TikTok Sound Effects – How to Customize Your Favorite TikTok Songs

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Get 5 best TikTok sound effects websites: Voicy, Pikbest, Myinstants, Viral 100, and Tokbord. With the top 100 soundboard, you can create fantastic TikTok videos. The best recorder - AnyRec Screen Recorder can also help you easily record any TikTok sound effects for use.

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TikTok Sound Effects

What are the best TikTok sound effects to make viral TikTok videos? If you want to add some special songs or audio effects, the copyright is the first thing you need to take into consideration. How to customize special TikTok sound effects? Just learn more about the free songs and sound effects from TikTok or capture one from another TikTok video.

5 Best TikTok Sound Effects Websites [Free Download]

If you have ideas about the desired TikTok sound effect, you can explore more from some websites. Whether you know the names, links, and lyrics to the tracks, you can search for the songs from Tokboard, Voicy, Myinstants, and more others.

Method 1: Top 100 Soundboard from Voicy

Voicy is one of the best online TikTok sound effects websites, which provide multiple soundboards, such as Official soundboards, Top 100, Weekly, Sound GIFs, and others. It has a great mix of amazing classic dank memes, great movie quotes, epic moments, and more others.

Voicy TikTok Effects

Method 2: 6000 TikTok Sound Effects from Myinstants

When you want to search for a viral TikTok sound effect, Myinstants is the desired website. Whether you need to find some new music files or get the latest trending for TikTok, you can listen, share, or download your favorite songs from the website within few clicks.

Myinstants TikTok Sound

Method 3: 100 Weekly TikTok Sound Effect from Viral 100

If you need to have the latest TikTok sound effects in MP3, Viral 100 provides the hottest music files weekly. It includes views, comments, shares, likes, and engagements. You can only listen to the music files, but cannot download the viral sound effect without a subscription.

Viral 100 TikTok Sound

Method 4: 700 Popular TikTok Sound Effects from Pikbest

Pikbest is another popular website to download TikTok sound effects, which you can listen to the music files, share to social media sites, and download the sound effects. But you have to subscribe to the service before downloading the files as the video background.

Pikbest TikTok Sound

Method 5: Top 470 TikTok Sound Effects from Tokboard

Tokboard has a daily update for the popular TikTok sound effects. It has different categories for sounds and users for TikTok, which you can get the foreign music files. But you should pay attention to privacy if you want to download music files.

Tokboard TikTok Sound Effect

How to Record TikTok Sounds Effects for Editing

What should you do if you cannot download TikTok sound effects? AnyRec Screen Recorder is an all-in-one audio recorder to capture the music files and sound effects. It not only enables you to record the sound effects from TikTok, but also reduces the noise, enhances the audio quality, and saves audio in MP3 format.

Screen recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Download and record the TikTok sound effects with original quality.

Save the background music from TikTok in MP3 and other formats.

Enhance the sound quality and remove the noise from a microphone.

Trim the desired sound file and manage the recordings within clicks.

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Free Download

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Step 1.Download and install the AnyRec Screen Recorder, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the "Audio Recorder" button on the main interface to record TikTok sound effects.

Screen Recorder

Step 2.Enable the "System Sound" toggle buton to download the TikTok sound effect only. You can enable the "Microphone" recording to add your voice. Improve the sound quality with noise reduction and enhance features.

Select Audio Recorder

Step 3.Click the "REC" button to capture the audio files from TikTok. Once you have finished the recording, you can click the "Stop" button to preview your TikTok sound effect by clicking the "Done" button.

Save Audio Recording

How to Add Sound Effects to Your TikTok Videos

Once you have captured or download the TikTok sound effects in MP3, how to add a sound to your TikTok video? When you want to add the TikTok sound effect into your video, you can learn more about the step-by-step process as below.

Step 1.Once you have launched the TikTok app on your iPhone 15/14/13 or Android 14/13/12 phone, you can tap the "Add" button to upload the TikTok video you want to post on your account.

Step 2.Before you add a sound to the TikTok video, you can edit the file. For example, you can trim the unwanted parts or adjust the broadcasting speed. Tap the "Next" button to add the TikTok sound effects.

Step 3.Go to the "Sound" option to open the TikTok sound library. Find the desired sound effects from the "Playlist" menu, or even use the "Discover" tool. Just tap the "Use this sound" button and apply the sound file.

Step 4.Preview the TikTok video and adjust the sound volume properly to not influence the viewing experience. After that, you can name this video and post it on your TikTok account.

add sound on tiktok

FAQs of TikTok Sound Effect You Should Know


This article shares the 5 best websites to capture and download TikTok sound effects. Moreover, you can also record the audio files and sound effects with AnyRec Screen Recorder within few clicks. Once you get the desired sound effects, you can add them to your viral TikTok video accordingly.

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