[Step-by-Step Guide] How to Record Video in MP4 Format on iPhone

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Apple has changed the rules once again. Ever since iOS 11, your recorded videos on iPhone are not encoded in the most popular MP4 formats anymore. For people who want to record iPhone videos in MP4, this change of settings caused great confusion. If you want to record iPhone videos in the most universal format available (MP4) instead of Apple’s HEVC encoding, check out the 3 easy methods we listed below. We provide a complete and detailed guide for any possible scenarios.

The Ultimate Way to Record MP4 Videos on iPhone/iPad

Without converting videos to MP4 format that take an unexpectedly long time and cause a loss of video quality, you can directly try to record MP4 iPhone videos with AnyRec Screen Recorder. It is the perfect software that matches the exact use case you are facing. With the designed Phone Recorder, you can easily record an MP4 iPhone video without any problem, and the recording would be saved to MP4 format by default. Other major features include:

Screen Recorder
Anyrec Screen Recorder

Record iPhone Videos in MP4 format with original high quality.

Easy built-in video editing tools with shapes and lines to add annotations.

Amplify weak audio and reduce audio noise with one click.

Export to over 500+ formats including MP4, compatible with any iOS device.

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Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Firstly, you need to make sure that your iPhone has connected to the same Wi-Fi as your computer. Then launch AnyRec Screen Recorder and click the "Phone" button and then the "iOS Recorder" button in the popping-up window.

iOS Mirror

Step 2.Open you iPhone and go to the "Settings" app, then enable the "Screen Mirroring" function to mirror your screen from iPhone on the computer. Then you could freely change the output format into virtually any codecs possible and record videos in MP4 format. Moreover, you can also adjust the resolution, quality, and recording length freely. Now, click on the "REC" button to start recording.

Record MP4 iPhone AnyRec

Step 3.Once the iPhone video has been recorded, click on the "Stop" button to finalize at any time. A quick preview window would pop up. Use the crop tool to cut off the unwanted parts of your video. Click on the "Save" button and export the video to MP4. Then you can choose to share, download, and play the MP4 recordings of iPhone.

Convert Your iPhone Videos to MP4 with High Quality

Another possible solution to export recorded iPhone videos in MP4 is converting your HEVC video into MP4 formats. Unfortunately, the built-in video editor - iMovie does have the capacity of editing HEVC videos recorded by iPhone, but cannot export to many popular formats such as MP4. Thus, you can simply go for Video Converter, a powerful program that can convert videos to any formats with high quality. Follow the steps to convert your iPhone video to MP4 easily:

Step 1.Launch Video Converter on your Windows/Mac. Click the "Add Files" button or the "Add" button to add the desired M4V recordings.

Add Files to Convert

Step 2.To export recorded iPhone videos in MP4 format, you should click the "Convert All to" button and choose the "MP4" format in the "Video" list. To keep the high quality of the videos, you can choose the "Same as Source" resolution.

Choose The Desired Mp4 Format

Step 3.Moreover, you can also adjust the video parameters, including the video codec, frame rate, and bitrate. Click the "Custom Profile" button and change the settings according to your need. Then click the "OK" button to save them.

Adjust The Video Settings

Step 4.At last, choose the storage path on the main interface and click the "Convert All" button to start transferring recorded M4V videos to MP4.

Start Converting Videos to MP4

Record MP4 Video on iPhone with One Simple Trick

If you prefer to record iPhone videos in MP4 from now on, there is one simple trick that could help you fix the issue. You need to toggle an iPhone Camera App setting.

Step 1.Tap on the "Settings" App on your iPhone screen and tap on your account with your name. Then navigate to the "Camera" option and tap the "Formats" button.

Step 2.Normally, the settings should be High Efficiency option with HEVC codec. You can change it to the "Most Compatible" option and record videos in MP4 format on your iPhone/iPad.

Record MP4 Video On iPhone

Check what you can do if iPhone won’t record video here.

FAQs about Recording Videos in MP4 Format


Recording MP4 video format on iPhone shouldn’t be complicated. Since iPhone has kept the video formats options hidden away, you might need some fixes and workarounds to fix the tricky part of video formats. This article also provides two efficient ways to help you record videos in MP4 format on your iPhone/iPad. Hopefully, the suggestions we made in the article would help you resolve the issues and focus on creative content production.

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