TikTok Start Pack – 10 Best Tips and Ideas to Make a TikTok Go Viral

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TikTok is one of the most influential applications that is used by our generation right now. With over 1 billion users worldwide, we can hardly believe that anyone can go viral. How to make a TikTok Go Viral? Have you ever asked yourself why despite all the efforts of creating and uploading videos, all the time you consume in editing, and all the sweat from dancing and doing all kinds of videos, you have never gone viral?

Maybe, that’s because you’re doing something wrong, it’s now time to use these best tips that we prepared for you to make your videos are known to all. If you are a beginner, it should be the best TikTok start pack you should not miss.

10 Best Tips to Make a TikTok Video Go Viral

We know how hard it is to grow and make your name popular on TikTok, but worry no more, for with these 10 best tips, you can go viral. So, get your pen, write down these tips and apply them to your videos.

1. Join the Trends

Keeping up with the trends means going with the flow. In the TikTok world, there will always be new videos that will be viral. It can be dance, a song, a reaction and even a funny video. For example, TikTok flashing warning used to be a trend too. Imitate these viral videos with your improved performance, creativity, and even editing, by these you can get attention from the people. If you aren't able to do a trend, don’t worry just wait because a new one will come up.

Join the Trends

2. Filled Your Videos with Hashtag

Using a lot of strong and relevant hashtags to your content, can greatly increase your TikTok video to be viral. It is one of the easiest steps to get more views on TikTok, just go to your discovery page and look for the trending hashtag. Use these in your videos and remember that your videos should be related to your hashtag. In addition you can also use a hashtag generator or look for the hashtag that your competitors are using.

Filled your Videos with Hashtag

3. Pick Out Your Niche

Choosing your own content and sticking to it, gives you a high chance of being viral. Rather than imitating random videos, create your own name (Or you can change username on TikTok later.) with your comfort niche. Be it cooking, playing musical instruments, dancing, singing or anything that you’re good at. Just create videos from where you are passionate and you will see that in due time, you will grow.

Pick Out Your Niche

4. Collaboration is a Key

One big key to growing on TikTok is to have friends that you can collaborate with. Build a relationship with other TikTok influencers, and together create a video. There are some influencers on tiktok with the same platform who build their collaborative team like Hype House and the 615 house. By the way, it is a good idea to duet on TikTok.

Collaboration is a Key

5. Use Other Editing App

Do you know why other TikToker’s videos stand out? It’s because they use other editing applications rather than using the built-in e features on TikTok. There are many great editing applications on the play store and app store, some can be used freely, while others require payment.

Use Other Editing App

6. Tell a Story

Choosing good content is one thing, but telling a story is another thing. When it comes to dancing and singing, it's hard to grow if you’re not gifted or hilarious enough. But when telling a story, all you have to do is give your viewers the excitement, the chills, the romance, the TikTok sound effect, and even the cliffhanger. If you encounter TikTok 0 view issues, why not try something new. Here're many trending TikTok video ideas that can go viral.

Tell a Story

7. Get a Mentor

Being mentored by a highly influential TikTokerist, or even a person who gained more popularity than you is a good decision to make. So why not look for a person who is willing to help you grow on TikTok. Of course, you can also search for the tutorial videos to make a TikTok video go viral.

Get a Mentor

8. Short Yet Creative as Possible

Remember that creativity is the key to virality, so you don’t need to create full-length size TikTok videos that reach three minutes, 30 seconds to 1 minute will do as long as you put all your creativity in it. Check this TikTok video length guide to get more info.

Short Yet Creative as Possible

9. Optimize the Comment Box

The use of a comment box can also lead the TikTok video to virality. Create some details on your videos that make the viewer's curios. This will steer them to go in your comment box and ask questions.

Optimize the Comment Box

10. Do a Quite Controversial Thing

Again, commenters can lead you to go viral. Thus, it is a good idea to create videos from the topic where people’s opinions are divided. For example, Is pineapple on pizza a genius? Or is it a total mess? Silly topics like this can also make you famous. If you can't wait, you can buy free TikTok likes and followers here as well.

Do a Quite Controversial Thing

How to Make a TikTok with Pictures/Multiple Videos

Here on TikTok, making a video that mostly consists of pictures is easier than you think. All you have to do is follow these steps, so Let’s go.

Step 1.Open the TikTok application and tap the "Add" button (+) that is in the middle of the screen.

Tiktok Pictures Plus Button

Step 2.You will see the upload button on the lower right side of the screen. Click this and your gallery will pop up.

Tiktok Pictures Upload Button

Step 3.Choose multiple photos to make a TikTok video, keep in mind that it is only limited to 35 photos. After this, click the "Next" button.

Tiktok Pictures Limited to 35 Photos

Step 4.TikTok will automatically choose the music to your pictures, but don’t worry because you can edit your video with the given features on the lower left side of the screen.

Tiktok Pictures Edit Video with Features

Step 5.When done editing, tap again the "Next" button. Describe your video by writing your ideas on the description box. Add tags and then press the post button.

Tiktok Pictures Hashtag and Upload

In making multiple videos to a TikTok, just apply the same steps. But instead of using pictures, choose your videos.

Important Tips for TikTok Starters


These tips that we've listed for you prove that TikTok isn’t hard to use. Even beginners can navigate the application with the ultimate TikTok start pack. This platform is used to share the talents of every individual, be it celebrity, politics, athletes, and all people around the world. With the given tips and proper execution of these to your videos, you can go viral yourself.

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