Emma Sanchez Editor

Working Experience:

Through a decade of active working experience in the technology industry, Emma has engaged herself in writing all kinds of posts like reviews, press releases, tips, and so on for magazines, newspapers, and tech start-ups like AnyRec Studio. After so many years of exploration and dedication, Emma finds her final interest lying in the field of DVD topic and is now always trying her best to deliver excellent tips about DVD and Blu-ray.


As an enthusiast of DVDs, Emma devotes most of her career time to composing tips related to DVDs or Blu-ray. Meanwhile, Emma also contributed her effort when developing AnyRec DVD Creator, Blu-ray Creator, and other DVD programs, which also explains why she composes most DVD topics for AnyRec Studio.


Emma is an introvert who likes to spend most of her free time with her dog - Summer. She also enjoys collecting Blu-rays of classic movies and watching them during weekends.

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