Banned Anime: Why They Get Banned and How to Watch Them

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There are many wonderful and interesting anime banned on your contries, like Shoujo Tsubaki, High School DxD, Kite, and more. But don't worry, you can also find many websites that provide banned anime.

The only thing is that you may not download them to save on local folder for watching at any time. Luckily, AnyRec Screen Recorder will help you to capture all on-screen anime with high quality.

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Banned Anime

Japan has made anime a popular type of television animation across different countries. However, despite its popularity, some anime is banned from certain countries, primarily because of their inappropriate and offensive content. Do you want to discover those banned anime and identify why they get banned? Continue reading this post, for we feature 10 banned anime series in various countries and the reason why they get banned. You can also get a quick solution to watch those anime easily.

1. Shoujo Tsubaki (Banned in Almost All Countries)

Now you might ask, “Why is Shoujo Tsubaki banned in almost all countries?” This anime has a very dark, traumatizing, and disturbing storyline. This 1992 anime mainly focus on a girl name Midori. Her character experiences sexual abuse, leading to intolerable gore scenes from a man who offers her everything she needs. Due to this anime’s horrific content, it was banned across different countries, including Japan itself.

Shoujo Tsubaki Banned

2. Death Note (Banned in China & Russia)

Another forbidden anime is Death Note. This anime storyline mainly focuses on murder, death, and justice. The main character uses “Death Note” to brutally exterminate criminals by just writing their names on the pages. Eventually, it was banned in Russia for this anime’s depiction of violence, crime, and murder. Additionally, the people of China also banned this anime for it influenced kids to write the names of those they hate in their Death Notes.

Death Note Banned

3. High School DxD (Banned in New Zealand)

The next banned anime is the High School DxD. Issei Hyodo, one of the series' main characters, was reincarnated as a demon after being killed on his first date. Now you might be wondering why this anime would be banned after all, when actually, there are many anime that feature supernatural characters. Well, this anime mainly focuses on the perverted mindset high school boy and portrays sexual scenes, which is too much and inappropriate for viewers. And some considered this to be close to child pornography. So to prevent this anime from influencing high school kids and other people, New Zealand banned this on their country to be aired.

High School DXD Banned

4. Tokyo Ghoul (Banned in China)

If you are an anime fan with characters possessing extraordinary powers, then Tokyo Ghoul should be on your must-watch list. But this anime is also banned anime across countries like China. The reason why these anime get banned is that it influences teenagers to do sewing threads onto their skin. Additionally, it also depicts extensive violence, torture, and cannibalism which is a big no to various countries, including China.

Tokyo Ghoul Banned

5. Hetalia: Axis Powers (Banned in South Korea)

Unlike the first group of banned animes, Hetalia Axis Powers was banned from South Korea due to unacceptable character representation. This anime’s center is about various characters representing different countries and portraying their role during World War II. South Korea found their character offensive and insulting. The wrongly drawn Hanbok of the character and his perverted behavior triggered them to eliminate this anime in their country from airing completely.

Hetalia: Axis Powers Banned

6. Kite (Banned in Norway)

As a country that strictly doesn’t want child pornography to foster, Norway will definetely don’t let Kite be aired and automatically be considered as banned anime in their country. These anime get banned in Norway because it portrays a highly graphic sexual assault scene on a minor. They find it also inappropriate to be aired because the main character (Sawa) is also a minor, which is not a good representation of a minor girl who eliminates people at a young age.

Kite Banned

7. Voltes V (Banned in the Philippines)

One of the most iconic and popular anime series worldwide is Voltes V, which also experienced cease and was considered a forbidden anime in countries like the Philippines in 1979. Even though this anime acquired a lot of love from many people, the Philippines decided to ban it on anime sites due to multiple excessive violence that they believe dangerous influence on children.

Voltes V Banned

8. Assassination Classroom (Florida & Wisconsin - America)

Sadly, there are gun shootings and violence in some schools in America, and people there are praying and hoping to end these devastating cases. As part of it, some of its areas, Florida and Wisconsin, find Assassination Classroom to be negative, for it depicts how to terminate their teachers (Alien teacher in the anime). This is one of the reasons why Assassination Classroom is marked as banned anime in America.

Assassination Classroom Banned

9. Attack on Titan (Banned in China)

Another forbidden anime is Attack on Titan. This anime is one of the most famous mainstream anime today. However, despite its popularity, some countries like China still find this anime disturbing. That is because AOT has full of human-like monstrous creatures that devour humans, which are gruesome, violent, and traumatizing.

Attack on Titan Banned

10. Pokemon (Banned in Saudi Arabia)

Another famous anime that gets banned in Saudi Arabia is Pokemon. You might wonder why these cute and innocent anime were banned. This is because they find this anime promotes gambling which is not a good image to watch various people. Additionally, some of this anime’s series are un-Islamic, another reason that forces them to mark this as a forbidden anime. By the way, the Pokemon games are different from Pokemon anime.

Bonus Tips: How to Download Banned Anime

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FAQs about Banned Anime


There you go! Those are the top 10 forbidden anime from different countries and regions. Those anime got banned for having inappropriate, unacceptable, and disturbing themes and content. If you are curious and wish to check them out, you need to remember that some banned anime might cause you emotional trauma, which definetely you don’t want to experience. If you get interested in watching AOT, Voltes V, and Pokemon because of their massive popularity, and keep them on your computer’s storage, then you can use the AnyRec Screen Recorder tool! With this tool’s advanced screen recording feature, you’ll definitely experience the best viewing experience.

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