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3 Quick Methods to Record Video on PC without Watermark [Windows/Mac]

Nola Jones Posted by Nola Jones Oct 31, 2022

Want to re-watch an important online meeting or class? You can write down every detail that happened online by recording a video on PCs, which will be easier for you to go back and watch it again. Nevertheless, not all PCs have recording apps with all features you want, and you may find your MacBook doesn’t record the internal sound. Fortunately, all these issues can be solved after reading this post to learn the 3 best ways to record a video on PCs of both Windows and Mac without any watermark.

Part 1: How to Record Video on PCs [Mac/Windows]

By installing the AnyRec Screen Recorder on any of your PC, no matter it is Windows or Mac, you can enjoy an excellent visual and audio experience when you record a video on your PC. Meanwhile, no more worries about the internal sound cannot be recorded on MacBook. Because this recorder will help you capture everything you want to save on your screen.

AnyRec Screen Recorder Package
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Set recording time and auto stop in advance.

Capture part of the screen and leave out privacy.

Make notes for important messages while recording

Record both internal and external sounds.

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Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1Download and install this recorder on your PC. After that, launch it, and to record your PC’s screen, click the Video Recorder button on the main interface. Or press Alt and S keys to activate it, but this will start recording immediately.

AnyRec Screen Recorder

Step 2Press and move your mouse to choose a recording area or click the Full button to record the whole screen. Click the Microphone button to record your speech. Then click the REC button to start recording.

Select Recording Area

Step 3A toolbar will show up telling you the recording time. Click the Pause button to stop for a while or click the Resume button to finish recording. You will see a preview window and click the Export button to save it to your PC.

Save Video Recording

Bonus Tip: How to Record a Video on PC Online

Without installing extra apps, you can also record a video on the PC of Windows and Mac for free. Free Screen Recorder offers unlimited recording service without any extra charge. You do not even need to create an account, just download a small launcher on your PC, and you can access this online recorder permanently.

Record a Video on PC Online

Step 1Open any browser on your PC and go to the Free Screen Recorder website. Click the Record for Free to install a small launcher.

Step 2Move the cursor to select a recording area and choose the recording audio. You can then click the Rec button to start recording.

Step 3Click the Download button to save it to your PC, or you can share it on YouTube.

Part 2: Built-in App to Record Video on PC [Windows]

How to record a video on a PC with Windows 10? Well, there is a built-in video capture software lying on your computer, which is the Game Bar from the Xbox app. You can always activate it to record a video on PCs of Windows 10 and above since it is already pre-installed.

How to Record a Video on PC Windows 10

Step 1Press the WIN and G keys on your keyboard to open the Gamer Bar.

Step 2Then choose an audio mode by clicking the Settings button on the top and going to Capturing. You can choose all audio, only game audio, or none.

Step 3To start recording, press the WIN, ALT, and R keys. Also, use this combination to stop recording.

Step 4Your recording will be saved in the Captures folder under the Videos folder. Or click the See my captures button to view.


The Game Bar is mainly designed for game recording. Therefore, not all windows can be captured, and you may also find the shortcut keys not working on some screens. When this happens, you may refer to other free screen recorders for help.

Part 3: FAQs about Record Video on PC


To sum it up, from now on, you have prepared yourself with 3 workable guides on how to record a video on a PC for different operating systems. In the near further, whether you want to record the best moments in gameplay or important information during an online meeting, these methods can all be your best helpers.

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