Watch 4K UHD 2160P Movies with Better Viewing Experience via 15 Sites

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Check those 15 sites to watch movies in 4K Ultra HD on your computer or phone. As for playing your digital videos and Blu-ray/DVD collections, you can free download AnyRec Blu-ray Player to get perfect solutions.

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Watch 4K Movies

With the development of the film industry, the era of 4K ultra-high definition has come. The 4K movie of UHD 2160p will provide you with a higher viewing experience than 2K, HD 720p, FHD 1080p, or lower resolution. But where can you watch 4K movies, or which websites can download 4K movies? Fortunately, this post will list 15 websites where you can watch or download 4K movies. Moreover, if you want to improve the video to 4K resolution, please continue to read and find a way!

Top 15 Sites to Watch and Download 4K Movies Online

If you like watching movies, especially 4K movies, here are 15 different websites for watching 4K movies online or downloading them on your device to share with your friends. Rank in no particular order, and you can choose the best one according to your preferences.

Focus on Categoty Price
Movie4k to Popular Brief Free
Amazon Prime Exclusives Specific $14.99 per month
YouTube Popular Brief $2-$15 per film
Vudu Popular Specific $3 or $19.99 per film
WatchMoviesFree Popular Brief Free
UltraFlix Popular Brief $2-$10 per film
Sonypictures Exclusives Specific Based on the film
Netflix Exclusives Specific $14 per month
Stan Popular Specific $10 per month
Tubi Popular Specific Free
Putlocker Rare Films No Free
YTS.MX Latest Specific Free
Z Movies B-Movies Brief Free
MUBI Art Films No $40 per year
UltraMovies Popular Specific Free
View All

1. Movie4k to

Movie4k to is a popular website for watching 4K movies online. This site has thousands of films and TV shows in stock and has high-definition quality. It can be said that Movies4k to is one of the excellent websites to watch movies online for free. It also provides multiple languages of subtitles, which you can switch as needed. However, it's said to be unsafe with many popups and virus.


◆Change the subtitles to different languages according to your need.

◆Provide a wide selection to choose from, including the newest ones.

◆Also have the app version for Android users.

Movie4K to Interface

2. Amazon Prime

Amazon is no stranger to most people. It provides many 4K movies that you can watch for free. Generally speaking, 4K enthusiasts will purchase 4K Amazon Prime movie subscriptions to access Prime and instant video services. In addition to all the movies included in the subscription, it also provides an additional movie and program library. You can rent or purchase 4K movies separately, but you need to pay extra, including some new movies just released in the cinema.


◆Provide excellent original quality in 4K without compression.

◆Have have live streaming like Thursday Night Football and WNBA games.

◆You can download and watch 4K movies at any time.

Amazon Prime Interface

3. YouTube

YouTube is one of the ways to download and watch 4K movies for free. This website contains videos with various resolutions from 480P to 4K. You can watch many high-quality movies online, including action, romance, comedy, suspense, etc. You need to pay 2 to 15 dollars to rent and buy movies.


◆A social platform to watch multiple videos, including home-made 4K movies.

◆Flexible playback to adjust the speed, volume, and more.

◆Able to rent or directly buy a specific 4K movie to watch.

Youtube Interface

4. Vudu

If you pursue high-quality audio and video effects, Vudu is a nice choice. You can even see the recently released movie on Vudu without waiting a long time. This website also provides mobile applications, so you can watch 4K movies on your mobile phone. If you want to buy or rent, you need to spend 20 to 30 dollars and 10 dollars on rent.


◆Watch 4K movies online for free without any annoying ads.

◆Provide a search function to easily find the desired movie.

◆Install the app on your Android/iPhone for easy watching.

VUDU Interface

5. WatchMoviesFree

As its name suggests, you can use it to watch 4K movies online for free. This website has a variety of categories, including horror, suspense, action, comedy, adventure, fantasy, family drama, science fiction, and history. You can also search for movies by country or year. The most important thing is that few advertisements are displayed on this website to provide you with a better viewing experience. However, the premise is that you must create a free account on the website.


◆Search for the desired movie easily with the released country.

◆Watch 4K movies in different genres, like comedy, action, family, etc.

◆Ensure a smooth watching experience with few ads.

Watchmoviesfree Interface

6. UltraFlix

It can be said that Ultraflix is one of the streaming media networks that provide the world's largest 4K content library, and its popularity in 4K streaming media is close to Netflix or Amazon. UltraFlix offers 500+ hours of 4K movies of your choice. Magnolia Pictures, Warner Brothers, MGM, Alchemy, etc., authorize this website. The point is that it also provides about 100 hours of free time. If you want to watch more 4K movies, you need to spend $1 to $10 and watch 48 hours.


◆Able to enhance old films to watch with 4K quality.

◆Stream 4K over broadband speeds of 4Mbps, which promise smooth playback.

◆Provide an app on many 4H UHD TVs, like Sony, Samsung, Hisense, and Vizio.

Ultraflix Interface

7. Sonypictures

Many people know Sony but do not know that it also has its own 4K ultra-high-definition film streaming website. Sonypictures launched on April 4, 2016. It supports 100+ 4K movies and TV programs. However, this website does not provide rental services, so you must pay $30 for each 4K movie you want to see. Note that the 4K movie you buy will be saved in the cloud. In addition to finding 4K movies on this website, it also provides games to choose from.


◆Provide the best visual effects with the video color.

◆Also support 4K games for you to play.

◆Save the purchased movies in cloud without occupying the storage.

Sonypictures Interface

8. Netflix

Netflix is also one of the best sites that can watch 4K movies online. You can also watch TV programs, cartoons, and documentaries. This website has also developed original programs. Every Netflix original movie has a 4K version. Many movies have HDR versions. But if you want to watch 4K UHD movies, you need to pay $14 per month. After subscription, you can download all the latest 4K movies. Before that, you need to register an account.


◆One of the best video streaming website with large collections of movies.

◆Provide 4 different origins to stream 4K movies without buffers.

◆Support different languages with CC subtitles.

Netflix Interface

9. Stan

Stan is also an online website that can watch 4K movies for free. You can choose TV programs and movies to watch in 4K Ultra HD at will. However, it only provides a free trial for 30 days. If you want to watch 4K movies later, you need to subscribe or purchase. Before starting to watch 4K movies, you need to register a new account.


◆Able to continue to play the recently watched movies.

◆Classified collection of movies to find the desired one easily.

◆Powerful playback control to rewind, forward, and go to specific timestamps.

Stan Interface

10. Tubi

Tubi is an online website developed by Fox that supports watching 4K movies. It provides a variety of types, including horror films, romantic films, TV dramas, and documentaries. In 2021, it began to produce its original content, including TV dramas and films. However, its service area is limited, only supporting the United States, Canada, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand.


◆Provide a extensive library of movies and TV shows.

◆A watchlist to add your favorite movies to watch later.

◆Support a patental control function to set limited time for kids.

Tubi Intreface

11. Putlocker

Putlocker is a file hosting index website used for films and TV series for free. With Putlocker, You can search for any movie you want to watch, and the system will automatically search all the options for you, including files in various formats and clarity. You can also share and discuss your experience by connecting with Facebook, X, Tweet, Reddit, etc.


◆Totally free to access all collections of movies and videos.

◆Safe and reliable to use without virus.

◆Watch any movies by searching the sources.


12. YTS.MX

At YTS.MX, you can download or watch the latest or hard-to-find movies online. Information about the film: genre, director, actors, etc., is very detailed. The site also provides scores from sites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes for your reference. All movie resources are free at YTS.MX and can be downloaded without any other conditions.


◆Efficient encoding to play 4K movies with small size.

◆Provide extensive movie collections from the classic to new ones.

◆Also offer 3D movies from Hollywood for free.


13. Zmovies

Zmovies is also a good choice for watching 4K movies. Unlike most other movie sites, Z Movies focuses on cult films, B-movies, and horror films, which are relatively radical and exciting genres. If you're a fan of the above movie genres, then Z Movies can help you find what you've been looking for very easily. You can quickly find movies that interest you by Year or Genre.


◆Able to watch hundreds of 4K movies uploaded by others.

◆Have a backup URL in case the original site is down.

◆Also provide an Android app to watch 4K movies everywhere.


14. Mubi

If you like art films or niche films, MUBI is definitely the choice for you. Unlike other movie sites, MUBI will recommend you a very unique movie every day, based on the choice of the website department itself. These films may be obscure films that almost no one cares about, or they may be world-renowned masterpieces. By working directly with publishers, MUBI can always provide you with the best quality source. At the same time, the content from MUBI's review system is also very valuable.


◆Update with new 4K movies from all over the world every day.

◆Provide a community for you to discuss movies with others.

◆Impressive curated series with introductions to filmmakers, movements, or topics


15. UltraMovies

UltraMovies give you the easiest way to filter movies by genre, year of release, user rating, length of film, country, language and age ratings. Information about the individual film, director, actors, plot, reviews, etc. In these ways, UltraMovies can help you quickly find your favorite movies when you don't know what to watch.


◆Classify the 4K movies by different genres for easy .

◆Provide many information about the movies, including reviews.

◆Recommend the movies you may like according to the history.


Bonus: How to Watch Local 4K Videos with High-quality Playback Experience

If you downloaded those 4K movies and wanted to watch them without the Internet, AnyRec Blu-ray Player is the perfect choice for you to consider. Unlike the default WMP or QuickTime on Window/Mac, you can use this powerful player to play 4K videos in any format without quality loss. Besides the best visual experience, it also supports DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD to provide stereo-level sound effects. Moreover, you can adjust the playback settings freely as you like, including the volume, video forward and backward, screen size, and more.

AnyRec Bluray Player
AnyRec 4K Blu-ray Player

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Support Blu-ray and all popular formats, like MP4, MPG, M4V, TS, MTS, WMV, etc.

Provide flexible playback controls like volume, speed, and subtitles.

Enhance the video quality by adding effects, including brightness, hue, etc.

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FAQs about Watching 4K Movies


Now you can watch 4K movies online at any time, and you can try to find your favorite one on 15 different websites. If recommended according to popularity, you can try Amazon Prime and YouTube. Moreover, if you want to upgrade the video to 4K, AnyRec Video Enhancer is a powerful tool you can consider.

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