10 Popular Midjourney Prompts to Generate Creative Images

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In digital art and creative exploration, the Midjourney AI tool unveils a world of visual imagination. Through the clever interplay of words, Midjourney prompts breathe life into this innovative tool, guiding its artistic algorithms to generate mesmerizing and captivating images. With each prompt, a gateway opens to a realm where the boundaries of possibility blur and the abstract and the concrete merge in captivating strokes of color and form. If you have not learned many Midjourney prompts, this post will give you ten popular prompts for the best image.

Part 1: How to Use Midjourney Image and Text Prompts

The Midjourney prompts are short text phrases or instructions that guide the Midjourney Bot in generating images. These prompts serve as input to the bot, helping it understand the desired visual elements, concepts, or themes to include in the generated image.

MidJourney Text Promt

You can just input your keywords if you want to use text Midjourney prompts. And if you want to use an image of Midjourney prompts, copy the image's URL and paste it in front of your text prompts.

MidJourney Advanced Prompt

Part 2: Top 10 Midjourney Text Prompts to Generate Desired Images

1. Surrealism

Surrealism is an artistic and literary movement associated with visual arts and influencing literature, film, and other forms of creative expression. Surrealism Midjourney prompt explores the irrational, subconscious, and dreamlike aspects of human experience, often creating bizarre and unexpected combinations of imagery that challenge conventional notions of reality.

Surrealism Result by MidJourney

2. Futuristic

The Midjourney prompt's futuristic style may feature abstract or geometric shapes, bold colors, and unconventional materials. It can also incorporate science fiction, depicting futuristic cities, spaceships, robots, and imagined worlds.

Futuristic Result by MidJourney

3. Cyberpunk Style

The Cyberpunk style Midjourney prompt combines elements of science fiction and a dystopian society with advanced technology, often characterized by a dark, gritty, high-tech aesthetic. Cyberpunk-style prompts may involve requesting artwork that includes futuristic cityscapes, neon lights, augmented reality, cybernetic enhancements, or other elements associated with this genre.

Cyberfunk Style by MidJourney

4. Pixel Art

Pixel art Midjourney prompt is a form of digital art that utilizes small, square-shaped pixels to create images. It is often associated with retro video games and has a distinctive blocky and pixelated appearance. Pixel art prompts may involve requesting artwork created with individual pixels, requiring the artist to carefully place and arrange pixels to form detailed and recognizable images.

Pixel Art by MidJourney

5. Cross Stitch

Cross stitch Midjourney prompt is a traditional form of embroidery where X-shaped stitches are made on a fabric grid to create patterns or images. Cross stitch prompts may involve requesting artwork that mimics the style of cross stitch to replicate the appearance of stitched patterns and textures in a digital format.

Cross Stitch by MidJourney

6. Folk Art

Folk art Midjourney prompt refers to artistic creations deeply rooted in a specific culture or community. It often reflects traditional craftsmanship, cultural motifs, and storytelling. Folk art prompts may involve requesting artwork that incorporates traditional or regional artistic styles, techniques, symbols, or narratives, capturing the essence and spirit of a particular culture or community.

Folk Art by MidJourney

7. Time

Every decade has a different popular art style. You can use the time as your Midjourney prompts. Such as, the 1700s and 1800s are classic arts. And in the 1980s, there were more arts involving hippies. You can input the time and generations to generate images to fit your desired age. And if you want to generate old-time photos, remember you should also make the photo HD; otherwise, the AI may generate an old photo with blurry.

Time Prompts by MidJourney

8. Environmental Exploration

Environmental exploration Midjourney prompt may involve requesting artwork that explores and depicts natural landscapes, ecosystems, or environmental themes. It can encompass various subjects, such as forests, mountains, oceans, deserts, wildlife, or even imaginary and fantastical environments. This prompt encourages artists to capture the natural world's beauty, diversity, and interconnectedness.

Environmental Prompts by MidJourney

9. Ukiyo-e

When using Ukiyo-e as a Midjourney prompt, you invoke the artistic style and themes of traditional Japanese woodblock prints from the Edo period. By providing this prompt, you request the Midjourney painting AI tool to generate an image that captures the essence of Ukiyo-e art. This could include bold lines, vibrant colors, intricate details, and the subject matter commonly found in Ukiyo-e prints, such as scenes from the entertainment district, landscapes, historical events, or portraits of courtesans and actors.

Ukiyo e Prompt by MidJourney

10. Diagrammatic Drawing

When using Diagrammatic drawing as a Midjourney prompt, you invoke the style and technique of creating drawings visually representing information, concepts, or processes through diagrams. By providing this prompt, you request the Midjourney painting AI tool to generate an image embodying the essence of diagrammatic drawing. Diagrammatic drawings typically utilize shapes, lines, arrows, and labels to convey ideas or relationships concisely and visually. And it will add text to the photo to illustrate the image.

Diagrammatic Drawing by MidJourney

Bonus Tips: How to Upscale Midjourney Results Images

If unsatisfied with the Midjourney results resolution, you can use AnyRec AI Image Upscaler. This free online tool can help you enlarge the photo without distorting it. It also has AI technology to deal with images. The AI technology can auto-detect and fix the blurred space with more details. Thus, you can upscale an image with recovered pixels, colors, textures, and details. You can also improve the quality of the image while enlarging the photo up to 800%.

AnyRec AI Image Upscaler AnyRec


Part 3. FAQs about Midjourney Prompts


As you venture deeper into the creative realm of Midjourney, the power of Midjourney prompts becomes evident. You can resonate with the AI's unique visual creations through carefully crafted words and paragraphs. Midjourney prompts allow you to witness the convergence of human imagination and AI capabilities, opening new horizons for artistic expression. And if you are not satisfied with the resolution of your results, remember to use AnyRec AI Image Upscaler to enlarge the images.

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