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Lynn has been devoting her career to exploring all kinds of software even though she wasn't a specialist in such an area at the very beginning and majored in a totally different subject back to campus. However, driven by her interest in software and writing, she first started to write simple short reviews about easy programs like recording or editing tools after graduation. Step after step, her passion for digging up the highlights of a program remains, and becomes an indispensable member of AnyRec Studio.


During Lynn's career, she has explored numerous topics related to software reviews. She did not stop there and furthered her writing by continuing to write in a wider range of apps or software topics such as solutions, tips, troubleshooting, and so on. Therefore, as an integral part of AnyRec Studio, she has contributed to many passages and articles in almost every field.


Due to Lynn's passion for writing and software, she enjoys learning new programs in her spare time for more inspiration and knowledge. Meanwhile, the software is not her only interest. Lynn also spends the weekends relaxing by cooking and studying new recipes. Maybe that's why Lynn is good at writing all kinds of detailed steps.

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