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AnyRec is dedicated to beginner-friendly screen video and audio recording. You can record any video and audio for offline playback. No screen lagging or time limit. It is your easiest way to record and share videos all over the world.

Satisfied Customers

  • Catherine- Catherine

    Easy to use and fast to respond. It is my right screen recorder! I can record everything on my computer into MP4. Really amazing.

    Adam- Adam

    I use AnyRec, and I’ve literally never had a problem. My game is not laggy while recording. So everything works perfect. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

    Jesscia- Jesscia

    AnyRec is worth using! I record videos to MP4 with AnyRec for months. The schedule recording feature makes it easier to record movies. It can start and stop recording automatically.

    Ada- Ada

    The interface is clear and good looking. I can do screen recording the first time I open it. It also saves the recorded video with high quality.

  • Quella - Quella

    Now I can record Mac screen with internal audio directly. Compared with QuickTime, AnyRec Screen Recorder is more flexible. I can track mouse and add text while recording directly. It is really helpful for making how-to videos.

    Martin- Martin

    My favorite part is the audio optimizer. The annoying audio echo and audio noise can be minimized effectively. All I need to do is selecting which service I need. The audio quality can be improved a lot.

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