Top 10 Must-Have Applications for Recording Meetings 2023

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Online conferences and meetings have been playing one of the most vital parts of business activities today. Demands for good meeting recorder apps couldn't be higher ever since. Finding the best screen recorder software could greatly boost your productivity and potential business opportunities. Thus, we have reviewed the top picks for meeting recorder apps, giving them reviews, listing the features and limitations, so that you could make the correct choice for your particular need.

Overall Best Meeting Recorder App - Our Top Pick

To get the best quality results from the screen recording, we highly recommend utilizing professional-level screen recorder software on the desktop as the default option. AnyRec Screen Recorder is by far the most highly-rated meeting recording app available right now, receiving praises from the user community.

Screen Recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Record meeting sessions, microphone voice, webcam footage, etc.

Enhance the voice quality from microphones for meetings.

Add annotations, watermarks, shapes, and callouts to mark the recordings.

Tweak the video codecs, frame rates, audio formats, and more settings.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Download and launch AnyRec Screen Recorder from the official source. Click on the "Video Recorder" button to launch the meeting recorder functionality.

Screen Recorder

Step 2.Click on the "System Sound" button to record the audio from the computer system. To add a voice commentary layer to the recording, click on the "Microphone" button. Enable the Webcam option to add recordings from the "webcam".

Recording Audio Settings

Step 3.Click on the custom region option on the left side of the panel to select a recording region. You could choose either full screen or a customized area.

Select Region

Step 4.Click on the "REC" button to start recording. A control toolbar would appear beneath the recording region on the screen. Click on the "Stop" button any time to complete the recording.

Record Meeting

Step 5.A quick preview window would pop up afterward allowing you to make some quick editing and adjustments to your video. Click on the "Save" button to export the final results after editing.

Save the Meeting

Other Notable Meeting Recorder Apps (for PC/Mac/iOS/Android)

1. Alice

Platform: iPhone/Mac

Price: Free with Paid Options

Best designed for the journalists as a recording app, Alice has the capacity of being a universal audio recorder for any meeting. No matter what situation you are in, Alice could handle your job with ease.

Start recording the moment you open the app.
Automatically generate transcriptions.
Requires a network connection to send the recordings to your email.
No additional functions to edit your recordings.

2. Ezvid

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

Ezvid is a software recording app that is free. With a slightly outdated user interface, Ezvid is one of the most suggested web seminar recording apps with a proven reputation, together with a video and audio editor feature.

Record meetings with video, audio, and webcam.
Edit video/audio recordings and export them without a watermark.
Can't directly download your recordings to your computer.
Recording time limitation within 45 minutes.
Can't record the background.

3. Bandicam

Platform: Windows/Mac

Price: $39.95 for one PC

Having enormous popularity among users, BandiCam has gained its reputation through the quality software is delivered to its users. The audio and video recording features are especially worth being highlighted which could be easily done without professional editing knowledge.

Record following your mouse cursor to capture the emphasis.
Recording your meetings to at most 4K resolution.
Kind of difficult to figure out all features on the interface.
Need to install many adds-on to edit the recordings.

4. Screencast-O-Matic

Platform: Windows

Price: Free/$4.00 per month for Premier Version

Another free screen recorder product that fits the need to record online meetings. Screencast-O-Matic has the capacity of delivering excellent quality screen recording with stunningly well-crafted features.

Add annotations to your meeting recordings.
Able to store your recordings online.
Only export screenshots as PNG with a large size.
Limited editing features on free version.

5. RecMe Free Screen Recorder

Platform: Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Best meeting recorder app for Android. Developed by MOBZApp, it has the capacity of adding front camera footages to your recordings as well as exporting to MKV and MP4 formats.

Totally free with no time limit or watermark.
Export HD quality recorded meeting videos.
Can't start or stop on time sometimes.
May take long time to export your recordings.
Always crash when using.
RecMe Free Screen Recorder

6. iOS Built-in Screen Recorder

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

The default option for iPhone and iPad users. Simply swipe down the top-right corner of the screen during a meeting session and tap on the record button to choose the desired app you wish to record.

Record the system sound and your microphone.
Capture with the original high quality and resolution.
No additional recording modes or editing tools.
Only export meeting recordings in MOV format.
iOS Built-in Screen Recorder

7. Google Keep

Platform: iOS/Android/Windows PC/Mac

Price: Free

As one of the most popular note-keeping apps, Google Keep has a handy audio recording feature that allows people to record online meeting audios easily. It doesn't have any advanced features since it's a free app.

Automatically generate transcriptions while recording.
Get your audio recordings on any device and anywhere.
Only record meeting audio without the screen.
Offer no formatting options and advanced features.
May fail to update your notes on iOS devices.
Google Keep

8. Freez Video Recording Software

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

A freeware meeting recorder app for Windows. If you are intending to record a video conference meeting but aren't willing to invest in a premium screen recorder app. By default, your recording would be saved in AVI format with frame rate editing features.

Record a meeting without time limit and watermark.
A very small recorder that takes up very little storage.
Can't edit your recordings.
May collapse sometimes.
Freez Video Recording Software

9. Webinaria

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

Yet another free screen recording app for Windows with a customized capture area feature and export file frame rate options.

A very small recorder that takes only little storage.
Customize the recording area.
It may collapse when you use it.
Can only set the frame rate to at most 15 fps.
Can't offer editing features.

FAQs about Meeting Recorder Apps


As we have discussed, there are many excellent candidates for meeting recorder apps on the market. Comparing the features, supporting platforms, and price tags, it is safe to conclude that AnyRec Screen Recorder is by far the best option for general meeting recording purposes. Thus, the Editorial Team would highly recommend the most suitable meeting recording software as your go-to selection.

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