VLC Tutorial - How to Record Screen Video with VLC on Windows/Mac

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To record your screen with VLC Media Player or a great alternative:

  • VLC Media Player: Click "View" > "Advanced Controls" > "Media" > "Open Capture Device" > "Record".
  • AnyRec Screen Recorder: Click "Video Recorder" > Select the screen > "System Sound" > "REC".
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When you want to record meetings, online videos, and gameplay on your computer without the default recorders, you may think of using VLC Media Player. As a well-known video player, VLC also has a recording function that can help you record the screen with VLC on your computer. Compared with the built-in recorders on Windows/Mac, it supports adjusting the frame rate to keep the high quality of the recordings. In this case, this article will tell you the detailed tutorial to record the screen through VLC. But it is still a simple recorder for quick screen recording without the customized region, so you can also learn about the best alternative to VLC to record screens.

How to Record Screen with VLC on Windows/Mac

VLC Media Player is a powerful and versatile player to play videos, convert video format, and record screens on Windows/Mac. The built-in screen recorder on VLC is difficult to find, so you can follow the next steps to record screens with VLC Media Player.

Step 1.Launch VLC Media Player on your computer. Click the "Media" drop-down list and click the "Convert/Save" button to start the built-in functions.

VLC Media Convert Save

Step 2.After a window pop up, you should click the "Capture Device" button at the top. Then you can choose the desired mode in the Device Selection menu. Here are three capture modes, and you can click the "Desktop" menu item to record the screen of your computer with VLC. However, you should note that it will not record the screen with audio. You can also choose the desired frame rate below. Then, click the "Convert/Save" button to continue.

VLC Recording Modes Settings

Step 3.Click the "Profile" button to change the video format and codec according to your need. Then click the "Browse" button to determine the storage path. At last, click the "Start" button to start recording the screen through VLC.

Record Desktop Screen in VLC

Step 4.To stop recording the screen on VLC, you should open VLC again and click "Stop" button at the left bottom corner.

Stop VLC Screen Recording

Caution! Problems when recording screen with VLC Media Player:


1. Only provides the full-screen recording on the computer, which means you can’t choose the desired region to capture.2. Unable to use VLC to record the screen of your computer with audio through the Desktop mode. Actually, only the DirectShow mode supports recording audio tracks.3. Can’t adjust the video quality and aspect ratio to keep the high quality of the recordings.4. No additional editing or clipping functions to add annotations, highlights, and explanations.5. The recording function is only available for desktop software with the latest version.

The Best Alternative to VLC to Record Screen with Customized Settings

As mentioned before, VLC Media Player only provides a simple screen recorder with almost no other adjustments, even the basic region customizing. Thus, you can’t use VLC to record screens exactly according to your requirements. In this case, you should rely on the best and professional alternative to VLC - AnyRec Screen Recorder. It can help you record screens without VLC, adjust the recording settings, and edit the recordings with simple clicks.

Screen recorder
Best Alternative to VLC to Record Screen Easily

Record screen with the customized region or full screen according to your need.

Adjust the video format, quality, frame rate, etc freely.

Editing the recordings with different shapes, lines, arrows, and texts.

Hotkeys to start/stop the screen recording without VLC.

CPU acceleration to record videos with no lag.

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Free Download

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Step 1.Install and Launch the Screen Recorder

Free download and launch AnyRec Screen Recorder on your Windows/Mac. Click the "Video Recorder" button on the main interface to open the screen recorder.

Start the Video Recorder

Step 2.Adjust the Recording Settings

At first, click the "Full Screen" "Custom" button to select the desired region or window to capture. Then, you can click the "System Sound" and "Microphone" buttons according to your need. And you can pull the volume bar to change the sound separately.

change the Recording Settings

Compared with recording screens on VLC, you can also click the Settings menu and click the "Output" pane to change the parameters of the recordings. You can adjust the video format, quality, and frame rate easily.

Change the Output Settings

Step 3.Start Recording Screen and Editing

Go back to the main interface and click the "REC" button to start recording the screen without VLC. After three seconds, the screen recording process starts. You can add the desired annotations and take screenshots within options at any time.

Step 4.Save the Recordings on your Computer

Click the "Stop" button on the toolbox, and then clip the recordings. After that, click the "Save" button to choose the storage path and save them.

Clip and Save the Recording

FAQs of Using VLC to Record Screen on the Computer


This article has introduced the detailed steps to record screens with VLC Media Player on your computer. But it only provides simple recording without customized settings. To record screens with audio, you can choose the professional AnyRec Screen Recorder. It is the best alternative to VLC to record screens. Or you can get solutions to fix VLC not recording video and audio here.

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