15 Good TikTok Video Ideas to Get Famous within 3 Month

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When you need to gain more TikTok followers, what should be the best TikTok video ideas? If you just skim through your favorite videos, you cannot get a special idea easily. Here are the 15 best TikTok ideas you should know. Just search for the same TikTok video ideas and make similar ones make your account popular.

15 TikTok Ideas to Gain More Followers

1. Magic Videos

Making a magic video is the most picked TikTok video idea. Zach King, who does magic videos, got the most viewed video on TikTok with a whopping 2.2Billion views and gained 67.1M followers with more than 843.3M likes on his official account in TikTok. Imagine how famous he is just because of his incredible videos. It is not impossible to be famous like him if you do magic videos because people get interested in the videos that will blow their minds.

TikTok Magic

2. Social Media Challenges

Most of us are familiar with the 'Ice Bucket Challenge', aren't we? This challenge went viral, and a lot of people did this also and shared their videos on TikTok. This is a good TikTok video idea! Since most TikTokers want to get more viewers (solutions for no views on TikTok), they are jumping on the bandwagon and doing the most trendy social media challenges. That's a good idea because TikTokers are always surfing for TikTok video ideas. Start doing your video!

TikTok Challenge

3. Videos of Funny/Cute Animal

God perfectly created these cute pets too! People who surf on TikTok, especially pet lovers, are always in awe when they see a video of funny and cute animals. You will never go wrong in capturing your pet, even if it's doing tricks, copying you, getting shocked, or just having a good time. If you are not yet ready to face the camera but want to get more views, this is the perfect TikTok account idea without showing your face that you can do! Just remember to use a very nice and cute music video as adorable as the pets themselves!

TikTok Animal

4. Makeup Tutorials

Makeup tutorials are so helpful, which made them on trend! Fact that there is no age limit in using TikTok, even kids nowadays are learning to put beauty aids through makeup tutorials! Indeed this is a very good TikTok video idea because even professional makeup artists are gathering makeup ideas with these kinds of TikTok videos.

TikTok Makeup Tutorial

5. Gaming Videos

Many people are gaining money through online game streaming. Some of them are recording the highlights of the game and posting it on TikTok; it gets viral anyway! That is why more individuals are getting interested in making gaming videos because this is a good TikTok account idea!

TikTok Gaming

6. Collab with Celebrities/Influencer

Even on TikTok, the patronage of different celebrities already has their TikTok accounts (workable ways to get unbanned from TikTok). Do you want a TikTok account idea to get famous? Then collaborate with a celebrity or influencer! For sure, a lot of TikTok users will love your video, especially if you are with their favorite one!

TikTok Celeb Collab

7. Satisfying Videos

When we say TikTok videos, it's not always the loud and clamorous videos. People also need calmness. That is why we enjoy calming and satisfying videos that put them on-trend. Is it weird that a simple video is trending? But yes! Most people felt mellowed watching these kinds of TikTok videos! You better start doing this very pleasant TikTok video idea!

TikTok Satisfying

8. Science Experiments

Back on your experience in your Primary School, do you still remember those science experiments you did for your grades? You can do them again! Do you forget the procedures? There are a lot of trending science experiment videos on TikTok. You can refer to them and make your video, and post it on TikTok; for sure, you will receive many views, for this is a good TikTok account idea!

TikTok Science

9. Facts Videos

People love to know new ideas, especially if this is based on fact. If you want your facts video to be famous, including those unbelievable facts that are often talked about, what a good TikTok video idea, isn't it?

TikTok Facts

10. Trending TikTok Effects

Did you know that Billie Eilish, a Hollywood star, received a lot of views on her recent TikTok videos using the most trending TikTok video effect (or TikTok sound effect)? She used the Renaissance Eyes filter and posted her video on January 26, 2022, and gained 19.3M views after a week. That is something to celebrate! Do you want to feel the same way? Start using this TikTok account idea without showing your face!

TikTok Filter

11. Art Videos

Franek Bielak, a TikToker, is always content with his art videos. Surprisingly, he got the most viewed art video on TikTok with almost 49.2M views, making him famous! So if you want to be famous too, then do a good TikTok video idea like his. You can show your sketches, paintings, and whatever creation you can do.

TikTok Art

12. Dance Videos

Dance videos will be the last on the trending list, and it's always on-trend! Renegade is the first viral dance that made 29.7M users dance. Most of them went viral because of dancing this booming crazy dance! What are you waiting for? Try this recommended TikTok video idea and get famous!

TikTok Dance

13. 1-Minute Recipes

Dance videos will be the last on the trending list, and it's always on-trend! Renegade is the first viral dance that made 29.7M users dance. Most of them went viral because of dancing this booming crazy dance! What are you waiting for? Try this recommended TikTok video idea and get famous!

TikTok 1 Min Recipe

14. DIY (Do It Yourself) Videos

Nowadays, people are getting more creative! Are you one of them? If yes, then that's a good sign that you have the chance to become famous once you do this TikTok video idea. It doesn't matter what type of stuff you will be shooting; as long as it is informative and swift to watch, it will be viral!

TikTok DIY

15. Words of Positivity

Some motivational speakers gained a lot of likes, followers, and views by uploading their videos on TikTok, just like the TED Talks page, which has 918.8K followers. If you are not a good speaker but want to get famous by sharing videos on TikTok, you can use a song with a positive vibe, for example, anti-racism, gender diversity, love for nature, and love of the Almighty.

TikTok Positivity

How to Make Educational Videos for TikTok

Suppose you think making an educational video is a good TikTok account idea to get famous. In that case, you should have to try and use the Webcam Recorder of AnyRec Screen Recorder, for it is a powerful screen recorder for both professionals and beginners. You can do webcam recording with a very high quality, no time limit, with no watermark and no lag!

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Step 1.Download the AnyRec Screen Recorder on your desktop, then install it. After that, you have to launch it to bump into the interface and record yourself for the TikTok.

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Step 2.First thing to do is turn on the "Webcam" under the "Video Recorder" button then the system will ask for your permission for the built-in camera. If you are using an external camera, select your desired one by clicking the "Dropdown" list.

Turn On Webcam Recorder

Step 3.If all you need to shoot for the video footage from Webcam, you can disengage the Video Recorder option. After that, you can alter the audio settings and the webcam region.

WebCam Recording Settings

Step 4.To start your shoot by making an educational video, click the "REC" button. You may add annotations, edit the video during the recording process, or take snapshots.

Record WebCam

Step 5.Once you are already finished with your content, you can now click the "Save" button to export your file finally.

Save WebCam Recording
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FAQs about the Best TikTok Video Ideas


That concludes our discussion! Given above are the 15 good TikTok video ideas to make you famous and get more TikTok followers. You can choose from them which you think is the best for you, or you may also try them all one step at a time. And if you decide to make an educational video, don't forget to use the AnyRec Screen Recorder to get a very high-quality video.

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