Watch Anime with Friends Online and Share Your Ideas in Real Time

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What is the best way to watch anime together with friends? Try those 3 solutions.

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  • #1. Watch anime movies together with Discord and other streaming services.
  • #2. Start an online meeting to watch anime online with friends.
  • #3. Share your screen to watch anime remotely with friends.
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Watch Anime with Friends

Watching your most-loved Anime at home and alone is a great experience, but watching anime with friends is an excellent idea to make it more enjoyable. While viewing together, you can discuss your thoughts about your hated character or try to predict what will happen in the next scene. How will you do it if you are away from each other? This post comes to the rescue! You will learn the three methods to watch Anime with friends or families as you read. After that, you will have 7 great options to watch.

3 Easy Ways to Watch Anime with Friends Online

Do you want to watch Anime together, but both of you live apart? If yes, make sure not to miss this part. Here are the three effective methods to achieve watching Anime with friends online!

1. Watch Anime with Friends Through Streaming Platforms

Through streaming platforms, you can quickly screen share what Anime series you’re watching, then invite your friends to watch it live. This method is the most common and used today to watch Anime with friends online. And thus, there are lots of streaming platforms on the market; five of them are listed below.

#1. Discord

It is one of the popular platforms where it comes with a share screen feature. To watch anime with friends in distance, simply go live on Discord, then invite your friends to watch it on your channel. Ensure that the people you want to watch Anime with are included on your friend list.

Discord to Watch Anime with Friends

#2. Metastream

Aside from watching together, Metastream also supports real-time chat. This platform lets you stream content from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc. In order to watch Anime with friends on MetaStream, create your session, then copy and paste the URL to your friends. And that’s it!

Metastream to Watch Anime with Friends

#3. is another good place to watch Anime with friends. Their service has the ability to detect media from most websites, then share it where people you invite can view it. Besides that, you can turn on the Text and Voice chat during streaming. to Watch Anime with Friends


Capable of connecting you with your friends to watch Anime together, offers you two ways to get it done. You can enter the video link or upload it from your PC files. After creating a room, you can now discuss and chat with your friends while watching online. to Watch Anime with Friends

#5. Watch2gether

Watch2gether is a fully functional website where you can explore popular videos directly besides adding a video source. Plus, it comes with a built-in chat feature. You can also see your friends using the Video Call to see their reactions while watching together.

Watch2gether to Watch Anime with Friends

2. Watch Anime with Friends Using Video Conferencing Tools

Aside from streaming platforms, Video Conferencing apps can also help you to watch Anime with friends. Apps like Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Google Hangouts, and more are capable of sharing your screen. In this way, you can play your favorite Anime show, then use the Share Screen feature; make sure that all your friends have come to join the meeting you started.

3. Watch Anime with Friends Via Screen Sharing Apps

Finally, to watch Anime together, you will have a better experience with the help of Screen Sharing applications, such as TeamViewer and AnyDesk. Both platforms provide remote access to a personal computer and work with other devices to host an application. Whether your friends are outside your country, you can immediately access these screen-sharing apps to enjoy your favorite Anime.

Recommended Anime for Watching Together with Friends

Whether it’s Action, Comedy, Love, or any genre, Anime offers all of them. And there’s nothing better than to watch a great Anime series with your friends. If you have no ideas, here are the 7 recommended Anime series, which can be accessed on free anime websites.

1. Naruto

Naruto is one of your go-to Anime titles when you hunt for animes to watch with friends. From giving you thrilled action scenes to emotional ones. The series follows Naruto’s adventures, a ninja who struggles to find recognition to become the Hokage or the leader and strongest ninja in their village.

Naruto Watch Anime with Friends

2. Demon Slayer

Another great anime for watching with your friend is Demon Slayer, which offers colorful and unique characters that Anime lovers indeed love. The storyline focuses on a family attacked by demons; only two have survived. However, the two-member slowly turns into a demon and uses it to avenge their family. It is one of the series that comes with stunning animation in recent years.

Demon Slayer Watch Anime with Friends

3. One Punch Man

One Punch Man is a great pick when you have decided to watch Anime with friends. It provided entertainment and got you thrilled at the same time. It focuses on a hero who only does it for fun but can defeat all his enemies in just a single punch.

One Punch Man Watch Anime with Friends

4. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is an action-packed Anime that is great to watch with a friend group. All fight scenes will surely get you thrilled and are enough to make everyone enjoy. It shows powerful Dragonballs, who are fighters led by a Saiyan warrior Goku, and they have to defend the Earth from enemies.

Dragon Ball Watch Anime with Friends

5. My Hero Academia

For those who love watching comedy, action, superheroes, and a bit of drama series, you should check out My Hero Academia. It’s perfect to sit and watch Anime with friends in this genre. It revolves around the life of a boy without any powers who admires a superhero so much that here enrolls in a hero academy. And there, he learns what it means to be a real hero.

My Hero Academia Watch Anime with Friends

6. Konosuba

It looks like a usual trope and cliche, but Konusuba is a hilarious and fun series to watch Anime with friends. The show talks about Kazuma, who dies but offers a second chance by a goddess in a magical land. It provides lovable characters and, indeed, a lighthearted series.

Konusuba Watch Anime with Friends

7. Nichijou

If you want something cute to watch, Nichijou is one of your best selections for watching Anime with friends. The storyline has a cute lifestyle and focuses on students who are always in unusual situations. And sometimes, those unexpected situations might be unnecessary for children.

Nichijou Watch Anime with Friends

FAQs about Watching Anime Together with Friends Online


To summarize, all the above suggestions are the best places to watch Anime with friends, including Discord, Metastream, or a Video Conferencing tool like Zoom. Add so much to that by watching the 7 recommended Anime shows together. And here’s a tip! If you want to record the experience of watching Anime with friends, use the AnyRec Screen Recorder. It is a program that you can use conveniently to save high-quality moments. You can also use it to download Animes and watch them without lags.

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