3 Ways to Record Screen on Mac with Audio Step by Step

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You may have tried using QuickTime Player or Screenshot toolbar to record your Mac screen with audio. But these tools only capture audio from the microphone. If you want to record Mac screen with internal audio mainly, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 3 easy ways to record screen video with audio from your Mac directly, including program audios, streams, online meetings, and more. Ready to pick your best screen recorder for Mac with internal audio? Just read and follow!

Record Any Screen Video with Audio on Mac Using AnyRec Screen Recorder

Different from common recording software, AnyRec Screen Recorder for Mac provides a built-in window recorder. You can flexibly include, exclude, or select multiple windows on Mac. Moreover, you can highlight the mouse area and record the mouse cursor during Mac screen recording. After selecting the video recording area, you can set the audio recording with system sound and microphone freely.

AnyRec Screen Recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Include or exclude any program window for Mac recording.

Screen record with audio from computer and microphone flexibly.

Get a video recorder and webcam recorder with audio.

Add mouse tracking, float panel hiding, and more during recording.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Open AnyRec Screen Recorder for Mac. Click the "Window Recorder" button to capture custom program windows with audio. (You can click the "Video Recorder" button for general video recording.)

AnyRec Screen Recorder for Mac

Step 2.In the "Window Selection" screen, go to "Single Window", "Multiple Windows", and "Exclude Windows" to select which programs you want to capture.

Multiple Windows

Step 3.Enable the toggle button before "System Sound". If you want to do screen recording with internal and external audio on Mac, you can enable the toggle button before "Microphone" too.

System Sound

Step 4.Click the "Record settings" button. You can specify recording preferences, mouse tracking, output formats, and more here. Click the "OK" button to save changes.

Recording Preferences

Step 5.Now click the "OK" button to record a screen with video and audio on Mac. After recording, you can save or share this Mac recording based on your needs.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure


1. There is no need to download extra tools for Mac internal audio recording.

2. Record the mouse cursor and highlight the mouse area on Mac.

3. Include/exclude float panel and dock during recording.


1. The free trial version can save up to 3 minutes of recording.

Screen Record on Mac with Audio Using QuickTime Player and Third-party Extension

QuickTime Player is a must-have tool for all Mac users. It allows you to record MacBook screen with microphone audio quickly. But what if you just want to record the screen with system audio? To achieve this, a third-party virtual audio driver is required.

SoundFlower and BlackHole are common choices. However, many users complain that the QuickTime audio recording still fails. What about trying Background Music audio utility? It can help you successfully record QuickTime screen with audio. To start with, make sure you run macOS 10.13 and higher versions.

Step 1.Search for "Background Music Github" in Google. Click the first result to get Background Music developed by Kyle Neideck.

Step 2.Scroll down and click the "BackgroundMusic-0.4.3.pkg" hyperlink to download it.

Install Background Music

Step 3.Run the Background Music app on your Mac after installation. Later, open QuickTime Player. Click "New Screen Recording" from the top "File" dropdown list. You can also press Shift, Command, and 5 keys on your keyboard simultaneously instead. (MacOS Mojave or later is required.)

Step 4.Set the screen capture area. Later, click the "Options" dropdown menu. Select "Background Music" in the "Microphone" section.

Step 5.Click the "Record" button to screen record with internal audio on QuickTime Player.

Record System Audio on Mac with QuickTime Player


1. QuickTime Player can work as your free screen recorder and basic video editor.

2. To record system sound and microphone on Mac, you need to create an aggregate device using Audio MIDI Setup.


1. Need to install extra extensions to record system sound on Mac with QuickTime Player.

2. Record and save the recording video to MOV format only.

3. The output video file size is large.

Record from the Internet with Audio on Mac: Screen Recorder Extension

For people who want to record streaming video on Mac, scre.io Screen Recorder extension is a good choice. You can capture video and audio from Chrome and Safari browsers and save them to WebM for free. No watermark. However, it fails to record an entire screen or a selected window on my MacBook Air M1 2020 Sonoma 14.0. The only thing I can do is capture video from a Chrome tab. If that’s what you want, pick this tool to record streaming video with sound on a Mac.

Step 1.Click the "Add Extension" button to install scre.io Screen Recorder. Later, click its button to access the window.

Install Screen Recorder

Step 2.Click the "Only Screen" followed by "System" buttons.

Only Screen and System

Step 3.Switch to "Chrome Tab" and select which browser tab you want to capture. Later, click the "Share" button.

Click Chrome Tab

Step 4.Stop recording. Click the "Save" button. Go to your Chrome Recent Download History to quickly find this recorded WebM video.

Save Recording to WebM


1. Free to record audio from Chrome, Safari, and other browsers on Mac.

2. Record a video of your Chrome browser with audio without a time limit or watermark.


1. Can’t record program windows or entire screen on Mac.

2. Record screen video of the selected browser tab only. You need to start a new recording to capture on another tab.



Need help deciding which method to choose? If you need a powerful and easy-to-use screen recorder, AnyRec Screen Recorder is worth trying. This program can handle most video and audio recording activities on all MacBook Air/Pro up to macOS 14 Sonoma yet. For people who rarely do Mac screen recording, QuickTime Player and Background Music is also a free choice. If recording a video playing in your browser is the only thing you want to do, don’t miss the Screen Recorder extension. You can start with AnyRec Screen Recorder first. Click the Free Download button below to see how good it is.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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