5 FREE Ways to Unblur Tinder Likes and See Who Liked You without Paying

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Here’re 5 ways to see who liked you on Tinder without paying for the Gold plan. By the way, if you want to make a copy of their profiles and other memorable things, using AnyRec Screen Recorder is always a smart choice. You can screen record and take a screenshot of everything on Tinder now!

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Tinder Unblur

If you don’t have a Tinder Gold subscription, you can’t see who has liked your profile before swiping. The legal and highly suggested way to unblur Tinder is by purchasing its gold version. However, if you want to unblur Tinder images only, and you don’t need other premium features, you can try Tinder unblur hacks and see people who likes you with the following 5 solutions. Yes, you can see Tinder likes without gold here. Let’s read together to see how it works.

5 Ways to Unblur Tinder Photos and See Who Liked You without Gold

These are 5 tested ways of Tinder unblur hack. Both beginners and experts can get rid of the Tinder Gold limit to get an unblurred picture successfully. Some Tinder unblurring workaround is difficult. Don’t worry about that. You can copy and paste the related code to solve the problem. Or you can use other tools to make Tinder photos less blurry effectively.

Minimize Tinder blur pixelFreeDesktopNo Tinder Gold membership required.Need some time to find and change
Inspect Tinder codeFreeDesktopCopy and paste the thumbnail link of this blurred Tinder image view matches.You can debur a picture on Tinder each time manually.
Run Tinder unblur commandFreeDesktopBatch unblur images on Tinder without paying.The unblurred Tinder picture is not as clear as the original one.
Try Tinder unblur scriptFreeDesktop/AndroidThe Tinder deblur userscript are updated by many contributors regularly.Compared with other methods, the Tinder unblur code is much longer.
Install Tinder unblur extensionFreeDesktop/PhoneShow the first 10 likes for free.The Tinder likes unblur extension is not provided from Chrome Web Store

1. Minimize the Tinder Blur Pixel to Blur(0px)

Easy to use: 2/5

Unblurry: 2.5/5

Platform: Desktop

Price: Free

Verdict: If you have basic code knowledge, you can minimize the blurred pixel of the Tinder thumbnail picture. The unblurred picture may not look as clear as other pictures. But you can guess who liked you, at least.

Step 1.Open the Tinder website on Chrome (Safari or more.). Sign in with your Tinder account.

Step 2.Go to the "Who Likes You" section. Right-click on the blurred image you want to see. Then click "Inspect" to see the Tinder unblur code.

Step 3.Scroll down and find the highlighted area in the webpage elements inspection section.

Step 4.Search for the "a--s Blur(12px)" code. Change "12" to "0" to deblur a Tinder picture.

Minimize Tinder Blur Pixel

2. Check the preview.goTinder.com Folder

Easy to use: 2.5/5

Unblurry: 2.5/5

Platform: Desktop

Price: Free

Verdict: It is true that you can open the URL of that blurred Tinder picture with a new tab. But the default image resolution is 84✖️106 pixels. It is still too small to get a clear Tinder profile picture. It will be tough if you have hundreds of thousands of matches to guess. But it is still a worth-to-try way to unblur Tinder likes without paying.

Step 1.Right-click on the blurred Tinder image on your browser. Click "Inspect" and get the thumbnail URL.

Step 2.Switch from "Elements" to the "Source" tab. Scroll down and find the folder labeled "preview.gotinder.com" with the cloud icon.

Step 3.Now you can see who swiped for you on Tinder without gold.


3. Run Tinder Unblur Command to Get a Clear Picture

Easy to use: 3/5

Unblurry: 3/5

Platform: Desktop

Price: Free

Verdict: You can run the Tinder unblur command if you have multiple Tinder thumbnails to unblur. Just copy and paste the following command to make Tinder photos clearer than before. Later, you can make the un-pixelated picture larger to see if he or she is an excellent match.

Step 1.In the Tinder Who Likes You page, click "Inspect" from the right-click menu of this thumbnail.

Step 2.Go to the "Console" tab from "Elements". It’s okay to see errors in red and notifications in yellow.

Step 3.Copy and paste the following Tinder unblur command into the "Chrome DevTools Console" tab.

document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace(/(12px)/g,”(0px)”)

Step 4.Press the "Enter" key on your keyboard. The Tinder likes you will update and display clear Tinder photos in bulk.

Tinder Chrome Console

4. Try Tinder Unblur Script

Easy to use: 3/5

Unblurry: 3.5/5

Platform: Desktop/Android

Price: Free

Verdict: You can also try the Tinder deblur script provided by Github. Tajnymag shares and updates this userscript for free. Bu doing so, you can use the official Tinder API and get clean Tinder photos of people who liked you. Hope this Tinder Github deblur script is available all the time.

Step 1.Install a userscript manager on your device, such as Violentmonkey, Greasemonkey, etc.

Step 2.Download and install with tinder.user.js. You can download it from the following URL. You can also check related Tinder unblur js from the following screenshot.


Step 3.Open the Tinder website. Refresh the profile and see all unblurred Tinder profiles.

Tinder User JS

5. Install Tinder Unblur Extension

Easy to use: 4/5

Unblurry: 2/5

Platform: Desktop/Phone

Price: Free

Verdict: This method may only work some of the time. But it is still worth trying. You can reverse image search via the Tinder unblur Chrome extension. Compared with other tools, you can also get the uploaded date of this profile. So you can guess your potential match easily.

Step 1.Visit the LighterFuel For Tinder website on your Chrome browser.

Step 2.Click "Add to Chrome" to install it.

Step 3.Open your Tinder website and check the image uploaded date of your Tinder profile. lighterfuel-for-tinder


Free Bonus: Make Tinder Images Larger to See More Details

You can increase image resolution with quality enhancers to bypass the Tinder Gold limit. Moreover, you can also upscale and make Tinder images clear after trying the above method. You can unblur Tinder images with professional software if you also want to fix old and damaged photos. If not, an online image upscaler and quality enhancer would be a good choice.

Step 1.Open AnyRec AI image Upscaler on your browser.

Step 2.Set the magnification of the image upscaling with 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x. Just make sure your upscaled image is smaller than 3000*3000px.

Step 3.Click "Upload Photo" and add your blurry pictures. Browse and add your Tinder photos. You can download or screenshot it on Tinder before uploading.

Step 4.Click "Save" after upscaling. Later, you can get a clearer picture to see who liked you on Tinder for free.

Upscale Images with AnyRec

FAQs of Unblur Tinder Likes


That’s how you see who liked you on Tinder without paying. Make the profile picture clearer and guess the potential match easier than before. Do the above solutions to unblur Tinder matches on your computer or mobile phone. If those Tinder loopholes are unavailable, maybe you can consider upgrading to Tinder Gold.

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