Rev's transcription services powered by humans. Whether you pay for those or not, the basic app is excellent for recording audio. And there are numerous alternatives for sharing, like texting, emailing, or sending to Slack. Apart from storing clips on your phone, you can upload them to cloud storage services like Dropbox or iCloud.

Rev Voice Recorder App


The program can record in the background.

Trim and append recordings are both possible.

Able to convert audio to text all the time.


There are limited features.

Some audio files have inferior and degraded quality.

Although support all iOS versions, it’s optimized for iPhone 5.

4. Otter Voice Notes (Android/iPhone)

Otter is a pleasant audio recorder app that converts live recordings to text. It records and takes notes during meetings in real-time, allowing you to focus on the subject at hand while remaining confident that all pertinent information, actions, and participants are saved, easily searchable, and shareable with your team.

Otter Voice Notes Audio Recorder App


Perform the essential functions of recording, sharing, and playback.

Quickly scan your voice notes and convert them to text documents.

Able to manage your meetings and events in the Calendar.


English is the only language supported.

Lack an internal voice recording capability.

Sometimes the words are transcribed incorrectly.

5. Evernote (Android/iPhone)

Evernote enables users of voice recorders to synchronize their data from any location. This audio recorder app also includes a web clipper and document scanning feature along with voice recording. Additionally, it has built-in reminders for completing various chores. Evernote is still missing a variety of functions.

Evernote Audio Recorder App


Easily search for the desired notes by title, keyword, and even images.

All data (blog posts, lists, notes, and research) is all in one place.

Able to record and format your notes with bold, highlight, checkbox, etc.


Less editing features on the audio recordings.

Not suitable for brief tasks or short audio recording notes.

6. ASR Voice Recorder (Android)

ASR Voice Recorder is a capable audio recorder app. It supports many file types, including MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, and M4A. Additionally, a cloud connection allows for quick uploading to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other services. Moreover, you can keep meetings, notes, lessons, and music records. It is entirely free and does not impose any restrictions on the amount of time you can record.

ASR Voice Recorder App


Record and playback recordings while the app is running in the background.

Support all the popular video and audio formats to export.

Support all Android phones, including Samsung, Sony, and more.


There are no options for audio transcription.

Only provide basic features without more editing tools.

Have many popping-up ads when recording audio.

7. Voice Recorder Pro (Android/iPhone)

This audio recorder app lets you record audio using external microphones. It has a high sensitivity retractable mechanism to record speech from considerable distances. Additionally, the interface is user-friendly, files are easily accessible and manageable, which may be used to record phone calls.

Voice Recorder App Adroid iPhone


Record audio in the following formats: MP3, WAV, AAC, or 3GP.

Produce high-quality recordings without regard for time constraints.

Provide clear audio recording even if the source is several feet away.


Still lacking in audio editing capabilities.

Not capable of operating in the background.

Always interrupt when recording phone calls and lose all the recordings.

8. Smart Recorder(Android)

Smart Recorder is a top-notch voice recorder app. It has all the standard functions, including online storage and recording. You can also skip silences in the track, modify sensitivity, and change sample rates. Before saving the audio recordings, you can also preview them with this audio recorder app. In this way, you can ensure the high-quality of audio files.

Smart Auido Recorder App


Fully control the audio recording process and even skip the silence part.

The Wave Lock feature prevents the gadget from going to sleep.

Can even hide the audio recording from the media library to protect your privacy.


Unable to share the audio recording to others directly.

Only have a few basic features without clipping.

Crashes always occur without reasons.

9. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Android/iPhone)

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is a helpful MP3 recorder available on Android/iPhone. Since it records audio in MP3 files, the sound files are compatible with almost everything. Additionally, you may configure it to upload immediately to Dropbox after the recording is complete.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder App


Able to set an automatic stop to record for a specified amount of time.

Have a simple setup of an audio recording session.

Adjust the format and bitrate to export high-quality audio.


Can only play the audio recordings without any other functions.

Don’t support recording phone calls and external microphone.

Bonus Tips: The Best Screen and Audio Recorder on Windows/Mac

Aside from the compiled list of the most promising audio recorder apps, you can also utilize a powerful desktop voice recorder, AnyRec Screen Recorder. It also has a phone recorder feature that enables you to mirror your mobile device's screen and record anything on it. So, hurry up! Download this excellent audio recording app now on your Windows/Mac to enjoy hassle-free recording.

Screen Recorder
Key Features of the Best Screen and Audio Recorder App:

Record audio from the computer and microphone simultaneously or separately.

Export audio recordings in a variety of formats, including MP3, M4A, AAC, etc.

Boost low-quality audio, remove background noise, and eliminate audio echo.

Provide task schedule and other editing functions to improve recordings.

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FAQs about the Best Audio Recorder Apps


Now that you know the top 10 handy audio recorder apps for Android/iPhone, you can select one that suits your recording needs. With them, you can do voiceover, record your songs, and more easily. If you have more questions, please contact us now!

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