[2024] Top 20 Sound Recorders for PC/Mac/iOS/Android/Online

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When you want to capture video calls, music, notes and more from system and external audio, here are 20 sound recorders on all devices:

  • AnyRec Screen Recorder: Capture high-quality sound on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.
  • Adobe Audition: Record, edit, and mix audio on Windows after expensive payment.
  • Audacity: A free sound recorder with few features and output support.
  • GarageBand: Record sound with electric instruments and save in large sizes.
  • Vocaroo: Capture sound online and share them via links, Emails, etc.
  • Needom Studio Sound Recorder: Record and trim sound to make a ringtone.
  • Voice Memos: Default iOS sound recorder with automatic silence skip.
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Sound Recorder

No matter you want to create a music demo, capture a meeting call, or make a podcast, a sound recorder is necessary for you. There is no need to buy a digital voice recorder for hundreds of dollars, and you can easily turn your phone or computer into your free audio recorder. Read this article to find the best sound recorder with high-quality clear audio and start recording notes, voiceovers, interviews, conversations, ideas, and more.

Best Sound Recorder Software [Most Recommended] Other 10 Desktop Sound Recorder Software Top 3 Free Sound Recorders Online Top 6 Sound Recorder Apps FAQs of Sound Recorders

Best Sound Recorder Software [Most Recommended]

For most users, AnyRec Screen Recorder is the top choice from too many sound recorders. You can capture computer audio and microphone voice simultaneously with different volumes. To be more specific, you can improve sound recording quality by cancelling the noise and increasing your voice. After recording your sound, you can save it in many popular formats, including MP3, AAC, WAV, and more.

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AnyRec Sound Recorder

Record high-quality sound with internal and external microphones.

Microphone noise cancellation and microphone enhancement support.

Able to adjust the volume separately even during the audio recording.

Save the sound recording to MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, OGG, FLAC, etc.

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Step 1.Free download, install, and launch AnyRec Screen Recorder. Click the "Audio Recorder" button to access the sound recorder for PC/Mac.

Select Audio Recorder

Step 2.Turn on "Microphone" to record the voice from the internal or external microphone. If you want to adjust the sound coming from your computer, you can turn on "System Sound" as well.

Enable Microphone

Note: If you activate the sound recording software, you can enhance microphone sound, reduce microphone noise, and change the microphone source from its drop-down list.

Microphone Noise Cancellation

Step 3.Click "Preferences" from the Menu list and change the sound recording format and location from the "Output" pane. Click "OK" to save changes.

Output Preferences

Step 4.Click the "REC" button to start recording with the sound recorder for PC or Mac software. You can pause and resume sound recording on your computer without a time limit.

Record Audio

Step 5.After audio recording, you can use the audio trimmer to remove unwanted audio clips. Later, click the "Save" button to record and save the audio to MP3 on Windows 10.

Save Audio Recording
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Other 10 Desktop Sound Recorder Software

Still want to get recommendations of other audio and voice recorders? From this section, you can get 10 free and paid sound recorder software for Windows and Mac. No matter you want to record sound on Windows 10 and Mac with simple or advanced tools, you can get satisfying results here.

Top 5 Sound Recorders for Windows PC

Windows Sound RecorderWindows OSPriceProsCons
Windows 10 Voice RecorderWindows 10FreeDefault Windows voice recording software. No need to download anything.The maximum sound recording time limit reaches 3 hours.
Adobe AuditionWindows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/VistaStarts from $20.99/monthlyAdobe Audition is your one-stop solution to record, edit, mix, and restore audio.If you want to record Windows sound only, it is too expensive to use.
RecordPADWindows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/VistaStarts from $2.21/monthlyIt provides not only sound recording but also ripping and burning support.RecordPAD is not a beginner-friendly sound recorder.
AudacityWindows 10/8/7FreeA lightweight sound recorder and editor for all users.Audacity sound recorder is unstable due to some unknown bugs.
ArdourWindows 11/10/8.1/8/7Starts from $199.99Allow composers and engineers work together from all over the world.Harsh learning curve, which is too complicated to use.

1. Windows 10 Voice Recorder – Free Sound Recorder for Windows 10

Voice Recorder is a free sound recorder for Windows 10. You can record voice and sound through Windows microphone into MP3 format for up to 180 minutes. The sound recording file will be saved into the Recording folder by default.It is completely free to record voice on Windows 10 with the Voice Recorder app, but there are no extra audio recording and editing options. If you want to quickly start and stop voice recording on Windows 10, it is a good Windows 10 sound recorder you can choose.

Windows 10 Voice Recorder

2. Adobe Audition – Professional Sound Recording Software for High-level Users

Compared with other sound recorder software, Adobe Audition is quite outstanding. You can record, edit and repair audio with multi-tracking support. Its complex and powerful audio functionalities are good for musicians, vloggers, and podcasters. Here you can record vinyl into Audition for further editing. By the way, its noise print feature can auto-detect and remove a matching noise smartly. However, the professional-level sound recorder and editor is expensive to use. The basic subscription starts from $20.99 per month.

Adobe Audition

3. RecordPAD – Your Audio Recorder and Editor

You can record computer sound, music, and voice on Windows with NCH RecordPAD. The sound recording for PC software can record all kinds of audio to MP3 and WAV formats. (Record and convert MP3 to AIFF if necessary.) Because of the powerful command line support, you can record and integrate audio to run with other audio editing software easily. For example, you can record audio and then burn it into a CD directly.

NCH RecordPad

4. Audacity – Open-source Sound Recorder

Audacity can work as your free sound recorder software for Windows as well. Moreover, you can convert and edit multiple audio tracks after recording. For example, you can record sound with Audacity to MP3, OGG, WAV, and AIFF format first. Later, you can combine the audio recording track with other sound effects and tracks too.


5. Ardour – Open and Collaborative Sound Recording Software

Before recording sound with Ardour, you need to set your computer as a DAW-Digital Audio Workstation first. Different from common audio recorders, Ardour allows users to work multiple tracks in customizable ways at the same time. So multiple users can collaborate from different locations easily. The desktop sound recorder software requires high hardware performance. So if your computer doesn’t work well, you may encounter screen recording not working issue.

AnyRec Sound Recorder for Windows

Capture any computer and microphone sound to MP3 clearly and easily. You can record sound on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 for up to 3 minutes for free all the time.

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Free Download

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Top 5 Sound Recorder for Mac

Mac Sound RecorderMac OSPriceProsCons
QuickTime PlayerMac OS X 10.0 or aboveFreeRecord screen and audio on Mac with an intuitive interface.Need to install virtual audio drive to record Mac computer sound with QuickTime Player.
GarageBandMac OS X 11.0 or aboveFreeMake GarageBand recording with vocals and electric instruments.The GarageBand project files are in large file sizes.
OcenaudioMac OS X 11.0 or aboveFreeSupport audio recording and audio manipulation with a media library.Ocenaudio sound recorder crashes or freezes occasionally.
Logic Pro XMac OS X 11.0 or above$199.99Record sound on Mac with virtual instruments.It is more like music editing software. For beginners, it is hard to find audio recording options quickly.
Audio HijackFrom Mac OS X 12 to Mac OS X 10.14.4$59Record application audio and hardware audio to MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, ALAC, or FLAC.The Audio Hijack workflow is complicated for starters.

1. QuickTime Player – Default Sound and Screen Recorder for Mac

QuickTime Player is a default media player and sound recorder for all Apple users. You can record the microphone voice with QuickTime Player directly. However, if you want to record internal audio on Mac, you need to install a third-party SoundFlower or BlackHole virtual audio driver first. The maximum QuickTime audio recording reaches 4410 HZ AAC audio and uncompressed linear PCM 24-bit AIFF-C audio. Here you can get the detailed steps to record audio with QuickTime on Mac.

QuickTime Player

2. GarageBand – Apple Sound Recorder and Music Creation Software

GarageBand is more like a music recorder for Mac users. You can record and mix music with the free sound recorder for Mac software. Furthermore, you can explore interesting sound effects from the GarageBand library, such as guitar, drums, piano, and many other instruments. Thus, you can add amps and effects to your sound recording to create excellent music. However, the audio recording file size is large. A 30-minute GarageBand recording project with 4 tracks is around 1GB or so.


Further Reading

3. Ocenaudio – Your Functional Sound Recorder and Editor

Ocenaudio sound recorder supports virtual studio technology (VST). Thus, you can add audio effects to your sound recording within Ocenaudio directly. You can fine-tune audio tracks and make industry-standard audio with desktop sound recording software. If the Ocenaudio dashboard is difficult to use, you can get Ocenaudio tutorial videos on YouTube for further reference.


Further Reading

4. Logic Pro X – DAW and Sound Recording Software for Mac

Logic Pro X is a sound recorder and music editor designed for Mac users. You can turn your mac into a professional studio for almost all demanding audio projects. With the built-in beats and melodies, you can capture all compositions and performances into songs on Mac. The price of Logic Pro X sound recorder full version is $199.99. It is kind of expensive for newbies. If you just are looking for a Mac voice recorder only, then it may not be your first choice. By the way, here're the solutions for Logic Pro X not working you may need.

Logic Pro X

5. Audio Hijack – Record and Broadcast Audio on Mac

Audio Hijack is a sound and audio recorder that can record both computer and microphone sound on Mac. You can record internal audio on Mac to MP3 with Audio Hijack, including application audio, browser audio, etc. Moreover, you can record internal and external microphones with Audio Hijack on Mac into digital files. In addition, you can add 10 band EQ, balance, bass & treble, and other built-in audio effects to your recording file. However, you need to buy other bundles and upgrades to explore all Audio Hijack features.

Audio Hijack
AnyRec Sound Recorder for Mac

Record audio on Mac from Internet, browser, application, microphone, and other sources. Safe, clean, and easy to use.

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Free Download

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Top 3 Free Sound Recorder Online

If you rarely record audio and voice on Mac, you can use an online sound recorder as well. There is no need to download or install desktop sound recording programs. Just open a voice recorder to record voice from the microphone online for free. Compared with desktop sound recorders for PC and Mac, online voice recorders provide fewer recording and output functions. If you are okay with that, you can continue reading to get 3 recommended free sound recorders online.

1. Online Voice Recorder – MP3 Sound Recorder Online

It is a free online MP3 audio recorder that can be used in most browsers. Before recording, you can select which microphone source (default/external) to use. Later, you can click its "Microphone" button to start recording voice to MP3 directly. Online Voice Recorder can auto-detect and delete silent fragments at the beginning and end of your recording. So you can make your MP3 sound recording smaller.


Adjust microphone settings and inputs.

Pause and resume sound recording without a time limit.

Extract any audio clip and save it into MP3 format.

Provide a sound recorder Chrome extension.


Contain ads on the online sound recorder screen.

MP3 is the only output audio recording format.

2. Vocaroo

Vocaroo is your one-click free sound recorder. You can record sound online with one click. Vocaroo enables background noise removal and auto-adjust the volume by default in recorder settings. Thus, you can get a high-quality voice recording file with Vocaroo. After recording, the online sound recorder allows users to share or share it. Here you can get your sound recording via URL, QR code, download, email, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or WhatsApp (Check iPhone WhatsApp call recording).


Remove background noise and auto-adjust the volume during recording by default.

Record sound and generate into a link for embedding or sharing.

Share your audio recording to multiplatform.

Upload an audio file and convert it into a sharable link.


The online free sound recorder capture microphone sound only.

No audio editing support.


3. Rev Online Voice Recorder

REV is not only an online MP3 sound recorder but also an online transcription service. You can record audio online for free in MP3 format. But if you want to transcribe your MP3 recording with Rev human transcription service, you need to pay $0.25 or higher per minute.


Record and playback audio with visual waveform.

Fast forward, rewind, trim your audio recording before export.

Transcribe MP3 audio recording to text after payment.

The voice recorder online has an intuitive interface.


The online MP3 sound recorder works Chrome on Windows/Mac/Android. As for iPhone users, you need to use Rev online sound recorder on Safari only.

No internal audio recording support.

Rev Online Voice Recorder

AnyRec Desktop Sound Recorder

Record sound playing and coming from your computer for offline playback. You can capture what you hear and what you say into an MP3 file directly.

Top 6 Sound Recorder Apps

If there is no computer around, you can turn your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android into a free sound recorder too. Just install a third-party voice recorder app for iPhone and Android. (In some cases, you may need a voice recorder to secretly record audio.) Later, you can record meetings, take notes, and more without missing a second.

Top 3 Sound Recorder for Android

1. Voice Recorder Offered by Quality Apps

By using Quality Apps Voice Recorder, you can record songs, lectures, meetings, and personal notes on Android to MP3 and OGG (convert OGG to MP3). There is no maximum time limit. Thus, you can record audio on Android for hours. Even though your display screen is off, the Voice Recorder app can still record audio in the background. Thus, you can feel free to record your voice with this Android voice recorder app.


Record MP3 audio with adjustable sample rate from 8 to 44 kHz.

The Android sound recorder apk can work in the background with display off.

Share Android sound recording via email, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.


Not support Android call recording. (Check all call recording apps for Android and iPhone.)

May crash or stop working because of unexpected glitches.

Quality Apps Voice Recorder

2. Needom Studio Sound Recorder

Needom Studio Sound Recorder is capable to record and edit sound on Android. You can trim your audio recording for Android ringtone and other uses. (Or you can record a ringtone with more choices.) Compared with other sound recorder applications, Needom Studio Sound Recorder uses .amr as the output audio format. You can play an AMR file with Windows Media Player. Or you can convert AMR to MP3 and other formats.


Show the recording status bar on the top notification bar.

Record sound on Android in the background.

Display audio band with the graphical interface.


The stop recording option does not work occasionally.

The SMS sharing support is not available in recent updates.

3. Digipom Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder gets 4.7/5 score based on 455,653+ reviews. As you can see, it is a popular sound and voice recorder app for Android users. You can record audio with high quality for hours. However, many advanced sound recording and editing features are available for Pro users only. You need to pay $1.49 to $3.99 per item to improve the Android audio recording experience.


The sound recorder for Android app uses PCM, MP4, and AMR as output formats.

Record sound from your smartwatch to digital audio files.

Use shortcuts to quickly start a new audio recording.


The Easy Voice Recorder free version does not support audio trimming.

Need to upgrade to Easy Voice Recorder to record and save the audio to MP3 and AAC. (You may want to know AAC VS AC3.)

Top 3 Sound Recorder for iPhone

1. Voice Memos

The Voice Memos app has been installed on all Apple iOS and Mac devices. You can record, trim and save sound from a built-in microphone, Bluetooth headset, or compatible external microphone. Voice Memos is highly compatible with other iOS apps. You can share voice recordings via email, Airdrop, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Notes, and more within the iOS 15 sound recorder app.


Skip gap and silence automatically in your sound recording.

The iPhone sound recorder app works with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch smartly.

Edit audio recording precisely with pinch-to-zoom.


The Voice Memos no audio sound issue is annoying.

Voice Memos freezes or fails to work normally after processing large audio files.

Voice Memos

2. Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

Just as its name shows, it is not a simple sound recorder for iPhone app. You can record and edit iPhone audio with powerful features. For example, you can passcode protect, loop, and trim recordings on iPhone within the application. Its cloud and share support are also useful.


Use 3D touch to start and stop recording sound from the iPhone home screen quickly.

Encrypt your recording audios with a password.

Add notes and transcribe audio recordings to text after purchasing.


Require your carrier for 3-way conference calling to use its call recorder feature. (Check how to record WhatsApp call on iPhone.)

Auto deletes your iPhone sound recordings in 7 days.

Voice Recorder Audio Editor

3. AudioShare

AudioShare is your smart iPhone sound recorder and manager app. You can record, trim, convert, and edit audio recordings in one stop. After recording, you can organize your sound files and manage AUM recordings. What’s more, the iPhone sound recorder app intergrades with SoundCloud. So you can record and share songs to SoundCloud on your iPhone directly.


Record external microphones and inter-app audio to M4A, AAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, or CAF.

Play and record sound in 96k, 48k, 44.1k, 22k, 11k, and 8k sample rates.

Organize, transfer, convert, and edit recording audios.


The iPhone sound recording app hasn’t been updated for 1+ year.

Need to spend $4.99 to record voice and audio on iPhone.

AnyRec iPhone Android Audio Recorder

Record iPhone and Android screen video and audio with a 100% success rate.

Free Download

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Free Download

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FAQs of Sound Recorders

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These are your best sound recorders of 2024 for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and even Linux. You can use all the above sound recorders to capture voice from the microphone. What makes AnyRec Screen Recorder different? Well, its lightweight and clean interface is really friendly to beginners. You can record computer audio on Mac/PC without installing plugins or virtual audio drivers. Within simple clicks, you can record audio from websites, apps, programs, games, and more for permanent playback.

Free Download

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