5 Efficient Methods to Convert QuickTime to MP4 on Windows/Mac

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When you export videos from QuickTime on your Mac, you will find all videos are saved in MOV format, and these files can't be played or edited on other devices. That's because MOV is a video format created and developed by Apple Inc. specifically for QuickTime files. So how to convert MOV files to MP4 or other standard video formats supported by all platforms? You can learn more about it in this article to play and edit QuickTime videos on Windows and Android. As you read further, you will come to know the 5 easiest ways to convert QuickTime to MP4 and choose the suitable method for you. Keep reading now!

The Professional Method to Convert QuickTime to MP4

The most efficient way to convert your QuickTime to MP4 is to use the professional video converter - Anyrec Video Converter. It is the most efficient way to convert your files because it will give you a lot of features to edit and adjust the settings of the video file to the desired one. Other than that, this converter should be able to handle multiple conversions at once. It also converts QuickTime files without losing the quality of the file because you can keep the original resolution.

AnyRec Video Converter Package
Other Features of The Ultimate QuickTime to MP4 Video Converter:

Supports video and audio formats such as MOV, MP4, and many more.

50x faster speed for converting a batch of QuickTime MOV files.

Advanced settings to improve video, including resolution, quality, etc.

Provide additional editing tools to add effects, filters, music, etc.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

How to convert QuickTime to MP4 with AnyRec Video Converter:

Step 1.Download the software on your device and launch it. To start converting, you should first add the QuickTime file by clicking the "Add" button in the middle of the pane. If you want to add several files, just click the "Add Files" button on the left part.

Add New Files

Step 2.To convert QuickTime to MP4 format, click the "Convert All To" button and choose the Video option. Then choose the MP4 format. And under the MP4 option, you can choose the resolution of your video.

Choose The Desired MP4 Format

Step 3.If you want to keep the quality as it is, click the "Same as Source" button. Or click the "Custom Profile" button to set the encoder, frame rate, resolution, and bitrate to keep the high quality.

Adjust Video Codec

Step 4.Go back to the main interface. And you can can trim, split, rotate, optimize brightness by clicking the "Edit or Cut" button. Then, click the "Save To" button to choose the storage path of your video by. Once done with everything, click the "Convert All" button on the lower right part to start converting QuickTime to MP4.

Convert MKV To MP4 Video

3 More QuickTime to MP4 Video Converters on Windows/Mac

For this part, you can also learn three more QuickTime to MP4 converters that are available on Windows and Mac. Read more about their features, pros, and cons below.

1. VLC Media player

VLC is a well-known tool to play video and audio files. It is a good app to convert QuickTime files to MP4 as it is free and without limitations. It supports various formats to convert any file such as MOV, MP4, MP3, etc. However, though it works great there are still unavoidable issues you can encounter, such as losing the video quality. That's because no additional customized settings are provided.

VLC Convert QuickTime To MP4


Support all video and audio formats, including MOV and MP4.

Provide an intuitive and straightforward interface for everyone.


Sometimes crashes during during playing a video

2. HandBrake

Transcoding a file format to another format has been the job of HandBrake for years. This program is free and open-source to convert QuickTime videos to MP4 with ease. However, this is not the best video converter for beginners because of its complex and advanced settings. Know more about the pros and cons of this QuickTime to MP4 converter:HandBrake Convert QuuickTime To MP4


Support working with multimedia files at the same time.

Allows to preview video while converting.


Limited file formats, such as MP4, MKV, and WebM.

3. FreeMake Video Converter

As it supports an array of formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, DVD, and many more, this converter can convert your MOV file to MP4 without any hassle. Other than that, it allows you to extract content from social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. However, the problem is that it contains a lot of ads.

Freemake Convert QuickTime To MP4


Efficiently convert QuickTime to MP4 files and compress videos.

Also support ripping and burning DVD.


Have ads for the free version.

2 Easy Methods to Convert QuickTime to MP4 Online


ZAMZAR is a free online file conversion that has a pretty simple website to convert your QuickTime movie to MP4. It has the speed to finish the conversion in no time and also helps you easily pick the formats you want to convert to. The downside of this program, however, is it crashed when the internet connection is unstable.

How to use ZAMZAR to convert QuickTime MOV to MP4:

Step 1.Go to the ZAMZAR website. Click the "Add Files" button or simply drag and drop it from your folder. Browse your folder and choose the desired file to convert.

Step 2.Once done choosing a file, click the "Convert To" button to choose a format. Under the multiple video formats, you should click the "MP4" button to convert MOV to MP4.

Step 3.Click the "Convert Now" button to start the converting process. Wait for it to finish and click the "Download" button to save the file in your folder.

Zamzar Convert QuickTime To MP4

2. Convertio

Another online converter has been known for its fast speed of converting. Although it may contain a lot of ads, it still converts the QT files to MP4. Aside from that, it also supports various formats such as MP3, WMV, and more so you can also convert here anytime and anywhere. The disadvantage of this program is it limits converting files up to 100MB.

Step 1.Go to your browser and search for Convertio. Click the "Choose File" button to select a MOV file. Or you can also obtain a file from your Google Drive and Dropbox.

Convertio Add Files

Step 2.Once done choosing your file, locate the format box beside the name of your file. Click the "MP4 format" button under the "Video" menu. Moreover, click the "Settings" button to edit the file. On the Advanced Settings, you can cut, change codec, rotate, and do more editing.

Step 3.Click the "OK" button once done editing. Click the "Add More Files" button to add more files. Once satisfied with the changes, click the "Convert" button to begin converting QuickTime to MP4. Once finished, click the Download button to save it to your folder.

Convertio Convert QuickTime To MP4

FAQs about Converting QuickTime to MP4


With the tools mentioned above, you can choose from the 5 methods to convert your QuickTime MOV to MP4 files. You can choose to use online video converters, but they have limitation to the file size and formats. To convert QuickTime to MP4 without hassle, you need to rely on AnyRec Video Converter. You can also use it to keep the high quality of the export files. Share this article with your friends who have the same problems now.

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