How to Screenshot Full/Long Screen on iPhone [All Models]

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Have you changed your iPhone to a newer model and are experiencing some changes, like how to take screenshots on iPhone? If so, it is not as dramatic as you think, as Apple has made default buttons on different models, though some don’t support using a combination of buttons to capture screens. Therefore, today, you’ll discover four ways to take screenshots on iPhone 15/14/13/12, and other models; wait for a bonus in the end!

Method iOS version Screenshot mode Output format Pros Cons
Default buttons (Side/Top, Volume Up, and Home buttons) All versions Full screen PNG The easiest method of all. No need to set it up. Require functioning needed physical buttons.
AssistiveTouch All versions Full screen PNG Beneficial if buttons are challenging to use. Customizable for easy access. A setup is needed to enable the feature on screen. Could be extra on your screen.
Siri iOS 14 and later Full screen PNG There is no need to use too many gestures. Not available on the latest iPhones
Scrolling Screenshot (in Safari) All versions Scrolling webpage PNG Can capture entire webpage content. Limited to Safari page only. Need an extra step after taking a typical screenshot.
AnyRec Screen Recorder (Phone Recorder) All versions Full screen and long screen User-selectable (e.g., JPG, PNG) Capture phone activity via mirroring on the desktop screen. Extensive editing options. Should open the recording function for taking iPhone screenshots.

Use Default Buttons to Screenshots on Different iPhones

Learning how to screenshot on iPhone comes in simply by pressing two default buttons at the same time. However, this way may come differently depending on the iPhone models you’re using right now.

Hence, this section will show you what default buttons you should use on different iPhones, answering how to screenshot on iPhone 8 or older (with a Home button) and iPhone XR or later (without a Home button) simultaneously.

How to screenshot on iPhone 15/14/13/12 and other models with Face ID:

Step 1.Use the "Side" button and the "Volume Up" button at once. Don’t hold them down, but quickly press and release both, and you should hear a shutter sound and see a brief flash.

Step 2.Next, a screenshot thumbnail will be presented in the bottom far corner for a while; tap on it to edit your screenshot or swipe it left if you don’t need to edit it.

Iphones With Face Id

How to screenshot on iPhone 7 and other models with Touch ID and Side button:

Step 1.Use the "Side" button and the "Home" button together. Instead of holding them down, quickly press and release both buttons, and you’ll hear a shutter sound and see a brief flash on your screen.

Step 2.The screenshot thumbnail will appear in the bottom far left corner for a few seconds. You can tap on it to crop or annotate the screenshot or swipe it left to dismiss it.

Iphones With Touch Id

How to screenshot on iPhone with the Top button:

Step 1.Quickly press and release both the "Top" and "Home" buttons.

Step 2.Once you've taken a screenshot, a thumbnail will appear in the lower-left corner; please tap on it to view it or swipe left to dismiss and save it.

Use Top And Home Buttons

Use Assistive Touch to Take Screenshots on iPhone

Besides the combination of buttons to take iPhone screenshots, Assistive Touch is a handy feature that offers on-screen access to various iPhone functions, like adjusting audio volume, restarting your iPhone, and opening the notification center. Here’re the detailed steps to setup iPhone screenshot settings and take an iPhone screenshot that you can follow.

How to Enable Assistive Touch on iPhone:

Step 1.Go to "Settings", then scroll down to locate the "Accessibility" category.

Step 2.Direct to the "Touch" section under "Physical and Motor", then select the "Assistive Touch" option; toggle its switch to turn it to the color green.

Enable Assistive Touch

How to screenshot on iPhone with the Assistive Touch feature:

Step 1.Tap the Assistive Touch button to access its menu, then select the "Device" option, go to "More", and see the "Screenshot" option, among other possibilities.

Step 2.Simply tap the "Screenshot" option, and your screen will be captured, similar to how combination buttons work.

Assistive Touch Screenshot On Iphone

Take iPhone Screenshots with Siri [iOS 18/17/16/15/14]

If you have an iOS 14 version or later of the iPhone, Siri can assist you in taking screenshots, recording WhatsApp calls, etc. Siri converts your spoken words using its Speech Recognition feature, acting like an intelligent assistant that listens to your requests, including how-to screenshots on iPhone.

Just pull up the Siri feature using one of the following steps:

Once Siri is activated, say, "Take a screenshot." Later, Siri will disappear from your iPhone screen, and your device will take a screenshot on iPhone screen.

Siri How To Screenshot On Iphone

How to Capture Scrolling Screenshots on iPhone Safari

How about taking full-page screenshots? A full page or scrolling screenshot on iPhone is necessary to include all the information from a website without having a lot of captured images. However, this method is limited to capture the screenshots on Safari browser.

Step 1.Direct to the webpage you intend to capture in Safari, then take a screenshot by following the respective steps depending on your iPhone model.

Step 2.After that, a thumbnail of the captured webpage will be presented in the down-left corner of your screen. Please tap on it to open the editing window.

Step 3.Inside the editor, locate the option that says "Screen" or "Full Page". Select the "Full Page" option to begin the iPhone full screenshot capture.

Scrolling Screenshot On Safari

Afterward, you can edit, crop, or annotate the scrolling screenshot via the provided tools. And the taken scrolling screenshots of iPhone will still be saved on the "Album" app.

Bonus Tips to Record and Screenshot iPhone 15/14/13/12

Finally, here comes the surprise! After giving you the default buttons, the assistance of Assistive Touch, Siri, and more on how to screenshot on iPhone 15/14/13 and other models, there’s another one for you. To obtain more editing tools and view screenshots on a bigger screen, try AnyRec Screen Recorder! The program has a built-in Phone Recorder that can mirror your phone screen on a desktop, and then you can capture your iPhone hassle-free. Whether you want a scrolling or a typical screenshot of iPhone, you can do it for free with this powerful Windows and Mac program.

AnyRec Screen Recorder Package
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Mirror your phone screen on the desktop to capture screenshots with desired size.

Mirror your phone screen on the desktop to capture screenshots with desired size.

Provide annotating and editing tools to make your screenshots look fantastic.

Can do scrolling, window, menu, or part of a screen screenshot in one click.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Upon launching AnyRec Screen Recorder, please select the Phone Recorder on the home screen. Then, click the "iOS Recorder" button to mirror your iPhone screen.

Choose Phone System

Step 2.On your iPhone, tap the "Screen Mirror" on the "Control Center" tap the "AnyRec Screen Recorder" from the available options to take screenshots on iPhone on Windows/Mac.

Ios Screen Mirror

Step 3.Once it gets connected successfully, you’ll see your phone screen on the desktop. Now, you can start taking screenshots on your iPhone 15/14/13/12.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure



Now, switching to a new iPhone only brings you excitement and no worries about the changes in some functions, like how to take a screenshot on an iPhone. With the abovementioned methods, capturing your iPhone 15/14/13/12 screen can be quickly done using the default buttons, Assistive Touch, etc. Though there are many built-in ways to do the task, consider using AnyRec Screen Recorder for a bigger view of capturing phone screens and comprehensive editing tools. Make sure to try the program and get access to its exciting features.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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