How to Fix GogoAnime If It's Not Working? 10 Solutions Here

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Jan 27, 2022 (Updated: Oct 31, 2022)Filed to: Solution

GogoAnime not working issue is emergency to solve because GogoAnime is a reliable website to watch anime. All your favorite anime movies are updated and free to watch on the website. This anime website also allows you to download your beloved anime episodes with no effort and hidden charges. Watch One Piece in GogoAnime as it is the best to binge-watch because it will not limit you to watching the series. However, what if GogoAnime is down? Or, just like the Kissanime website, will it not work forever? In this post, you can learn how to fix GogoAnime if it is not working and other alternatives to watch anime.

10 Easy Solutions to Fix GogoAnime Not Working

With the recent update of the website, many users claimed that GogoAnime is not working because it is not loading or not showing a list of episodes. So, for you to check out GogoAnime, here are the solutions that can fix the best anime website on your device.

Solution 1: Check whether GogoAnime is Down or Not

This website has gained popularity from many anime watchers as it is updated to the latest anime in this generation. Many watchers make GogoAnime a preference for free watching and downloading; however, free anime websites as GogoAnime encounter consequences as it has copyright-related issues or their modification. When GogoAnime fails to open, and you want to check if it is down or not, go to the Website Up or Down checker.

What’s more, GogoAnime has multiple links that can direct you to other websites. So, just make sure that the link you are using is one of the most used links on the GogoAnime website.

Solution 2: Wait for the Website's maintenance to finish

Website maintenance is the most obvious one to consider. Many websites have maintenance once in a while to ensure that the users have the best experience using the website. This is also the case for GogoAnime; there are times that GogoAnime not working, and you can't watch your favorite anime, and maintenance might need some time to modify the site. It is good to keep on updates from the developers or group with the same interest as you.

Solution 3: Switch to one of the servers

You might not notice, but GogoAnime has a lot of servers to offer. Servers are available for every anime episode, so you can try switching to another server on your beloved anime and try to fix GogoAnime not working.

Solution 4: Change to another browser

Browser is a significant impact on the GogoAnime website. Alternatively, you can try changing your browser to check if GogoAnime is still up to watch anime.

Solution 5: Stable Internet Connection

Check your internet connection when GogoAnime website is not working. The anime website needs a sufficient network speed, so it might be a case if GogoAnime is not working. Another method you can check your internet connection is to try other websites and see if they are working well with your connection.

Solution 6: Refresh Web Browser

When GogoAnime is not working, close your web browser and reopen it. This can guarantee if it's the anime website not working or the web browser itself.

Solution 7: Disable adblocker or add-ons

Adblocker is another possibility to cause for GogoAnime not to work. Disable any add-on or extension like an adblocker because this may result in page loading problems. Once you have disabled your adblocker, refresh the website once again.

Disable AdBlock On Browser

Solution 8: Flush DNS Server

All computer systems have cache IP addresses and Domain Name System(DNS) records. When you visit a website, it will be stored in your computer by default, and the website will look for the DNS information to help load pages quickly. But if the DNS is not updated and GogoAnime removes one of its servers, it may result in GogoAnime not working. To resolve this, flush the DNS server cache on your device.

Solution 9: Clear browser cookies and cache

Another easy way to solve the problem with GogoAnime is to clear your browser cookies and cache. To do this, just go to the three-dot icon, click "Settings", go to the "Privacy", and then click the "Clear Browsing Data" button.

Clear Cookie And Cache On Browser

Solution 10: Look for other Anime websites as alternatives.

If things go wrong and GogoAnime is not working anymore, there are bunches of alternatives you can use and watch your favorite anime movies. This article prepared the anime websites you can set as GogoAnime alternative. Just read further below.

5 Recommended Alternatives to GogoAnime to Watch Anime Online

1. Funimation

One of the trusted anime websites you can find on the internet. The developers consistently update all your favorite animes and release new ones. Moreover, it specializes in dubbed anime to cater to English-speaking regions.

Funimation Website

2. AnimeHeaven

Its remarks give you the best experience of watching your favorite anime without any hassle. It is entirely free; that is why it took one of the best seats in popular anime sites. Watch that anime series or download it in AnimeHeaven for free.

AnimeHeaven Website

3. Chia-Anime

Another alternative for GogoAnime when it is not working is Chia-Anime. This anime website offers you services for watching anime series such as excellent video quality, faster video loading, and no ads in every click. The developers started a company in Japan in early 2009 to provide free services to anime lovers.

Chia-anime Website

3. Chia-Anime

Find the latest anime and the newly released manga chapters on this fantastic anime website. It is the best alternative for GogoAnime as it gives you an alphabetic list of anime series for easy navigation. And if you are looking for action, comedy, or drama, it offers you genre function for effective searching.

AnimeFreak Website

FAQs about GogoAnime Not Working


To conclude, GogoAnime is an excellent anime website that provides good service for free. You might be thankful if it is still working, but it is better to have an alternative if the GogoAnime is not working. Like the anime websites mentioned in this article, you can try one of them to watch anime series.