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QuickTime has been one of the most legendary entry-level video recorders and player tools. Created by Apple in 1991, QuickTime's fan base has populated across the spectrum for both PC and Mac users. However, it is commonly reported that people would encounter issues when they try to export a QuickTime MOV file to MP4 format. As one of the Reddit users have stated:

I made a screen recording with QuickTime and came across the following problem. I noticed that in the original movie all the menu options are greyed out. Can’t export QuickTime to MP4 anymore. This is a problem that many have encountered and reported over the past decade and to which I could not find a solution!

- Reddit User

For many people, it is definitely a terrible experience after spending hours recording a video with QuickTime and try to convert the QuickTime file to a MP4 format, only to find out the Export feature has been greyed out. We collected the solutions in different parts:

How to Use QuickTime Export MOV to MP4

Step 1.Create a New Recording with QuickTime

Open up your QuickTime, and click the "File" button. You would be able to click the "New Screen Recording" button to capture your screen into a MOV file. Alternatively, if you wish to create a short video from your webcam, choose the "New Video Recording" instead.

Step 2.Upgrade your QuickTime version to QuickTime Pro

Since Apple has limited the export functionality of QuickTime, you need to upgrade your software copy first. Purchase a valid QuickTime Pro license from Apple to proceed.

Step 3.Export MOV files to MP4

Locate the QuickTime MOV file you wish to convert to MP4, open it up with QuickTime. Click the "File" button on the menu bar, and navigate to the "Export" option. Choose the export format to MP4, and click the "Save" button to confirm the process.

Quicktime Convert MP4

How to Create MP4 Recordings without QuickTime

Since using QuickTime to convert MOV recordings to MP4 isn't easy and you might spend unexpected time on format converting. So, why not take the shortcut and choose another screen recorder which could record videos directly to MP4? AnyRec Screen Recorder is a piece of software designed as an equivalent to your QuickTime Player in mind. It supports features such as:

Screen recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Record gameplay footage easily without lagging

Create Video Conferences recordings with ease

Record your online classes as local videos

Record your favorite live stream without losing quality

Create your own video with a webcam and screen recorder!

Variety of supported video formats.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

The following steps will demonstrate to you how to make a video recording and export your MOV file to MP4 without using QuickTime.

Step 1.Download and install AnyRec Screen Recorder. On the main screen, click on the Video Recorder option on the left side of the panel.

Anyrec Screen Recorder

Step 2.On the left side of the panel, you are given options to either record a portion of the screen or record the full screen. You would be able to enter the exact resolution of your recording area or directly manipulate the size with cropping tools.

Step 3.If you wish to record from your webcam, click the "Webcam" button to enable it. Don't forget to turn on the "Microphone" option to enable recording your voice.

Step 4.Click on the "REC" button on the right hand of the screen to start recording.

Anyrec Video Recorder

Step 5.After the recording is finished, click the "REC" button again. You would be able to access your files in your Documents folder.

How to Create MP4 Recordings with Online Tools

Alternatively, you could also use a free online screen recorder as a QuickTime replacement. AnyRec Free Online Recorder is a 100% free tool to quickly create screen recordings without any watermarks or time limitations. Most importantly, you could easily choose the desired export format and save it as an MP4 file directly.

Step 1.Open up your web browser and visit AnyRec Free Online Recorder website. Click on the "Record for Free" button to download the plugin.

Download Anyrec Free Online Recorder

Step 2.After launching the program, you would be able to choose a recording area as you wish. Click on the "REC" button to start recording.

Record Quick Video Free Online Recorder

Step 3.Click on the "REC" button once again to stop recording. You would be able to save your files to MP4 directly without using QuickTime to convert MOV to MP4.

FAQs about QuickTime Export to MP4


Using QuickTime to create video and screen recordings has been a common practice. If you are having trouble, use QuickTime to export MOV files to MP4, try the listed methods and hope your problem could be tackled with ease!

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