How to Add Audio to Video through VLC, QuickTime, and the Best Editor

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Music plays a huge part in daily lives. That is why, people always add audio to videos to create more wonderful and funny videos. It plays the role of highlighting a part of one scene, whether the dramatic, funny, scary, or plain portrayal of a typical day. Adding audio to your video will close the gap from awkward silence to creativity. But how do you add audio to video? There are a lot of ways to add music. In this article, you will learn the best free tool to add audio to video online and how to do so. Read further to find out.

Part 1: The Best Way to Add Audio to Video on Windows/Mac Easily

Editing video on a computer or laptop is a great way to make it happen. Adding audio to the video should not be a problem for professional tools available for Windows/Mac. Just like AnyRec Video Converter, you can get more other than adding audio to your video. With a few clicks, you can add the audio you need for the video without trouble. Moreover, you can edit the audio by adjusting the volume or delaying it to the video.

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Free Download

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How to add audio to video file with AnyRec Video Converter:

Step 1.Download the software to your device and launch it to add audio to your video. Click the Plus button in the middle part of the pane to add the video file from your folder. Then, click Star Wand under the video file and locate the Audio tab on the top menu.

Add New Files

Step 2.In the Audio tab, click the Audio Track drop-down list to disable the sound from the video. Click the + button to add another audio file from your folder. Adjust the volume to your liking by moving the Red slider or set to delay the audio by dragging the Delay slider.

Increase MP3 Volume And Adjust Delay

Step 3.You can do more editing, especially for the video file. Rotate or crop the video, apply effects or filters, create your watermark, and more. Once done, click the OK button to go back to the main pane.

More Editing Tools

Step 4.Choose the folder where you want to store the edited video file by browsing in Save To at the bottom of the pane. After that, click the Convert All button to process everything. The selected folder will automatically pop up when it is done.

Save Your Files

Part 2: Two More Ways to Add Audio to Video on Windows/Mac

Whether you have Windows or Mac as an operating system, adding audio to video is not uncommon because of the default apps you can freely use. If you haven't known, VLC Media Player and QuickTime are pleasing to add audio to video. Get to know about them in the following.

1. VLC Media Player for Windows

VLC Media Player is open-source software that mainly functions as a multimedia player. Besides being an excellent media player, VLC also offers editing tools to add audio to your video. It allows you to merge an audio and video file or change the video's audio if it's not to your liking.

How to add audio to video file using VLC Media Player:

Step 1.Launch it on your device and click the Media button on the top menu. Select the Convert/Save or use the Ctrl+R keyboard shortcut.

VLC Media Convert

Step 2.On the Open Media window, click the Add button and choose the desired video file. After selecting, click the Convert/Save button on the lower part of the window. Locate the Profile option in the next window and click Wrench. Go to Audio Codec and uncheck the box to disable the original soundtrack of the video. Click the Save button to go back to the main window.

VLC Add Browser Add Audio To Video

Step 3.Select the designated folder and click the Start button to save the video. After the saving process, click the Media button again to add the audio-disabled video. Check the Show More Options at the bottom of the window, and another set will appear. Check the Play Another Media Synchronously, then click the Browse button to add the desired audio to the video.

VLC Show More Options Add Audio To Video

Step 4.Click the drop-down menu on the Play button and select the Convert options. Go to Audio codec to check the original Audio soundtrack. You can also crop videos in VLC before exporting. Choose a designated folder and click the Start button to save it to your computer.

2. QuickTime for Mac

If you have an Apple device, you would know QuickTime as it is a built-in program to play many popular formats. It is an extensible framework meant for any Apple-owned product, which also enables users to add audio to video.

Step 1.Open QuickTime Player and click the File menu at the top part of your screen. Click Open File to choose the desired audio file. Click the Select All button from Edit to import the audio file. Go to Edit again and click the Copy button on the next window.

QuickTime Open File

Step 2.You need to import the video file in this part. Click Open file again and choose the desired video file. Click the Edit button on the top menu and select Add Clip To End .

QuickTime Add Audio To Video

Step 3.You can also add a portion of the audio to the video by clicking the Edit menu and then Add Selection and Scale option. This function will fasten or lower the pace of the audio to fit the video's length. Save the video file in your folder.

Part 3: How to Add Audio to Video Online for Free

It is convenient to use online video editors to add music to video. For this matter, below are the best sites to add audio to your video online:

1. AddAudioToVideo

AddAudioToVideo is a free online tool that helps you add audio to video files easily. It has the most straightforward interface you could find on the internet, making it easier to navigate. However, this service only supports the MP3 audio file format and a handful of video file formats.

How to add audio to video with AddAudioToVideo:

Step 1.Go to your browser and search for the site. When you are on the website, click the Browse button to choose a video file.

Add Audio To Video Add Files

Step 2.Once the video is uploaded to the site, click the second Browse button below to add an audio file. Click the Upload button to continue.

Step 3.Depending on the video length, the process might take a while. Once it is finished, you will see it is completed. Click the Download File option to save on your folder.

Add Audio To Video Upload

2. Online Converter

AAnother fantastic tool to help you add audio to video online. It offers services such as adding or removing the music background of a video file, converting OGG to MP3, etc. You can overlay new audio while keeping the original video soundtrack. However, Online Converter does not show any preview.

How to use Online Converter to add audio to a video file:

Step 1.Search on your browser for Online Converter add audio to video. Click the Choose File button to choose the desired video file on the website.

Online Convert Choose File

Step 2.Then click the second Choose File button for the audio file you want to add to the video. Click the Options drop-down list to choose if you want to keep the original soundtrack or not.

Online Converter Options

Step 3.You can also increase the volume on the Volume option. Once done, click the Add button to process everything.

Part 4: FAQs about Adding Audio to Video


Adding audio to video is a great way to add the right vibe for your video. It is easy to do it if you have professional software - AnyRec Video Converter to help you. With it, you can achieve the best result in just a few clicks. You can enhance, modify, and create more with its other powerful functions. Have a try now! If you have more questions, please contact us.

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