How to Record Voice on MacBook Pro/Air from All Microphones

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There are many scenarios that you need to record voice on Mac, such as lectures, interviews, podcasts, ideas, meetings, and more. It is hard to choose the best voice recording software for all Mac users. Because different people focus on different functions in work and daily life. If you are new to voice recording on MacBook Pro or Air, here are some helpful suggestions.

How to Record Voice on Mac with AnyRec Screen Recorder

No matter you want to record voice through Mac microphone, or record Mac screen video with your voice, AnyRec Screen Recorder is your smart solution. It can record screen video with audio from microphone with the original quality. The entire recording process can be completed in few clicks. So it is a good choice for both beginners and professionals.

Screen Recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Record voice directly or alongside screen video on Mac effortlessly.

Get customizable output audio formats and quality options.

Trim unwanted audio clips with the built-in trimmer.

Screen record with both internal and external audio.

Free Download

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Free Download

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Step 1.Once you have already installed AnyRec Screen Recorder, you can click the "Audio Recorder" button. Enable the "Microphone" option to record microphone voice on Mac. Moreover, you can also enable the "System Sound" option to record internal audio on Mac.

Audio Recorder For Mac

Step 2.Click the "Settings" button and choose the "Output" tab from the left menu. After that, you can adjust the audio quality and audio format. Moreover, you can click the "Open the Sound dialog" link to adjust the audio volume and check the audio drivers before recording audio files.

Tweak Audio Settings

Step 3.When everything is ready, you can click the "REC" button to record the voice file from the microphone. Once you have captured the desired audio files, you can click the "Stop" button to save the microphone voice on your MacBook. After that, you can preview the video directly.

Record Audio On Macbook

Step 4.Just play the audio recording on your MacBook. Click the "Clip" button to trim the desired audio with the start point and endpoint. After that, you can listen to the recording, rename the file, save it to another folder, or share the audio file with social media sites.

Free Download

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Free Download

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How to Record a Voice Memo on Mac

If you just need to record voice files on MacBook Pro, Voice Memos is the default app to get the desired files. Different from QuickTime Player, the voice recorder app saves the recorded audio files in M4A format. Moreover, you can also edit the audio files within the program.

Step 1.Launch the "Voice Memos" app from the "Application" folder. Click the "Record" button to start recording voice memos from the built-in microphone on your MacBook.

Step 2.Click the "Done" button to save the audio recording file. You can find this voice memo by ~/Library/Application Support/ folder.

Step 3.To polish the recording audio, you can select the recording from the left panel, then click the "Edit" button and choose the Trim option to cut out the desired audio.

Record Voice Memo On Mac

How to Record Your Voice on Mac with QuickTime Player

How to record voice from an external device on MacBook? Once you have connected the external microphone, you can select the device and capture the voice on Mac with QuickTime Player. But if you want to record internal audio on Mac, you need to install Soundflower or BlackHole add-on first.

Step 1.Open QuickTime Player. Click the "New Audio Recording" button from the top "File" dropdown list.

Step 2.In the new recording window that appears, click the small arrow to the right of the "Record" button. Select your external Microphone as the recording input and make sure the meters register the signal.

Step 3.Click the "Record" button to make a voice recording on Mac. Later, click "Save" from the top "File" list to set a path folder.

External Device Quicktime

How to Do Music Production on Mac with GarageBand

To capture your voice on Mac for music production, GarageBand is more than a voice recorder for Mac, but also an audio editor to polish the recording. It’s rich with features and offers the best level of compatibility. Just learn more about the detailed process as below.

Step 1.Launch the GarageBand app on your MacBook. You can open up a new project file and choose the "Voice" preset to create a new session with five separate voice-ready tracks.

Step 2.Click the "Narration Vocal" button to approach recording vocals. You click the "Record" button before singing into the microphone and use the slider in this window to adjust your recording level.

Step 3.To stop recording, press the "Spacebar" key to save the recording on your MacBook. After that, you can edit the voice recording and remove any unwanted noises from your vocal tracks.

Record Voice Garageband Mac



All in all, recording voice on Mac is a straightforward process. For simple and free audio recording experience, you can use the default Mac apps, including Voice Memos, QuickTime Player, and GarageBand. But if you need smoother Mac recording experience along with advanced editing tools, AnyRec Screen Recorder is worth a try.

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Free Download

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