5 Ways to Make Ringtones on iPhone with Your Favorite Songs

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Ringtones are provided by default on smartphones and can be willingly changed anytime. But do you know how to make a ringtone on iPhone? If you want to customize your ringtones on your iPhone, it is not so easy. But it is also unmotivating to hear the same ringtone on your calls. So, this post will gladly guide you to make a ringtone on your iPhone with your own music and other alternatives. Let’s get right to it!

Part 1: Change Ringtone from Default Choices on iPhone

Since many people prefer to receive text instead of calls, you might also forget how to change your ringtones with the built-in. With these steps, you can learn the best way to change your ringtone on your iPhone.

Step 1.Open Settings on your phone and head to the Sounds & Haptics menu. There are various sound settings under Sound And Haptic Patterns, select the one you want to edit.

Step 2.You can also change the ringtone per contact, which makes it more recognizable for the caller. Go to the Contacts app and select a person’s name.

Step 3.Tap the Edit button from the upper part of your screen. Select the Ringtone or Text Tone option and choose the desired ringtone for the caller. Save the edit to apply the changes.

Default Sounds and Haptics

Part 2: The Easiest Way with AnyRec to Output Audio File Set as Ringtone

Do you want a professional way to make a custom ringtone for your iPhone? AnyRec PhoneMover is a multifunctional desktop tool that provides a ringtone maker for iOS and Android. With its advanced settings, you can choose the music part you want to be a ringtone, enabling you to adjust the volume to any extent. The best part of the software is transferring the edited song to your phone via a Wi-Fi network or a compatible USB cable. Download AnyRec PhoneMover and experience its best performance.

Phone Mover Product Box
AnyRec PhoneMover

An excellent desktop tool to import files such as videos, music, pictures, and contacts without delay.

Enable to create ringtones by transferring music from a phone to a computer with a distinguished interface for easier use.

Edit the duration and volume of a ringtone and output it to a suitable format for iPhone.

Provide other features, including HEIC Converter, and manage files on smartphones and computers.

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Step 1.Click the Download button to install the software on your PC. Once done, launch AnyRec PhoneMover to start transferring and making a custom ringtone. If you wish to create a ringtone from your phone, connect it with a USB cable, or download the MobieSync app to connect via a WiFi network.

AnyRec USB QR Code

Step 2.Once successfully connected, go to the Toolbox menu of PhoneMover and select the Ringtone Maker option. Choose the source you want to get the sound. After uploading the desired sound, adjust the volume or trim the sound by setting the starting and ending points.

AnyRec Toolbox Ringtone Maker

Step 3.Choose the folder path for the output on the Save to PC menu. You can also tick the Add to Device checkbox to import the ringtone to the connected phone. Afterward, click the Generate button to process and save the sound to your device. Create another by clicking the Add File from Device or Add File from PC button.

AnyRec Generate

Part 3: Customize Songs to AAC Files on Apple Music in Finder

Making a custom ringtone is not only limited to iPhone but is also accessible to your Mac. The best part of using your computer is making any ringtone out of songs from iTunes or Music library. Of course, songs that are not yours are restricted in this method. Furthermore, audio tracks purchased from iTunes Store in 2009 are restricted to use for music editing unless you update them to the new iTunes Plus format. But if you have your own music, follow the instructions below. You can make your AC3 to AAC to set as a ringtone.

Step 1.Open your Mac's Music or iTunes app and select the desired song from the library. Right-click the song you desire to be a ringtone and choose the Download button. Remember that the ringtone can only play for 30 seconds of the song, so you must choose the part you want as the ringtone.

iTunes Download

Step 2.After downloading, click the song and choose the Get Info option from the drop-down list. From the Info window, go to the Options tab, and enter the start and end parts you want to get as the ringtone. Click the OK button to confirm the changes.

iTunes Options Start End

Step 3.Once the song is in your music library, you should set AAC as its default format. Go to the iTunes menu and click Settings from the submenu. Click the Files button, then head to the Import Settings menu. Click the AAC Encoder button from the Import Using drop-down, then click the OK button.

iTunes Import Settings

Step 4.Highlight the song from the library, click the File menu, and select the Convert option. Choose the Create AAC Version option and wait for the conversion to be completed. Drag the converted file to your desktop, and don’t forget to rename the copy as an M4R extension.

iTunes Create ACC Version

Step 5.Connect your smartphone to the computer with a compatible cable. The iPhone’s info will appear on the side panel of iTunes; drag the audio file to the sidebar to transfer it to your phone. Set the ringtone via the default way.

iTunes iPhone Sidebar

Part 4: Make Your Own Music with GarageBand and Set it to Ringtone

If you wish to make a custom ringtone on your iPhone, the GarageBand app can help you with the task. It is a free app with many features, including a custom loop, remix FX, and more. It makes setting the ringtone easier because you can access the phone’s settings sounds. Moreover, the app allows you to make music from scratch by plugging instruments like guitar or piano. And you can record a song as iPhone ringtone of your homemade music.

Step 1.Launch the app and tap the Plus button from the upper right corner of the screen. Select the desired instrument from the Tracks tab to capture new audio. A loops category is also available from the Live Loops section for presets. Tap the Record button to begin recording.

Garageband Record

Step 2.After recording, tap the Record button again to stop. Use the Green Play button to hear a preview of the recorded audio. You can also rename the file to identify it when setting it as your call ringtone. Press and hold the audio file to reveal a menu.

Garageband Stop Preview

Step 3.Tap the Share button and choose the Ringtone option. Save the audio by tapping the Export button. After saving it, you can directly set the audio as the ringtone by selecting the Use Sound As option from the pop-up menu.

Garageband Share Ringtone

Part 5: Buy More Ringtones on iTunes

Does making a custom ringtone too hard for you? The last solution to change the ringtone on your iPhone is to purchase one from the iTunes Store. You can buy various ringtones, including alert tones and text tones. Follow the steps below to avail of ringtones from the iTunes Store.

Step 1.Launch iTunes Store, go to the More menu and tap the Tones button. You can use the Search to look for a specific ringtone or browse randomly. Select a tone to listen for the preview or read more information.

iTunes Store Purchase

Step 2.Tap the price of the tone to buy. If you have purchased from another device and wish to use it on the current phone, go to Sounds & Haptics. Tap any sound from the Sounds and Vibration Patterns and tap Download All Purchased Tones.

Part 6: FAQs about Making a Ringtone on iPhone


Making a custom ringtone on your iPhone is easy with a default way. But you can spice up your caller’s ringtones by creating your own audio or purchasing one from the iTunes Store. If you don’t want to buy a ringtone, make the best sound with AnyRec PhoneMover on your PC. Try the free trial version now!

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