How to be a Famous Creator using TikTok Flash Warning with Image

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Using TikTok every day gives you the stress reliever you need. Even when there is a new trend, you want to join in with the people and the source they use. Just like the TikTok flash warning filter that took over the top popularity chart for weeks, you don't want to miss the challenge. And so, in this article, you will learn how to apply TikTok Flash Warning filters to the video you want to post on the TikTok newsfeed. Let's start.

Detailed Steps to Get TikTok Flash Warning Filters for Your Videos

TikTok has hundreds of filters and effects to apply to your video. These filters give vibrant colors, enhance faces, and create a trend that many people will follow. Even with the TikTok flash warning, you can create a fantastic video with a fictional character and make it look like you are with this character. In this part, you will learn how to get TikTok flash warning filter to apply to your video.

Step 1.Open the TikTok app on your mobile phone. Tap the "Create" button in the bottom part of the interface. Tap the "Effects" button on the bottom left part of the "Camera" page. To make it easier, tap the "Search" button and enter the "Rainbow Flash" name.

TikTok Create Flash Warning

Step 2.Select the TikTok flash warning, and it will apply to the camera recorder. This TikTok filter also allows you to upload a photo as your background. Choose an anime face or a celebrity and upload it as your background.

TikTok Rainbow Flash Warning

Step 3.After that, tap the "Record" button to start recording. After that, you can add other elements such as music background, speed, flip, and more. Upload your TikTok video to your profile or save it as a draft.

3 Efficient Methods to Add TikTok Flash Warning Effects

It may look easy to add TikTok flash warning effects; however, it still goes down to choosing the right picture as your background and making your TikTok videos go viral. So, this article has prepared 3 apps to make a fantastic TikTok video with flash warning effects efficiently.

1. PicsArt

PicsArt is a well-known app for cutting out images with ease. Beginners also rely on this app as it is easier to navigate than a professional app like Adobe Photo Editor. This is a necessary tool to perfectly cut out an image of your idol from a movie scene and apply it as your background for the TikTok Flash Warning video.

How to use PicsArt to cutout images:

Step 1.Download the app on your device, then launch it. Choose the desired photo of your idol or character on the "Photo" section, then tap it. PicsArt will direct you to the editing page.

PicsArt Flash Warning

Step 2.On the "toolbox" at the bottom part of the interface, locate the "Cutout" button and tap it. Tap the "Outline" button and start outlining the face of the desired celebrity.

PicsArt Outline Warning

Step 3.After outlining the image, tap the "Brush" button to color some part of the image or Erase option to remove excess outlines. Tap the "Checkmark" at the top right part to see the preview of the picture. Tap the "Download" button to save it and then add the TikTok flash warning effect.

2. VideoLeap

This app supports multiple tracks on a timeline. You can use this to lay the transparent image of your choosing above the video of yourself. This will help convince your audience of how TikTok flash warning makes it natural to be near your idol. You can download the VideoLeap app for free.

How to use VideoLeap for TikTok flash warning:

Step 1.Download the app on your phone and tap it open. Press the "Orange" button to choose the TikTok video you want for flash warning on the main menu.

Step 2.Trim the video by tapping the "Split" button right on your clip. Locate and stop at the part of the clip where you will paste your idol's photo. Tap the click "Add" button to add the transparent picture of your model.

Step 3.If your favorite celebrity's face is facing the wrong way, you can fix it by clicking the "Mirror" button at the bottom part of the screen, and the photo will flip in the opposite direction. Adjust the image according to your liking, then review the whole video to see if it turns out good. Tap the "Export" button to save.

VideoLeap Add Flash Warning

3. CapCut

At last, you can merge the TikTok videos in one clip with the help of CapCut. This excellent app can combine videos without any delay. This app will modify the TikTok flash warning to make it look like you only took one recording shot.

How to merge TikTok flash warning:

Step 1.Launch the app on your device to begin. Tap the "New Project" button to browse the camera roll to choose for the TikTok flash warning videos you want to merge.

Step 2.Make sure that clips A and B are in order. Adjust the clips according to where the flash will start tapping the "Split" button. You can also crop the watermark if you use an app for enhancement.

Step 3.After that, tap the "Export" button on the upper right part of the screen and post your flash warning on your TikTok account!

CapCut Edit Flash Warning

How to Get More Filters and Effects Better than TikTok Flash Warning

The TikTok flash warning filter gives an aesthetic mood, especially when you show yourself with your favorite artist. And even the app itself offers a lot of possibilities. But editing the Tiktok flash warning takes too much work when installing different apps to accomplish the video you want. That is why creating AnyRec Video Converter, a multi-function tool you can use for better filters and editing tools. It has the effects and filters you can use for TikTok posting and a user-friendly video editor. Grab the chance to be a popular TikTok creator with this software.

AnyRec Video Converter Package
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Support output file formats such as MOV, MP4, WMV, and more.

Enable to adjust saturation, brightness, and contrast of TikTok video.

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FAQs of TikTok Flash Warning Effect


You can find the editing processon TikTok is fun to do. With the right tools, you can make TikTok flash warning videos look natural, and other people might want to jump on the trend. Just use AnyRec Video Converter for more filters and effects, and enhance your TikTok videos to attract more viewers. If you have questions or suggestions, just contact us now!

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