How to Record Video on Chromebook with Built-in, Online and Extension

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The built-in Chromebook screen recorder is available since Chrome OS 89. You can take a video on Chromebook and take screenshots directly. Moreover, you can also get other excellent Chromebook screen recorders with brief overviews. Ready to make a video recording on Chromebook? Just continue reading and get more details.

How to Screen Record on Chromebook

You can record screen video with audio on Chromebook without installing extra apps. Once you click the "Chromebook Screen Capture" button, the Screen Capture toolbar pops up. You can make a full screen recording, window screen recording, and partial screen recording on Chromebook. Or you can click the "Screenshot" button to take a screenshot on Chromebook quickly. Now, let's see how to record a video on Chromebook without software.

Step 1.On the bottom right corner of your Chromebook screen, click the "Quick Settings" button. (You can hold and press "Shift, Ctrl, and Windows" keys simultaneously as well.)

Step 2.Click the "Expand" button to expand all options. Then click the "Screen Capture" button for Chromebook screen recording.

Step 3.Click the "Video" button to screen record on Chromebook. Later, select the screen size option. You can record Chromebook screen in any size.

Step 4.Click the "Settings" button. You can enable the option to record on Chromebook with your voice.

Step 5.You can click the "Stop" button to stop recording on Chromebook whenever you want.

Chromebook Screen Capture

Top 5 Video and Audio Recorders for Chromebook

There are also many other Chromebook screen recorders in the market. If you want to record and edit Chromebook screen video and audio, you can take a look at the following recommendations.

Top 1: AnyRec Free Online Screen Recorder

AnyRec Free Online Screen Recorder is 100% free and safe for screen recording. You can capture screen video and audio on Chromebook without a time limit. There is no watermark or annoying ads. Moreover, you can add annotations while recording the Chromebook screen. After recording, you can save the Chromebook screen video into MP4 and WMV format with high quality.

Record for Free

Top 2: Screen Recorder by Erich Behrens (

Screen Recorder is a free extension that can record screen and webcam on Chromebook. The entire Chromebook screen capture process is easy to use. You can choose simple options based on your need. Later, you can record and take a video on Chromebook with camera and sound. However, you can record and save Chromebook video into WebM format only.

Top 3: Screencastify

Screencastify is available for free Chromebook recording. You can record browser tabs, desktop screen, and webcam video on Chromebook for free. With the integration of Google Drive and YouTube, you can record and share video on Chromebook in one stop. The 5-minute time limit is the main drawback of the free screen recorder for Chromebook. If you just record to make a short video on Chromebook, then Screencastify is a good choice.


Top 4: Reverb

If you are looking for a free audio recorder for Chromebook, Reverb can be a good choice. You can record your voice and share it to social media. Moreover, you can record voice and embed a link to Twitter and other platforms directly. In a word, you can record and share voice with Reverb links online for free.


Top 5: TwistedWave

It is a browser-based audio recorder and editor for Chromebook. If you want to add audio effects, you can record and edit audio on Chromebook with TwistedWave. You can edit multi audio tracks from your Chromebook or even Google Drive. With the wide support of output formats, you can edit and save audio in popular formats. After that, you can save the audio recording file to Chromebook, Google Drive or SoundCloud based on your need.


FAQs of Recording Videos on Chromebook


That's all to record a video on Chromebook with sound. You can use the default Chromebook screen capture function to record and save a video into the .webm file extension. To screen record on Chromebook for YouTube and other platforms, you can convert Chromebook WebM video to MP4 and other formats. Or you can use third-party screen video recorders to get a better result. (Or you can use WebM players for smooth playback.) Of course, you can use Chrome extensions to record Chromebook screen video and audio. However, there are always these or those limitations. It is not easy to find the best Chrome OS screen recorder for everyone. But if you want to record your screen on Chromebook without a time limit, then AnyRec Free Online Screen Recorder is a good choice. You can upgrade to its full version to explore more advanced functions. Just free download and have a try right now!

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