Top 10 Meeting Recording Software for Business on PC and Mac

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Meetings are essential to any business, but keeping track of everything discussed during them can be challenging. Luckily, numerous meeting recording software options are available to help you keep a record of all the essential details discussed during your meetings. Whether you're looking for a simple tool to record audio or a more comprehensive solution that includes video conferencing and collaboration features, there's a meeting recording software to suit your needs. This article will review ten of the best meeting recording software options available, so you can choose the one that's right for you.

Part 1: Top 10 Meeting Recording Software

Did you know that Zoom meeting has a built-in recording feature? It allows capturing all the online sessions without interruption. Although the feature is free, you cannot use it unless you are the meeting host. So, here are the top ten meeting recording software you can try.

Meeting Recording Software Purpose User Type / Situation
AnyRec Screen Recorder Versatile captures for online meetings with easy editing tools. Individuals, businessman, students, diverse recording needs.
Audacity Refined audio recordings for meetings. Audio enthusiasts, podcasters, detailed customization.
QuickTime Player Quick video captures for Mac meetings. Mac users with simple, quick video recordings.
Camtasia Professional editing for meeting content. MProfessionals, educators, advanced editing required.
OBS Studio Live streaming and dynamic meetings. Live streamers, gamers, dynamic online meetings.
ScreenFlow Polished recordings, ideal for macOS users. Mac users desiring polished videos with advanced features.
Snagit Quick annotated captures for collaboration. Individuals, teams, educators, quick and annotated captures.
Bandicam Easy, straightforward screen recording. Individuals wanting a user-friendly recording option.
Loom Rapid and shareable captures for meetings. Remote teams, educators, rapid and shareable captures.
Movavi Screen Recorder Affordable and streamlined meeting recording. Individuals, small businesses, cost-effective recording.
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1. AnyRec Screen Recorder

AnyRec Screen Recorder

AnyRec Screen Recorder is a cross-platform desktop tool that offers various recording functions for video and audio. Its screen recorder lets you capture onscreen activities, including webinars, gameplay, tutorials, and meetings, with configurable settings to change the output format, codec, resolution, frame rate, and quality. Recording can be effortless with shortcut keys. You can change anytime with key combinations. AnyRec Screen Recorder can record all meeting programs on Windows and macOS.

Screen Recorder Box
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Capture meetings without lag in the limitless time restriction and no watermark.

Enable saving a video file as MOV, MP4, WebM, and WMV on 720p or 1080p.

Capture meetings with a webcam with quality on the camera and computer.

Provide drawing effects and other features during the meeting recording.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

2. Audacity


If you want to record audio from an online meeting, then Audacity is the right meeting recording software for you. It is free and open source, and you can configure its system to your preference. Audacity is well-known as a multi-track audio editor with a complex interface to cut, trim, merge, and edit various files. You can easily capture sound on your computer with a simple headset and microphone.


3. QuickTime Player

Quicktime Player

QuickTime Player is a default media player of Apple, so you don’t have to download it on your device. It has hidden gems that you can use for many activities, including the screen recorder with accessible settings. The only problem with this meeting recording software is that it cannot record audio without Soundflower. This extension needs to be downloaded and installed with the media player.


4. Camtasia


An all-in-one video editor with a screen recorder to capture ongoing online meetings. It records high-resolution meetings with a simple interface to manipulate the microphone, camera, and system audio. Camtasia offers a free trial version to let you try the features for video recording and editing.


5. OBS Studio

OBS Studio

OBS Studio offers you the best set of tools for professional screen recording. The multi-platform meeting recording software is an excellent program for live streaming and can show multiple sources at once. But sometimes, OBS will take high CPU usage.


6. ScreenFlow


Screenflow is the best alternative meeting recording software for Zoom and Google Meet. It can capture content through the camera, microphone, and system audio. It also provides a wide range of editing tools to make professional videos.


7. Snagit


This video conference recording software is always the choice for presenters, creators, and bloggers. Of course, it allows you to record screens even in any region, with fullscreen and scrolling screen options. Snagit is suitable for capturing online content yourself through a webcam.


8. Bandicam


Professionals use the screen recorder for clean screen capturing. There are many Bandicam reviews to introduce this meeting recorder. It offers different services, including screencast, screenshots, and editing tools. Bandicam Screen Recorder lets you set a schedule to start recording automatically at a specific time.


9. Loom


Unlike other meeting screen recorders, Loom freely captures online activities on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The multi-platform app makes recording more engaging by capturing the screen and you through a webcam without hassle—an ideal tool for any device.


10. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder

This meeting recorder is preferable for productivity and accuracy, especially for YouTube creators. It supports 48KHz for perfect audio quality and super speed conversion to convert files to other formats. The only drawback of Movavi Screen Recorder is the need for more customer service.


Part 2: FAQs about Meetings Recording Software


This post taught you the best meeting recording software on Windows and Mac. Although Zoom and other online meeting software provide a built-in screen recording feature as a class, meeting, or lecture recorder. But you can’t use it if you are not in a subscription. But to have the best quality for the recorded discussion, AnyRec Screen Recorder is a powerful tool for gameplay, meetings, webinars, and other media content. Click the Free Download button to try the free trial version.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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