MP3 Paw Review – What Happened to MP3 Paw and Your Solutions

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MP3 Paw used to be a worldwide music download website. You can search and download songs from MP3 Paw com to your phone or computer for free. However, The MP3 Paw music download website does not go smoothly since November 2020. What happened to MP3 Paw website? Can you get tools alternative to MP3 Paw download? Don't worry about that. You can get detailed information about MP3 Paw here.

MP3 Paw Review - Is MP3 Paw Good to Use?

According to the research, MP3 Paw starts from January 2019. The user group grows rapidly. After 1 year, MP3 Paw attracts about 1,887,449 users. However, MP3 Paw music download site does not last long. Since September 2020, MP3 Paw traffic drops unexpectedly. It seems that MP3 Paw old version disappears.

MP3 Paw Traffic

What happened to MP3Paw? Is MP3 Paw down? Well, the answer is No. When you type MP3Paw com in the search engine and press the Enter key on your keyboard, you can still get an alternative tool. It is true that www mp3paw com is still available. The music download website just changes from MP3 Paw com to MP3 Paw Wiki. The MP3 Paw old version hides itself and redirects you to a new version.

MP3 Paw Website

However, when you click the MP3 Paw search engine, a new window pops up. MP3 Paw just leads you into a new website, which is allhugeblog. If you click the list of MP3 Paw top MP3 music downloads, there is also an annoying popup. But you can get an MP3 Paw song download page. Here you can get options to share, play, download, or make a ringtone of a song within Paw MP3.

MP3 Paw Download

Can you download a song from MP3 Paw? The answer is No. The MP3 Paw download MP3 option does not respond. If you want to download free music for offline listening, MP3 Paw is not your right choice anymore.

6 MP3 Paw Alternatives - Better MP3 Music Download Sites and Tools

No matter you visit MP3Paw com, MP3Paw wiki, MP3Paw biz, MP3Paw cool, MP3Paw lol, MP3Paw tv, and other similar websites, you cannot download MP3 and MP4 from MP3Paw as usual. But don’t worry about that. You can get other websites alternative to MP3Paw.

Best MP3 Paw Alternative - Your 100% Working MP3 Paw Alternative

If you want to get a safe MP3 Paw alternative to download free MP3 music, AnyRec Screen Recorder is your first choice. You can record screen video and audio to MP4, MP3 and other formats with high quality. Compared with MP3 Paw free music tool, there is no popup or ads. You can download tops songs from any platform for offline listening. It is also possible to download movies with the MP3 Paw alternative.

Screen Recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Record all Music to MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, OGG, WMA, and OPUS for easy playback.

Add microphone voice with smart audio optimization.

No maximum time limit for MP3 Paw alternative audio recording.

Set hotkeys and scheduled tasks to download favorite music songs flexibly.

Safe, clean, and easy to use.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Step 1: Free download, install, and launch AnyRec Screen Recorder. Click "Audio Recorder" to get access to the MP3 Paw download alternative. By the way, if you want to record a music video on your computer, you can click Video Recorder instead. (Or you can find a music video by describing it first.)

choose audio recorder

Step 2.Step 2: Turn on "System Sound". Through this step, you can download MP3Paw music and other audio tracks successfully. Then turn on "Microphone" if you want to record music with your sound at the same time. Click "REC" to start recording on MP3 Paw.

record on mp3 paw music

Step 3.Click "Stop" to finish MP3 Paw recording. You can pre-listen and trim the MP3 Paw recording file. At last, click "Save" to get MP3 Paw free download MP3 file.

save mp3paw music
Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

5 Similar Sites Alternative to MP3 Paw - Free MP3 PAW Search and Download Sites

You cannot trust MP3 Paw com. But there are also many other MP3 Paw online alternatives you can refer to. You can head to vidtomp3, flv2mp3, and the following alternatives to get more free songs.

1. SoundCloud - One-stop MP3 Paw Music Searching and Downloading Alternative

SoundCloud is more than a music streaming website. You can play, download, and upload audio tracks to SoundCloud. It is a good way to connect other people who have the same music taste as you via the SoundCloud community. Compared with MP3 Paw download site, SoundCloud is a legal and wide platform for music buffs.

2. Jamendo Music - Legal MP3 Paw Free Alternative Online

You can get free music downloads and streaming from the online MP3 Paw alternative. There are 600,000 free songs for all Jamendo Music users. Moreover, you can download Jamendo Music app to listen to music on your mobile phone. If you want to get licensed music for commercial uses, like sound effects for TikTok videos, Jamendo Music can also be your good choice.

3. SoundClick - Get Free and Licensed Music That MP3 Paw Cannot Provide

SoundClick provides not only licensed songs but also free music. You can download free songs and beats from SoundClick. Later, you can add music to a video on Android and iOS for further editing. If the song is not free to download, you need to buy its license within SoundClick. Well, SoundClick is a safe alternative of MP3 PAW com.

4. Convert2mp3 - Free MP3 Converter Similar to MP3Paw

Convert2MP3 helps users convert music to MP3 format for offline playback. In the past time, Convert2MP3 allows users to download MP3 via links. But Convert2MP3 does not always work properly. Just like MP3 Paw, Convert2MP3 contain popups and redirects.

5. BeeMP3 - Free MP3 Search and Download Engine Better than MP3Paw

BeeMP3 is a good MP3 Paw free alternative. You can search for popular songs within the BeeMP3 engine. Later, you can play or download the song into the MP3 format (Or you can use an online MP3 converter to change audio formats for free as well.). Though BeeMP3 will redirect you to a not-related website, you can still download a song to MP3 successfully. By the way, the current link of the MP3 Paw alternative is BeeMP3S Net.

FAQs of MP3 Paw


There is no official MP3 Paw website. In the past time, people download songs from MP3 Paw via links directly. But MP3 Paw is not trustable now. If you want to search and download your favorite music, you can choose from the above MP3 Paw alternatives. You can stream and download music on your phone or computer legally. Of course, some MP3 PAW music tools require a subscription or one-time payment.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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