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Learning how to record screens on Windows 10 with Xbox is easy. You can quickly capture games and desktops with just a few presses of a button/hotkeys! However, some drawbacks make it a challenging choice. These drawbacks include a fixed full screen, fixed storage path, fixed format, quality, etc. Thus, this post collects the five best Xbox alternatives for Windows screen recording. Discover how great they are in the table below!

Alternatives to Xbox Modul de capturare Capture Area System Audio and Microphone Recording Customizable Output Settings Quality (Resolution)
AnyRec Screen Recorder Video, Audio, Webcam, Phone Recorders and Screenshot. Desktop, active window, and a specific screen portion. 4K, 2K, and 1080p resolution.
Instrument de decupare Screenshot and Screen Recording. Specific screen area via dragging the lines. × × The same as your desktop resolution display.
VLC Media Player Desktop Recording. Only support desktop capturing. The same as your desktop resolution.
OBS Studio Desktop, Game, Image, Webcam, etc. Full screen, active windows, and specific regions. 1080p to much higher resolution.
Bandicam Game, Screen, and Device Recording. Entire window screen, rectangular area, and webcam. From standard one to 4K.

Alternative 1: AnyRec Screen Recorder

Unlike Xbox screen recording on Windows 10, you may want to use a tool that offers various controls like AnyRec Screen Recorder. This tool provides multiple screen-recording options, including a Video (Desktop/Window) Recorder, Game Recorder, Phone Recorder, etc. No matter you want to record which activity, you can choose your desired area to capture: full screen, active window, or specific screen portion. It also offers customizable settings to modify/set the output format, quality, and file directory! Now, how to record a screen on Windows 10 without Xbox using AnyRec Screen Recorder? Explore the subsequent sections below!

Pachetul AnyRec Screen Recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Record desktop, game, phone, etc., with no watermark, time limit, and lag.

Provide resolution options to record your phone: 4K, 2K, 1080p, and more.

Offer various output video qualities: Low, Normal, High, and Very High.

Infused with customizable settings that let you format, bitrate, frame rate, etc.

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Pasul 1.Install AnyRec Screen Recorder on your Windows 10/11. You can get the video recorder once you open the program.

Select Screen Recorder Feature

Pasul 2.Click “Full” to capture the whole screen or click “Custom” and select the screen portion. Next, turn on the “System Sound” switch to capture your computer’s audio.

Select Region To Capture

Pasul 3.To obtain a high-quality output, click the “Setting” dropdown button and select the “Output Setting” option. Then, you can adjust the format, frame rate, quality, etc.

Modificați setările de ieșire

Pasul 4.Finally, click the “REC” button to initiate the screen recording process. After recording screen on Window 10 without Xbox, click the “Stop” button and clip the recordings as you like.

Cut Off Parts Export Recording
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Alternative 2: Snipping Tool

Apart from the first Windows 10 Game DVR (Xbox) alternative, the new version of the Snipping Tool can also show you simple steps on how to screen record on Windows 10 without Xbox. In addition to taking screenshots of various desktop screens, it can now also record on-screen activities. However, this version of the Snipping Tool is only made available under Windows 11. To use it, you must first update your computer to Windows 11 to record the screen on Windows 10/11 without a Game Bar.

Pasul 1. Access the Windows Search by pressing your keyboard's "Windows"key. Then, type in the "Snipping Tool"and click on it. Next, select the “Record” tab and click the “+New” button.

Access Snipping Tool Click Record New

Pasul 2.After that, drag the dotted lines to the specific area you wish to record. Next, click the "Start"button to record screen on Windows 11 with Snipping Tool.

Adjust Capture Area Click Start

Pasul 3.Once you are done recording, click "Stop". Then, click the "Save as"button at the top right corner to save your recording.

Stop Save Recording

Alternative 3: VLC Media Player

Now, if the Snipping Tool doesn’t work out, another alternative to Xbox is VLC Media Player. In addition to its ability to play different video and audio formats, VLC Media Player is infused with other features, including recording on-screen activities. The only drawback of using VLC is that it is not a dedicated screen recorder tool. In that case, expect it only supports limited screen recording features; it is pretty complex to navigate things and export output with large file sizes. However, it’s still better than recording screen with Xbox Game Bar.

Pasul 1.Run the VLC Media Player on your Windows 10 computer. After that, click the "Media"tab and select the “Open Capture Device” option.

Media Capture Device

Pasul 2.Next, click the “Capture Device” tab, click the "Capture Mode"dropdown button, and select the "Desktop" option. Then, choose your desired “frame rate” value.

Select Desktop

Pasul 3.After that, click the dropdown button below and select the “Convert/Save” option. Then, choose your desired output file directory by clicking the “Browse” button.

Select Output File Directory

Pasul 4. Once you are done, click the "Start"button. Then, click “Record” at the lower left corner to start the on-screen recording on Windows 10 without Xbox.

Faceți clic pe butonul Start

Pasul 5. Once you are done recording, click "Stop". There you go! Those are the simple steps to use VLC to record screen on Windows.

Click Stop Button

Alternative 4: OBS Studio

Another alternative tool to Xbox that can also lead you how to record screens on Windows 10 without a Game Bar is the OBS Studio. Compared to VLC and Snipping Tool, OBS Studio offers many screen recording features! It is also a complete setup of an audio mixer, scene, scene transitions, controls, etc. Another thing worth mentioning is that it can produce high-quality video and sound! However, OBS is intimidating and may be challenging to utilize. But that’s okay since this post listed simple steps/stages to screen record on Windows 10 without Xbox using OBS Studio:

Pasul 1.Install the OBS Studio on your computer. Then, run the tool, click the "Plus"button under the "Sources" section, and select the "Display Capture" option.

Select Display Capture

Pasul 2.Next, select your preferred "Capture and Display" method in the next window. You can also tick the checkbox to display your cursor while recording the screen without Xbox. Then, click "OK".

Select Capture Display Method

Pasul 3.Specify OBS settings for recording based on your need. Later, click “Start Recording” to record the screen. Once you are done, click "Stop Recording".

Alternative 5: Bandicam

Bandicam is the last tool you can use as an Xbox alternative to record screen on Windows 10/11. Compared to OBS Studio, Bandicam offers a much easy-to-understand interface and features. Unlike other screen recorder tools, this tool can record games with up to 480 FPS. Moreover, it lets you record lectures, calls, and whatever you wish. But please remember that this tool’s free version only allows you to record on-screen activity that lasts only 10 minutes. Now, if you think that recording duration is already enough for you, then take time following the steps below showing you how to record screen on Windows 10 without Xbox:

Pasul 1.Install and run Bandicam on your computer. Then, click the dropdown button at the top left corner of the tool to choose a screen recording mode.

Pasul 2.Next, click “REC” to start recording, then go to the on-screen subject you wish to record. And that’s the steps on how to record screens on PC without Xbox via Bandicam.

Record Screen Bandicam



After exploring the tools above and their corresponding steps showing you how to screen on Windows 10 without Xbox, you can now record any on-screen activities! Plus, you can now obtain various controls over your screen recording. But, among those tools above, AnyRec Screen Recorder is the best! With this tool’s powerful features and high-quality output, you can acquire the best screen recording experience on your Windows 10 without Xbox! So, what are you waiting for? Start using this tool today!

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