2 Ways to Reverse Videos on CapCut with Easy Steps

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Are you hunting for some tips to add a creative touch to your videos? Don’t forget about reversing videos on CapCut, which play your video backward that gives an amusing effect to anyone who views it. CapCut is a free and user-friendly tool available on mobile and computer, providing many powerful editing functions. How to reverse a video on CapCut? To make your video look fun, learn the complete guide to reversing a video on mobile and computer. Furthermore, if you have problems reversing with the app, you will also see here reasons and solutions.

Part 1. How to Reverse A Video in CapCut on Android/iPhone

Have you yet to download CapCut on your iPhone or Android device? Getting CapCut as your video editing tool for mobile is a good choice; it is easy to navigate the editing functions of the CapCut mobile version, such as the reverser, cropper, trimmer, etc. It also includes templates, green screens, effects, filters, and more. You will also see the Reverse, Crop, Transitions, Trim, and others. Once ready, follow the steps below on how to reverse a video on CapCut for iPhone and Android.

Step 1.Launch CapCut on your phone, then tap the “New Project” button with a plus icon above to add your video from your Library. Once added, tap the “Edit” button, then slide the editing options from right to left to locate the Reverse menu.

CapCut Reverse Vide on Mobile

Step 2.Tap the “Reverse” button then it will instantly start reversing videos on ; please wait for it to be completed. After that, you can now tap the “Downward” arrow to export.

Part 2. How to Reverse Videos in CapCut on PC

If somehow you think it’s not convenient to use the CapCut mobile version, why not try it on a computer? This might happen because of app glitches or bugs, so CapCut fails to reverse the video. You can restart the CapCut app, clear the cache, or remove all videos and only add the clip you wish to reverse. But if nothing happens, get the CapCut desktop PC version!

Step 1.Run CapCut for PC program. Later, click on the “New Project” button. You can click the “Import” button to add your video to the program and prepare for CapCut video reversing.

Step 2.After selecting the video, hold it, then drag it directly to the Timeline. Right-click on it, then from the options that appear, navigate to Edit, and click the “Reverse” button from its side menu.

Step 3.If everything is done, click the “Export” button. Wait for the saving process to finish since it depends on the size and length of your video clip.

CapCut Reverse Video on PC

Part 3. Why Can’t You Reverse Videos on CapCut and How to Fix?

Although CapCut is an easy-to-use tool to edit videos, it is not exempted from specific issues in reverse. So, why won’t CapCut let you reverse video? When done clicking the Reverse button but still do not get your video reversed, this may be because of some bugs or existing glitches on the app. Here’s what you can do:

You can export the video without getting it reversed and save it to your Camera roll. Restart the CapCut application, add the video, then try to reverse it again. Switching to other applications to help you reverse the video is also highly recommended if it still doesn't work.

The Best Solution to Fix CapCut Can’t Reverse Video Problem: AnyRec Video Converter

One of the best alternatives is the AnyRec Video Converter on Windows/Mac. Like CapCut, it can conveniently reverse a video with high quality. Aside from that, you can use lots of valuable tools with enjoyable editing experience, such as applying effects, and themes, animating GIFs, compressing video, and so forth. Start using it now to solve CapCut not reversing videos issue.

AnyRec Video Converter Package
AnyRec Video Converter

A powerful Video Reverser to play video backward easily.

Several themes, transitions, and filters are available.

Adjustable video and audio settings to maintain high quality.

More tools to change the video speed, trim the clip, etc.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Launch AnyRec Video Converter on your desktop, then enter the Toolbox tab. From there, scroll down and find the Video Reverser tool. Click the “+” button to add your video; then it will be automatically reversed. Meanwhile, you can see it playing in the background of the window.

Anyrec Video Reverser

Step 2.In this way, you can even reverse videos for TikTok. Finally, you can set your desired file name as well as the destination folder. Once finished, click the “Export” button. Now, you can successfully reverse videos without CapCut.

Anyrec Reverse Video

Part 4. FAQs about Video Reversing on CapCut


That’s how effortless it is to reverse a video on CapCut! If someone asks how to reverse a video on CapCut, you can help them by sharing this post or answering it yourself. Regardless of your problem in reversing with CapCut, you can try the AnyRec Video Converter as an alternative to the said application that can assist you in reversing your videos and making additional edits. Have an enjoyable editing experience with the program!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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