Liam Miller Editor

Working Experience:

As one of the expert program writers in AnyRec Studio, Lima is dedicated to testing and solving all kinds of technical issues for iOS and Android systems. He works assiduously in exploring interesting topics and efficient solutions for iPhone and Android data management, troubleshooting, etc. As a former independent developer of apps for data transfer, Liam has mastered all the required knowledge for solving iOS and Android data problems and always had an interest in exploring more solutions for phone crashes.


With more than decades of experience in the mobile industry, Liam is a specialist in all kinds of issues and solutions regard to iOS and Android systems. Meanwhile, Liam’s interest in testing diverse apps for iPhone and Android leads to his unique expertise in finding and solving all kinds of data trouble like management and transferring. Furthermore, this expertise makes him an excellent writer for phone-related topics.


Liam is fond of concerts and other outdoor activities like hiking, picnic with family, etc. Besides, Liam is also a caring colleague and loves to help staff in AnyRec Studio solve all kinds of problems that happen to their phones.