How to Compress Video on iPhone 15/14 [No Time Limit]

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Is your iPhone starting to slow down because of too many videos, leading to full storage? Or are you having trouble posting videos on social media? If so, you’re thinking of compressing videos on iPhone to make them smaller than before. Thus, you need the best video compressor that suits your demands. This post has gathered all tested tools that work with large MOV files to compress video on iPhone. Scroll down now!

Top 5 Video Compressor Apps on iPhone 15/14

If looking for a video compressor app is your problem, then don’t go further, as you’ll see in this section the top 5 apps to reduce video size on iPhone 15/14. Read on below to see video compressors, each with ways to shrink video file size.

1. iMovie

Starting the video compressor on iPhone with an app specially made for Apple devices - iMovie. As it is a go-to editing program for Mac and iOS, it can help you compress video on iPhone longer than 10 minutes by changing the output quality or cutting the unnecessary parts, which will also compromise the quality.

Step 1.Open your video to iMovie. Then, you could cut out some unwanted parts from your video, which will help reduce file size, using the "Split" or "Cut" features.

Step 2.Tap the "Export" tab and the "Save Video" button. You can choose the desired resolutions, including 360p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K. Select a lower one than before to compress iPhone videos.

Compress Video iPhone iMovie

2. Video Slimmer App

Working more than an easy video compressor app, Video Slimmer allows you to easily trim, merge, or rotate videos. It also covers batch processing, letting you batch export compressed videos quickly. Knowing how to compress a video on iPhone won’t take much time, see how it is executed below.

Step 1.Launch the app, then tap the "Add" button to browse videos from your Camera Roll. After that, tap the "Settings" button at the far right to adjust the video quality and size.

Step 2.Later, tap the "Slim Now" button to begin compressing the video on iPhone 15/14. You can now share them on your socials or send them directly to people.

Video Slimmer App

3. Compress Videos & Resize Videos

This app provides a free solution, and at the same time, you don’t have to worry about the video quality after compressing. Thus, it not only helps to free up space on your iPhone but also lets you watch the shrunk video comfortably.

Step 1.To begin, run the app on your iPhone. Then, add all the chosen videos to it. After that, please select one or more items you’d want to shrink; the app will display them with sizes.

Step 2.Afterward, tap the "Next" button and go to the "Compression Settings" page. Adjust the frame rate and video dimensions by dragging the slider freely. Finally, tap the "Compress" button to reduce video size on iPhone.

Compress Videos & Resize Videos

4. Video Compress - Shrink Vids

Another free compressor that assists you in reducing the video size in HD, Full HD, or 4K resolution through taps. You can shrink not only one file but more videos at once without affecting the quality and speed.

Step 1.After launching the app, tap the "Add" button to upload the video you desire to compress. Be sure to accept all permission access.

Step 2.After that, tap the "Choose Preset" button to determine your desired preset. You can also alter the bitrate or preview if you want.

Step 3.Once ready, tap the "Continue" button to proceed in selecting a location where to save the compressed iPhone video.

Video Compress - Shrink Vids

5. Video Compressor - Shrink Videos

Do you still need to find a good video compressor program so you can learn how to compress videos on iPhone? Video Compressor, the final program, might be the best option. You can reduce the time spent shrinking your video size with its user-friendly interface and preset collections; check out how it operates below.

Step 1.Select the video you’d like to compress once the app is opened. Then, choose a preset where the video will be compressed.

Step 2.Also, you can adjust the bitrate before tapping the "Compression" button.

Video Compress - Shrink Videos

5 Easy Online Ways to Compress Videos on iPhone

Online video compressors are a lifesaver for those who would instead not install anything on their devices. Discover five more methods to assist you in reducing the size of videos on your iPhone.

1. AnyRec Free Video Compressor

AnyRec Free Video Compressor is your go-to internet tool for compressing videos on iPhone 15/14/13/12, while also guaranteeing excellent quality. Videos from email, social media accounts, storage services, Discord, and other sources are supported. With AnyRec Free Video Compressor, reducing video size is done swiftly and successfully, so it won’t matter how huge your video file is.

Step 1.Inside the AnyRec Free Video Compressor main page, tap the "Upload File" button to look for your intended-to-compress videos from your Camera Roll.

Step 2.Now, from the compressing page, drag the compress slider from left to right, or vice versa, to compress. Otherwise, set it yourself through the "Size" menu.

Step 3.Later on, you can also change the resolution, format, and bitrate if you want. After everything, tap the "Save" button.

AnyRec Compress Video

2. Clideo

Another online tool that offers quick MOV compression and does everything for you goes by the anime Clideo. In addition, by minimizing the size of the video file while maintaining the highest level of quality, this video compressor completes its tasks very well.

Step 1.Upon visiting the Clideo Compressor on your browser, add your video by tapping the "Choose File" button.

Step 2.There will be three options provided: "Basic", "Strong", and "Superb". Choose your desired compression level. Lastly, tap the "Compress" button.

Clideo Compress Video


The is as follows. Thanks to this efficient online video compressor, you can batch compress without sacrificing quality. In addition to MOV, it can also handle MP4, AVI, and other larger HD videos. It accomplished the reduction process in three simple steps. How to compress video on iPhone with See the steps in detail below.

Step 1.Search for the Compressor on your Safari browser on iPhone. Afterward, tap the "Choose Files" button to add the video file you wish to compress.

Step 2.Next, tap the "Settings" button to determine your compression method, resolution, etc. Proceed by tapping the "Compress" button once done.

Media IO Video Compressor

4. FreeConvert

FreeConvert is an online tool that lets you convert, edit, and compress over 1500 formats. Also, unlike its rivals, it offers more advanced options for perfecting your video. Despite being online, your privacy and security are its top priorities. So, don’t be uncertain to shrink videos online with FreeConvert.

Step 1.Open Safari and search for FreeConvert Compressor. Then, tap on the "Choose Files" button to browse on your Camera Roll.

Step 2.Wait until your video is finalized, then tap on the "Settings" button to make more adjustments. Once completed, tap the "Compress Now" button.

FreeConvert Compress Video


You have here the VEED.IO Video Compressor. This online tool is free yet effortlessly provides a one-tap solution to save more storage space through compressing. It supports compressing MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and other videos from other platforms.

Step 1.Upon visiting the VEED.IO Compressor leading site, tap the "Compress a video" button to upload your video file.

Step 2.After adding your chosen video, you can alter the quality and resolution before tapping the "Compress Video" button.

VEED IO Compress Video



As you see, knowing how to compress video on iPhone helps reduce the file size and quicker uploading and make the sharing process more manageable. With the proper method above, performing such a task would be quick! Out of them, make sure to try AnyRec Free Video Compressor. It compresses video while guaranteeing a high-quality result with fast speed and easy-to-operate tools. Visit it today and make the compression way easier than before.

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